Castle Review: Exes Come and Go

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Welcome back, Castle fans! In what seems like forever (actual time: one month), our favorite detectives returned for a new episode. "Significant Others” focused on worlds colliding and it was not too pretty. Time to discuss!

The Return of the Ex. Castle’s first wife, Meredith, made an appearance to take care of her sick daughter and crash at Rick’s loft. Was this a good idea? Absolutely not. Especially because that of that whole Caskett thing.

Beckett and Castle Reaction

Two thoughts:

  1. For a mother who was there to take care of her sick child, did we even really see them together? Nope.
  2. Kate Beckett is a much more mature woman that I would have ever been.

Seriously, Beckett deserves a medal. Girlfriend stayed at her man’s house where his ex-wife was staying to take care of his teenage daughter? Awkward!

This scenario led to some hilarious one-liners from the Castle cast. Check them out on the Castle quotes page now!

The bigger deal came in the last few minutes of the hour. After a successful dinner with the former Mrs. Castle, Beckett asked her why their marriage didn’t work out. Her response was that Castle knew everything about her but he didn’t share enough back. It became one-sided and that wasn’t fair. Meredith has a point.

She also mentioned how Rick always reacts to not knowing his father and this made Beckett think. Will things get better or worse for the cutest couple on Monday nights? One thing is for sure: these two have really developed into a comfortable couple and it’s awesome. Thank you, Andrew Marlowe, for going the road less taken on prime time dramas.

Speaking of Divorces...

The weekly case dealt with the death of a divorce lawyer. The normal twists and turns took place and kept you guessing who killed Michelle Twohey. Have to be honest, though. I was much more interested in the personal stories than the cast in this episode. What did you think?

Side Notes...

  • Ryan and Espo continue to be the best bromance in quite some time. The two are hilarious and viewers are pumped on the additional screen time they are receiving.
  • Lanie popped up for a quick second. Not that she needs to get back with Espo, but it would be nice for her to have an arc of her own.
  • How much fun were the soon to be exes in the beginning of the hour smashing all types of things? Crazy, for sure, but definitely fun. 
  • Even though the visit from Meredith enhanced and gave more solid ground to Caskett, here is hoping she doesn’t return for quite some time.

Overall, a solid and enjoyable installment. It felt really good to have this group back on our screens after the winter break. What did you think of “Significant Others?” Up to Castle standards or did it fall short? Sound off in the comments and don’t forget to check back for the Castle Round Table later this week.

Until next Monday, TV Fanatics!


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uT26As Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article.Much thanks again. Fantastic.


If anyone heard A.M. interviews he said they would be together but still be the same people. I think they were character.The banter and dialogue was the best so cute,so them and fun to watch.This is great show with so much good content and very entertaining. For those that pick it apart there are lots of reality shows and 24/7 news. I know sex and violence sells but, if there were more shows like this on tv, maybe the world news wouldnot be so painful to watch.


@SA Yes you are entitled to your own opinion, it's true
But this episode was not a disappointment, not to me, not when they were such great scenes in it,
Also I don't understand your confusion, it's always the best kind when the killer is someone we didn't expect ... Otherwise you would be complaining about how predicable the killer was ...


Loved Ryan's and Espo's reaction to Kate and Meredith heading out to dinner.
Castle was so clueless and we were all going 'You are so toast boy'.


Didine 34790: With all the half-baked, un-thought-out spouting that goes on on some of these comment pages, why would you choose to call ME a "hater"? Am I not allowed an opinion?


Lets give our girl kate a bit more credit.She and castle are in it to win it. She now knows why castle's 2 marriages failed.DFT is nothing but an airhead actress,also a jealous one.Gina was in it for the glitz and glamor.Her look at the end was a concern for the man she loves and as NYC finest she now is going to help him.I think a real serious conversation will be taking place about the future.Marriage ,family etc.With that in mind dna is important.There is no doubt castle has some major issues.Lets look back.3x asked him why he was attacted to murder.You could see that really upset him.In halloween epd. beckett asked him what attracted him to murder mystery he gave her that trumpedup story.In linchpin sophia dropped bomb about his father.In end scene he seriouly asked beckett if she thought she was telling the truth.She responded she thinks she told alot of lies,there again overlooking her version of castle and her affair and started a relationship with castle.Now for the hard part.The two in both their lives that really made the difference. Their first loves. Krya told beckett "he's all yours.She know how Rick felt about Beckett.Royce told Beckett "you and castle have something special,don't fight it. Even agent shaw the FBI profiler seen it.This show Thhas so much story left to tell if ABC lets it happen and these people that pick show apart,there are so many reality shows and 24/7 news to watch.This is entertainment folks and good entertainment at that. I like a show that makes want to come back each week and castle is that show.I know sex and violence sells, but,if there were more shows like castle,maybe the news wouldn't be so hard to watch every day!!! So lets chill out and hope we get to see this play in future seasons.By the way it is a great love story.


@SA Just For you :
Haters are gonna hate ... Check your facts Meredith is the same age as Castle ... Don't feed the troll !! Oups, Too late ...


@Nes Trinidad Remember Kyra got married and she said "He's all yours" to Beckett in S1. She's a nice woman, I don't think she's a treat.


Disappointed in first episode after the long hiatus. Confused by too many suspects who were hard to differentiate from one another. Beckett acted like a spoiled child by not accepting Castle's hotel getaway. The ex-wife was as phony as the rest of Castle's family--although she looked like she really could have been Alexis' mother (tho a little young). Bordered on boring.


Very disappointed in this episode- lost its focus on solving mysteries and the characters developing. Reminded me of the movie War of the Roses- some of the scenes were just too slapstick and plot boring. Meridith maybe crazy but she played them all- especially when she was hanging out in her undies and her parting comments to Beckett. Beckett needs to realize she was played; also she needs to be smart enough to start asking questions and telling more about herself. Yes- how come Martha and Alexis didn't speak up more and really Castle was a wimp; As someone wrote, who is Beckett's biggest threat? Someone from Castle's past or future- Just maybe Beckett needs a visit from an old boyfriend or new interest. Beckett really handled it all, but if Castle keeps giving in to other "interferences" and making excuses, Beckett may just have to make some decisions about their relationship. Hope the next episode is more serious, with a plot more interesting and challenging for viewers as well as the cast- I swear they all looked pretty bored in this episode.

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