The Big Bang Theory Review: D&D Christmas Edition

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Dungeons and Dragons - The Christmas Edition made its debut on this week's The Big Bang Theory when Leonard showed off his creativity in developing the quest. Despite his distaste for the holiday, it was Sheldon that sang the Christmas tune to save their gaming lives, though he also killed Santa in the end.

"The Santa Simulation" was a mixture of funny and not-so-funny situations and lines. Perhaps, if I was a D&D player, I would have enjoyed it more, but I doubt it.

A Girl for Koothrappali

The opening segment showed just how much our geeky guys have grown. In the past, they would have just planned the gaming night and not even thought to mention it to their significant other. Now, they at least mention it, get "permission" and they joke about it.

Penny: Is having a real-life girlfriend that has sex with you getting in the way of your board games?
Leonard: A little bit, yeah. |

Amy: By rolling dice and playing make believe with little figurines?
Sheldon: Like a bunch of savages. | permalink

Howard: You see, I have to play Dungeons and Dragons ... for the marriage.
Bernadette: You're an idiot.
Howard: I'm your idiot. | permalink

Unfortunately, Raj still doesn't have a girlfriend, but he does have a Stuart. At least, he could bring his friend along with him as a fellow geeky game player.

The girls weren't going to sit around and mope while their guys played with their figurines. No, they were going to have fun. I loved that they showed up at Sheldon and Leonard's apartment to show off their sexiness. Their catwalk in front of the guys with Penny's commentary was hilarious. Poor Amy, though. Her uniqueness creates such a bounty of jokes.

Since Raj was killed and no one had a Rod of Resurrection to save him, he decided to go hang out with the girls. I had high expectations for their outing, but was left disappointed. There wasn't any new ground covered here. Instead it was old, recycled jokes.  Even the scene when Raj dissed Amy was blah despite Penny and Bernadette glaring at him. The only entertaining moment was when Raj and Amy bonded over their youthful woes with the opposite sex.

The D&D game wasn't much better. Sheldon breaking out into song and then the bell scene were both entertaining and unexpected. But the rest fell flat for me. Even Sheldon's antics came across as stale and unoriginal.

It wasn't all a loss, though, check out some of the best lines in our The Big Bang Theory quotes page.

Stuart: What's wrong with Christmas?
Sheldon: Where to begin? Trees indoors, overuse of the words "tis" and "twas," and the absurd custom of one stocking. Everyone notice socks belong in pairs. Who uses one sock?
Howard: A pirate with a peg leg.
Sheldon: Actually, that helps. Thank you. | permalink

What was your favorite moment of the episode? Do you want Raj to get a girlfriend? Or is Stuart a decent replacement for now?


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Is this the last season or not?


This episode annoyed me. In previous Christmas episodes, most notably (though arguably) TBBT's strongest outing, "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis", there were some genuninely funny and perhaps even poignant moments. This episode tried to recapture this... and failed miserably. The jokes I feel fell flat, especially scenes including Raj, and a common problem amongst the recent series that the writers need to fix: pointing and laughing at people is not the only form of comedy. The constant Butt Monkey placement of Raj and Amy (though each character has had their turn) is getting to be rather awkward and just mean-spirited, rather than comedic. That said, it was nice seeing the Chief Monkeys sharing their childhood woes. But even then, the writers couldn't resist taking one last jab, instead of leaving that scene as it was, which was fine. More than fine.
Speaking of one last jab: Sheldon's character development. This was genuinely good writing, perfectly explaining Sheldon's "humbug" attitude, despite his deep knowledge of the Christmas tradition. Three things ruined this, however: one, the audience needed to be quiet in this scene. This sort of serious character development warrants utter attention and acceptance, not a laugh track, especially when dealing with such a serious issue as the death of a family member; two, Leonard. His reaction "ugh, can't believe I missed out on having sex with my girlfriend, wah


I think the writers don't know what to do with Raj's character, so they just make fun at him, even humiliate him. His part gets shorter everyday, he still dresses up like a jerk, he is too stupid to know if he is gay or not. They also changed his accent, which makes him even more stupid. The actor is very talented and handsome, and I really think he is totally wasted as a background character. It's not funny, it's boring and embarrassing to watch. Are they going to get rid of this character, because it just doesn't work anymore; I hope not..


Yeah I don't get it. Raj has all this money, can't speak with women, and has a bit of a flair that is off-putting to the rest of the gang. "Seriously, do you not hear what you're saying?" (not sure if I got that quote from Stuart exactly right). There's a ton of possibilities here for him. Why don't the writers delve into some of that and come up with a unique mate for him? He could have a "normal" girlfriend who is equally weirded out by some of his behaviour. Maybe she's shallow and conflicted between his money and his cuteness over being tongue-tied. C'mon writers. Step up to the plate already! : )


Contrary to the Review I think another strong outing for TBBT. Only thing disappointing in this ep was the Raj's storyline again missing out on a girl. Maybe the writers fear that by giving Raj a girl will make the cast too big. Got to give him a better story arch rather than one-liners. Xmas Bell melody was awesome and totally unexpected. Keep it up TBBT!!!


I didn't find this episode funny at all. Somehow all the stories were boring and I wasn't interested in anything this episode had to offer. I agree with all of those, who think that Raj's selective mutism is becoming annoying - he needs to get a storyline (and a love interest)


i glad the raj siad some thing about his dog glad he still has her. i realy like last night shows


rewatching and saw it. have to saw i like this one last night


dose ayone know if howard had his hankkah candels up


I agree with @marie.d; Raj's inability to speak to women is really getting boring. The least the writers could do is have him talking to Penny. After 6 years, Raj should be given a different storyline already. Everybody is moving on already. I find Stuart to be really annoying. Don't like him right now. And Amy is not as annoying in this episode. Thank God!

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The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Penny: Is having a real-life girlfriend that has sex with you getting in the way of your board games.
Leonard: A little bit, yeah.

Penny: You are so butch.
Leonard: Oh, I got a little paper cut.
Penny: Of course you did, your hands are softer than veal.