How I Met Your Mother Review: Trapped In the Closet

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The gang gave Robin an intervention this week on How I Met your Mother, as she struggled to accept Barney's new relationship.

"The Over-Correction" was plagued by some overacting in the beginning, but steadily gained momentum over the course of the episode, much like we have seen in recent weeks. 

If Robin was so sure Barney's feeling for Patrice were not genuine, she would not have gone to such lengths to find and show her The Playbook. It's clear she still has feelings for Barney, which is why the others staged the intervention. Fortunately for fans of the show, that confrontation came after she broke into Barney's apartment because it was the stage for the best scenes by far.

Barney Worries His Friends

Just when you thought you had seen all the amazing amenities in Barney's Bat Cave of an apartment, Robin uncovered a slew of secret compartments. Ted delivered another solid performance, too, as he tried to lure Barney from his domicile with apparent sightings of Hugh Hefner and Bon Jovi. I also liked how his collection of lost things kept surfacing, the best of which were his red cowboy boots. 

I don't think Lily would have wished her father's naked body on her worst enemy, including her nemesis mother-in-law. While I agreed with Barney that everyone deserves to be happy, it didn't make it any less repulsive. Marshall and Lily sharing the shame blanket in the closet was a very funny reaction, though. 

The underlying theme of the over-correction was a good one. Marshall's funny fish name routine has been done before and then some, but the Andrew Dice Clay and Chris Rock versions were a great twist on a classic How I Met your Mother joke. Robin screaming at Patrice is also nothing new, as Ted pointed out in my favorite How I Met Your Mother quote of the week. There was no new approach to this routine, but it still made me laugh on each occasion. 

The show has been sporting a bit of a limp on How I Met Your Mother Season 8, but I can't deny seeing a little more get up in it's giddy up as of late. What did you think? 


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I'm not sure why everyone is being so negative. They haven't been perfect episodes but I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times during this episode and so I take that as being a fun episode. I really like seeing Barney and Patrice together and she shows how far he has come. Ted was also on top of his game especially with the throwback to the red cowboy boots. All in all I thought it was a solid episode which brought a smile to my face. I think people who being negative have just decided that the whole season will be bad and so they aren't allowing themselves to just sit back and enjoy.


Why do the writers insist on making us hate every single character? The Robin jealousy sorta made sense last week, but was unbearable to watch this week. Interventions got unfunny after they used it for the billionth time, the playbook was rehashed 2 weeks in a row, red cowboy boots, fish jokes, creepy Micky. The only new thing is everyone stealing from Ted and that was about as interesting as watching grass grow. Maybe I'm being harsh because this was my favorite show once upon a time. And now it's barely even a shadow of itself.


I actually laughed couple of times during this episode, which cannot be said for the rest of the season. Anyway, I agree that it is time to finally meet the Mother, because I'm kind of losing the interest in the show and just want it to be over with.


One word of how I feel about this show Sweet How I Meet Your Mother is gotten so much better I mean I though it was going off the air when Marshall dad die that was their worse season EVER


I love this Show and will be sad when it ends but i do believe that this series should finish up soon. i am thinking end game for this season will be Barney/Robin proposal and next season will be the last.
As for this Episode it was one of the best of the season, a funny theme all the way through the only thing that i didnt like was that i couldnt believe the Barney/Partrice relationship.


This show is god awful now. I mean seriously, does Helen Keller write this show? Robin is only funny when she freaks out at Patrice. Lily and Marshall are the worst characters on television. AND FOR GOD SAKES, JUST LET HIM MEET THE MOTHER. Even though I guarantee you the ending of this show is going to be SO SO bad.


Maybe I was just in a good mood - but I laughed a lot during this episode. The opening scenes were really funny. Ted's over-correction with the prison inmate (Hang up the phone, bitch!), Marshall's comedy routines, and I would laugh every time something of Ted's showed up in the episode. Even Robin's screams at Patrice seemed funny today. I really like Patrice's character, and it sucks that she's a filler. I mean, it would be nice if the handsome playboy ended up with the cute chubby girl with the good heart for once, and not the bombshell brunette. Damn you Hollywood!! :-) Marshall's mom and Lily's dad wasn't that funny for me - mostly because it grossed me the hell out...


End this show already. It got very unfunny after season 6.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 10 Quotes

Robin: I love Patrice, we're like sisters.
Ted: You've never gotten through even one exchange without screaming at her.
Robin: Sisters fight Ted!

Ted: Hugh Hefner, in you lobby, right now!
Barney: I'm gonna grab my robe!