Supernatural Review: To Tell the Truth

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What are the odds that Sam and Dean are at odds? Again?

Don't worry, it's not like we really didn't see this one coming. Dean had his Purgatory issues and a vampire friend, Sam didn't look for his brother and tried to live the normal life, they get upset with each other pretty much every season and, well, brothers just don't agree on every single thing.

Sure, you might think that "Citizen Fang" was just another rehash of the Winchester boys arguing with each other, but with this being Supernatural Season Eight, the disagreement with each other feels like it falls into the brothers' questions about their roles in life beyond the obvious and long standing job of hunting things and saving people.

The Dean Smirk

The truth is that Sam and Dean have gone through a lot both physically and emotionally, especially compared to us viewers or even many of the other hunters that do similar work.

For the most part, Dean's been steeped in the monster killing business and it's pretty much been all he's ever known how to do, aside from picking up pretty girls and power eating pieces of pie. Sam on the other hand, did have that taste at the normal life with his short lived career at college and his affinity for having a less black and white approach to eliminating the creatures of the night.

Which in reality, after the journey the two have taken, makes for an interesting turn of events when Dean is sent deep into bloodthirsty Purgatory amping back up his ability to slay and Sam falls back in love (even if I'm still not feeling it) and right into TV nights and meeting the parents.

In a lot of ways, it feels as if the show has come full circle and reignited the old school vibe, with new school flavor.

I can certainly say that for a mid-season finale, I was hoping we would get more of Kevin, Crowley and the tablets, but I understand that really thrusting Sam and Dean's time off back into their faces will only increase the problems and dangers they'll have to face when the time does come to focus back on the larger mythology.

Of course, all you really want is for the brothers to get along and get past their issues.

I was actually glad that Sam genuinely tried to hear Dean out in respect to Benny, and I don't blame him for connecting what seemed like obvious dots when it came to the murder.

And it kills me when Dean pretty much tells Sam that Benny was more of a brother to him. Sure, I get his frustrations and I understand that he's defensive when Benny is accused, but he's got to know that hurts his brother.

Really, these two need to find a way to trust each other and remember that they are brothers, brothers who have both made mistakes, and should be finding ways to cut the crap.

Sam continued to have his flashbacks that still felt far too dreamlike and while I find them to be not really entertaining in the grand scheme, was intrigued when Sam got the present day text from Amelia. Okay, so it wasn't really her, but she did show up at the very end and acknowledged him, so that means he wasn't dreaming, right?

I'm glad she's finally here, but I can only hope that the rest of her story won't feel as bland as her past relationship with Sam. The stakes need to be raised for these two.

Similarly, Dean still has Benny and still trusts Benny, allowing them to take down another vampire and save the day. Yet, it really didn't matter because the whole situation was flawed from the start for them.

But, it was the definite blast from the past reintroduction of crazy Martin from the season five episode "Sam, Interrupted" that really threw reality and trust for a loop.

What can you believe anymore?

I guess you can count on something Dean said back in season one's "The Benders" about people being crazy with Martin turning what can only be seen as evil. Which was rather interesting in not only getting a creepy feeling from him, but where you wanted Benny to save the day. It was a great flip on that whole situation and I'm glad that we'll get to see more of Benny in the future.

But will Dean have to deal with Benny because of it and will Sam ever understand even if he did hang up before hearing the whole story?

There really was a lot to digest in terms of character and it makes me wonder what the end game of the show might be (not that I want it to end). Is the destiny of Sam and Dean to fight monsters until the last gunshot? I'm curious as to how the boys will reconilce their differences and be able to come together.

This was another decent episode for Supernatural, but I'm really hoping that when the show returns January 16 that Sam and Dean get a grip on working as a team, remembering that they are family, and figuring out how to close the gates of Hell.

What did you think of the episode? What do you want to see happen when the show returns? Sound off below!


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As far as Sam and Amelia's storyline, I don't hate her but I don't exactly love her either. At the moment, I am just not feeling the love between them. I think it's good that she is now in the present time storyline, and hopefully I can be convinced that she is fact a good character and good with Sam.


This was a great episode! Even though it should not have been the mid-season final, I still think the episode was amazing. Ty Olsson was amazing as always as Benny, and he really brought some depth and emotion into the character. I was freaking out when he laid his head on the counter; ready to die, but I am extremely glad he is still alive. Though Jeremy Carver said this season is all about perception and how not everything is as it seems, I do not think Benny is dead, as some people have said. However, I do think there is more to Benny's character and I am interested to see if may be he is playing Dean, which is just a theory I have.


