How I Met Your Mother Review: It's Just a Building

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As we countdown to a new year, we were treated to some old school caliber How I Met Your Mother this evening. First, in part one of the 2012 finale.

And then "The Final Page, Part Two" put one heck of a bow on what had to be one of the most complete nights of television this year, courtesy of Carter Bays, Craig Thomas and company.

Before digging into the juicy center of the episode, I do have to trim the fat a bit. It may have been Marshall and Lily's first night away from Marvin, but aside from their great lullaby scene, what we got was much of the same overacting we have seen from these two throughout How I Met Your Mother Season 8.

How I Met Your Mother The Final Page Roof Top

It was Ted's night to shine though and Lily's numerous unfunny references to his uneven floor did little to tarnish the brilliance of this star's performance. Ted put his stamp on the New York skyline, but more importantly he showed once again how he has been a true foundation for the friendships of those he holds dear. 

While the first half of tonight's two-parter featured many scene changes, the majority here seemed to take place in the back of the town car driven by the ever entertaining Ranjit, whose singing was spectacular.

As we continued our approach to the moment when we will finally meet the mother, Ted took stock of the last eight years and put his life into perspective for Robin and the rest of us. The GNB building is a triumph, but so are the relationships he has fortified over the better part of the last decade. For this reason, Robin heeded his request and got "the hell out of the car" like he asked, in what was one of the more moving How I Met Your Mother quotes ever. 

Without knowing it, Ted set the stage perfectly for his dear friend - and with the bases loaded Barney knocked it out of the park, penning the final page in his playbook. I'll admit I was a little surprised when Robin voiced her disapproval of Barney's Kaiser Soze moment, but that fire is what makes her so attractive. Well, that and the stunning red dress she was wearing. 

In the end, Robin said yes and I did, too, as a fan. Adding to the joy of the moment was knowing that Patrice was in on the plot from the beginning and was not hurt in any way.

On the whole, all was well with the crew from MacLaren's, as the How I Met Your Mother I have grown to love these past eight years seemed to return tonight. What did you think? 


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guys can someone tell me what song ranjeet was singing!!


This episode was outstanding when compared respectively to the rest of Season 8, although it was by no means one of the best episodes of the series. 'The Last Page' had many classic HIMYM elements to it which have been sadly absent this season, thus making it one of the best episodes in a long time. I attribute the unfortunate Season 8 changes largely to Lily and Marshall being parents. They were very funny characters before they had the baby and now it's as if the writers no longer know how to keep them interesting. It's as if they are no longer Lily & Marshall, clever, humorous, interesting individuals; they are just "parents" now. It seems the writers don't see people with children as interesting nor funny any longer, or even just as people, they're just "parents." Even in this episode when they wrote a chance for L&M to get out from under that mantle for a night and to be themselves again, there they were, right back in to being "parents" again at the party, crying and looking at a picture of the baby. Lamesauce. That being said, it was nice to see Ted FINALLY pry his heart away from Robin, and for Barney to pull the best "play" ever and get Robin to marry him. When B&R first dated, the writers did a good job of stepping back and formulating an arc for them which allowed for them to not be ready for each other yet, but to give it a try, fail, and then fail even worse with everyone else. Then they wove in Barney's delicious final play. A lot of the failure of B&R the first time around was atributable to their ages and the time period of their lives. The whole crux of the show is about the shift from wild, swingin' 20-hood into settle down and have a family 30-hood. Although as was said so poignantly on Family Guy, "Y'know Ted, don't you think it's kinda strange for a guy in his 20s to always be talking about getting married rather than getting laid?" Anyway, it was very well done. I just hope that this doesn't mean that Barney will become boring now, as he has historically been the most interesting, energetic character on the show. Robin is crazypants, so she won't change much. Ted has never changed during the whole show, although "mom" might change his character. But by then the show will most likely be over before we see those changes. So the way I see it, the writers need to concentrate on keeping Barney, Lily, and Marshall interesting, and more importantly, FUNNY. I must confess, at this point I am not all that interested in who the mom is, unless of course it turns out to be someone we already know. Then again, that might be kind of a cheap way out of it. Cross fingers. Suit up!


LOOOOOOOOVED this episode! Classic HIMYM. Lily and Marshall were at their best. I feel happy for Barney and Robin but I feel sooooooo bad for Ted. I can never make my mind up about ted-robin-barney. And knowing it ain't ted-robin just makes it all so much more engaging because ted's like the awesomest guy ever and you want him to end up with robin. Jeez. the mother better hurry it up.


One Word --> OUTSTANDING. Way to bring it writers, this ep was almost perfect. The background setting to music to acting all clicked in to place. Finally the breakout ep I was hoping for. Especially the last part which was part of the playbook, WOW didn't see that comin' at all. Only thing that would made it better would be to have some hint of the mother in the party. Maybe we see some of that in the next ep. 5 stars for me. Bravo and Well done!!!

C f ohara

@Dale very interesting point about the woman giving Ted the big eye at the party. I did not notice but am going to go back and check it out. I'll make a meme of it and post to our tumblr site so be sure to check for it.


WOW ,,that was just a fantastic episode !
the last 10 minutes with ted and robin then the amazing proposal were insanely good !,,,,ted's "it's just a building and get the hell out of the car " reminded of how good of a person ted is !,,i mean recently i haven't been liking ted ,but this scene totally changed that !. Also"the robin" ,barney's amazing last play !,,i didn't see that coming ,everything about that scene was superb ,the acting the music ,it really got to me ! ,,
great job by the writers on this episode !


(part of my comment) Barney and Robin together.
I agree with Marshall, it's time for Ted to think about his own happiness first and it's really really really REALLY time to meet this f***** Mother !


Good episode, especially the song of Lily and Marshall and even more the constant texting of Ranjit (so cool that they brought him back) !
As for Robin/Barney, it was very predictable that Ted wouldn't keep his promise and would tell her what Barney was up to. I never bought this whole romance with Patrice at all, Barney would never date such a woman. But I found that strange (didn't you ?) that when Robins finds out about Barney's intentions, she first tell him (and she's right in some ways) that she wouldn't trust and date him again, but then when he pops the question, she says yes ? I found it was really weird. Ok it's Barney and we are used see him playing tricks but I also thought this was going too far...
I like both characters but have never been a fan of them together, I don't think they work. But we'll see if they REALLY get married ? Anyway, I was also a bit sad for Ted, who is alone to enjoy his big night, as Lily and Marshall are with little Marvin, and Barney and Robin together. Marshall is right, it's time for Ted to put his happiness first and it's really really really REALLY time to meet this f**** Mother !


Finally! I was so glad to see HIMYM return after almost 3 seasons of showing us some lame parody of its former self. I loved this episode so much! The jinx story was just AWESOME! Its the second best thing after the slap bet! So great! I am not a fan of Robin and Barney but the proposal was done in such a typical Barney fashion that even if you don't ship them, you were won over - I know I was. Great two episodes!


The Robin was everything! Barney is so adorable I can't take him! Old School HIYM caliber indeed - great way to head into the winter finale.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

Eight years ago I made an ass of myself chasing after you and I made an ass of myself chasing after you a bunch of times since then. I have no regrets because it led me to something I wouldn't trade for the world, it led to you being my friend. So as your friend and a leading expert in the field of making an ass of yourself. I say to you, from the heart, get the hell out of this car.


Ted: I need to grow up. Oh by the way I'm breaking a jinx swear here so don't tell Barney or he gets to whack me in the nuts three times with a whiffle ball bat.
Marshall: Sure, pretty standard.