The Office Review: Impish or Admirable?

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From Season Two's "Christmas Party" to Season Seven's "Classy Christmas," The Office has a rich history of great holiday episodes.  "Dwight Christmas" was a worthy extension of that tradition.

It all begins and ends with the performance of the eponymous salesman who finally got to have Christmas done his way at Dunder-Mifflin.  Rainn Wilson, and his ability to go the extra mile in Dwight's portrayal of Belsnickel, brought the half hour to a whole other level.

Dwight's Special Christmas

Seeing the smile on Dwight's face when Jim returned, and the subsequent giant man hug, was also a huge highlight.  With Michael Scott no longer in our lives on a week-to-week basis, the relationship between Jim and Dwight has become the heart of The Office, and that heart was beating at an all-star level during "Dwight Christmas."

What made this half hour stand out from the pack of decent installments this season was that nearly everyone had their moment to shine, and not a single character became infuriating.  The usual culprits for the latter are Andy and Jim, so with one away on a boat and the other reveling in the joy of Dwight's lunacy, we were seemingly spared.

Kevin was on fire!  From his rant about how cakes keep getting smaller and smaller to how upset he got when realizing the weird food he loved was called something different than what he thought, and everything in between, the accountant brought the hilarity.

There was also Creed and his Tapas Swiss Miss, Oscar agreeing with everything Angela said, New Jim reluctantly regurgitating all of Die Hard - a Michael Scott favorite, and Darryl getting hammered and pulling off one of the best table falls I've ever seen.

With a number of highlights and very few lowlights, "Dwight Christmas" was definitely one of the best episodes of this final season.  What did you think?  Was it one of your favorites?  Or did it not live up to The Office's Christmas glory?


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just to fill in some of the gaps above: Body By Cheezit guy is currently jan's b*tch, courtesy of Dwight, thus his disappearance.


Dwight suggests an idea for Christmas celebration and everyone agrees for the same which is a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch celebration , loved watching it.


Chris - THIS episode would be "at the bottom"? "Careless, messy, awkward writing. Almost unwatchable"?? Have you seen.. hmm I dunno.. ANY other episode this season??? You're out of your impish mind. This was the best episode in a long, long time.


If I had to rank all of the episodes, that would be at or near the bottom. Careless, messy, awkward writing. Almost unwatachable and I'm a big fan. Jim took a taxi to a bus or something convoluted then came right back. OK. Not funny or relevant. They forgot about the Christmas party? Why write that in? Who cares? Dwight's Christmas character was not funny at all I didn't think. Erin is sad about Andy? She broke up with him so what's the issue and do we care? And Andy is quitting by going AWOL? What? Why? I know his family money issues, but now he actually really needs the money and the job so is it believable he would just stay in Bermuda? And what happened to the other new guy -Body By Cheezit guy? I have to keep watching to see how it ends but it's starting to feel like real work...


Definitely admirable.


They need to make up their mind on Dwight's politics. Last night they heavily implied he was a Republican, but last season while trying to make sure no one went to Florida, he used a big poster of Katherine Harris as one of the big reasons not to go. I suppose he could be none of the above, but Dwight's calling out Oscar for being a Democrat seemed out of character, in general. I did very much love the episode though, great. I'm wondering when the New Jim / Erin relationship will begin in earnest though, they've been teasing it for quite a while.


Awesome episode!! I think Jim & Dwights relationship has come full circle (since they spent that time in Florida together) and I, for one, am not looking forward to their Final Good-Bye with each other (get your tissues ready now!)


Rainn Wilson is epic.

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