I've only seen 2 other eps this season--or is it 1?--and I was totally onboard with all of it. I love Benny and was freaked when it looked like he was gonna get killed. After just "meeting " him. That's how good the acting and writing are. I'm intrigued with this Amelia thing but much more interested in the Cas storyline. And really if the horribly written Smallville got TEN SEASONS on the strength of it's great cast then Supernatural which is stellar on both of those fronts could be the next Law &Order or Gunsmoke and go on until Sam &Dean's sons are hunting.


WOW! This episode proves Dean (Jensen Ackles) is THE MAN! Sorry 'bout that Sam but Dean is miles ahead of you.


First of all, Sam will never understand. Dean will deal w/Benny before Sam, I
am sure. Sam was NOT there for Dean and I believe Dean really trusts Benny,
until he proves to be non-trustworthy. Then Dean will not talk he will act. If Sam wants out that is ok w/me. Maybe that is how they want to end it. What is up w/Cas?? And hasnt Sam got anymore since than to 'crazy Martin' on Benny trail? even though it was crystal? He is crazy and now he is dead. Either another vampire came in or Elizabeth is a vampire....


I really liked this episode. It pits real brother against blood brother. Where do the loyalties lie? Sam never wanted to be a hunter (From the episode "After School Special" Sam's teacher asks the 13 year old Sam "Do you want to go into the family business Sam?" "More than anything, No.") Sam has always been dragged back into hunting by Dean. Sam always had other dreams.
I think Amelia will figure into this somehow. I just haven't figured out how. I think maybe it could be about how much are you willing to give up to stay or leave. The boys are really building a huge divide. Soon it will have to be addressed. Amelia will figure into it somehow as will Bennie.
I can't wait to see what happens next especially with Casiel. I love his shows of strength lately when he tells Dean how it really is and sets the story straight.


I enjoyed the episode but was left wondering if Benny actually put one over on Dean with the whole other vampire did it. He could have set up another vamp to meet him to divert blame. Not much time between the scream and the body with Benny having just turned up the path??? The episode was about perception and I am wondering if Martin had that one right and Dean let Benny snow him? Don't get me wrong I like Benny's character but I think there may be a further plot twist because it always seems like Dean gets to be right and he's overdue for a serious blunder. I enjoy the Amelia character and have really enjoyed the flashbacks and hope we get to see much more in "real time". The story has been fed so slow in some ways. I am still hopeful we will get the time period between Deans demise(exploding dick)and Sam meeting Amelia.


I like this show. I think its time that Dean tell Sam to grow the Hell up. Sam doesn't like Benny because he a vampire but because he a friend of Dean's and has earned Dean's trust which he can never do because he has lied and hide so many things over the years that it's so hard for Dean to trust him even though he wants too. Sam even told Dean about Benny that he finally found someone he truely trust. Dean loves his brother and wants to believe in him and trust him but every time he does Sam does something stupid and cause him to doubt him ---again. I think Benny is dead (I wish he wasn't). I think Martin killed him and Elizabeth killed Martin. Sam is so stuck on himself and thinks he KNOWS EVERYTHING that he won't listen to Dean when he tries to explain what happens. Sam thinks he so wonderful and good but when he got that called from Amelia he left Martin in the woods alone!! If he so wonderful he could have told Martin something came up and drop hem off some place safe. I don't hate Sam but I feel Sam only cares about himself. Dean has called him selfish more than once in past shows. I don't think he even likes Dean, that he "put up" wiht Dean because he is his brother. I wish the two could really get along and trust each other and be friends as well as brothers but to do that Sam going have to take good look at himself. Dean loves Sam - he taken care of him since their mother died and never regret doing so. I don't think their is anything Sam can say or do that will ever change the way he feels about him. I guess will just have to wait and see kwhat the writers come up with.


I loved it. I love how Dean and Benny are the brothers that each other picked and that circumstances allowed each to find. I love how angry Sam is at Dean because Dean refuses to use any imagination to understand how he felt, and how angry Dean is at Sam for - he thinks - being perfectly happy w/out Dean. The moment of greatest tension for me was when Benny laid his head on the counter, apparently giving in to Martin's demands. If Benny died, it seemed, Dean's phone ploy with Sam and Sam's having Benny followed behind Dean's back would have made both boys guilty of Benny's death. It was great that Benny didn't give in and die and return to purgatory - and he killed in self-defense and to save Elizabeth. I think Amelia's all right. I confess she doesn't seem to "go" with him, but that happens a lot in life, too. Dean and Sam are absolute crap at communicating. It's really too bad! :-)


Agree with most of the commentors - tired of these 2 storylines. Sam and Amelia - brack (sound effect). Dean bonding with vamp - ehhh (shrugging shoulders). I want more of the season plot line with the prophet, the tablet, and what is going on with Castiel and the heaven waiting room chick.

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