How I Met Your Mother Season 9: Confirmed!

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Thanks to a last-second change of mind by star Jason Segel, How I Met Your Mother fans have an extra reason to cheer this holiday season:

The sitcom has been renewed for Season 9.

Barney's Strip Club Circuit

Rumors about the future of the series has been running rampant for weeks because the contracts of creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays and all the key How I Met Your Mother cast members are up after this season.

The producers had been pushing for an answer from CBS in order to plot out the rest of the show, which is finally building toward the Mother reveal.

Now, with his fellow stars on board, Segel has decided to sign on for one final run of episodes.

As for the next chapter of How I Met Your Mother Season 8? Bays has teased that it will have a lot to do with Barney and Robin and their future as an engaged couple.

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A great story with a great cast you would have to be a fool not to give it one more season


Seriously? I'd be cheering a lot more if the show ended this season.
Don't get me wrong, last episode was quite good, and while it did explain some of the awful episodes this season, it didn't make them more bearable at all. So basically it took them 10 shitty episodes to deliver a good one, or even an advance in the storyline. I'm thinking Ted's an asshole that tells one million useless stories that make absolutely no difference in the long run.


Seriously? How can this have 9 seasons, while other shows that are a lot better than this cr... have been cancelled or ended? 9 season to tell a crappy story, with a bad cast...
Yes, I have watched a few episodes, so I know what I am talking about. And I am entitled to protest, the same you are entitled to defend it.


YAY!! more barney and robin as a couple

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HIMYM Quotes

Barney: Ladies and gentlemen, I have in my hand a copy of tonight's Top Ten list. The category: top ten things I would've called my truck...
Ted: It was never your truck.
Barney: if Ted hadn't been a jerk and given it back.
Ted: It was a rental.
Barney: Number ten, "The Winne-Bango." Number nine, "The Pick-Up Truck." Number eight, "The Ford Explore Her." Number seven, "The You Scream Truck." You Scream. (they all laugh) Number six, "Feels on Wheels!" Hello! Number five, "The Ride Her Truck." Number four, "The 18-Squeeler." Number three, "The Esca-Laid." Number two, "The Slam-Boney." and... the number one thing I would've called my truck if Ted hadn't been a jerk and given it back... "The '69 Chevy."

Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things...we're done here.