Cougar Town Review: Dancing Blues

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After what feels like a year off the air, a transition to TBS and a change in showrunners... Cougar Town is back! And it’s still one of the best comedies on television.

That alone warrants a dance party.

Jules and Grayson in Bed

The recurring themes and gags that made "Blue Sunday" apply to Cougar Town overall as well: Jules is still a little narcissistic, Bobby and Laurie have plenty of screwball stories and advice and Ellie is still just as sharp-witted.

But the quirks are always balanced with nice moments of love and friendship. So while Jules is having post-wedding time bliss and blues, Ellie is trying to tidy things up for her emotionally by giving Grayson a heads up (the torch passing was an especially good moment). Travis is looking down on his father’s advice, especially when Bobby literally runs away from his problems, but when the time is right it’s the exact thing Travis needs his drunken, naked confessions to her in Cougar Town Season 3.

Speaking of Laurie and Travis, it seems things are off the table with them for the time being, so while I’m for them taking their chemistry further, there’s still a fine line to walk for now because of the age difference. But, nevertheless, I do think this is something Cougar Town will begin gingerly stepping closer and closer to this season. It’s hard not too when we’re constantly being reminded, shown and characters give hints to a relationship.

For every awesome line about Cougar Town’s potential death in the opening, there are some running gags that are taken just a little too far. Andy’s fun with Ambien-dosed Ellie felt a little too close to rape for me, and while Ellie’s turn on to it helped temper things slightly, it just felt more uncomfortable than funny.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • The smaller moments are still some of the funniest: brain freezes, Tom grabbing Ellie for Jules, Jules' "sure, sure" conversation with Ellie.
  • No Dog Travis tonight, but Bobby did share his food with a homeless guy.
  • Laurie's "community chest."

What did you think of the premiere TV Fanatics? Let us know in the comments and be sure to enjoy some Cougar Town quotes (and title cards) afterwards!


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Loooove this show, i hope it won't end for years!!!


Love Cougartown, was missing it! Best crazy Laurie line " Imma leave before I stab a b**ch!!! Aaawesome!!!


I missed cougar town so much, its still my fav comedy on and I loved the episode


Great review. I thought the Ambien jokes were hilarious. Ellie took it on purpose and told Andy to have at it. It was consensual from the get go. The homeless man Bobby feeds it a call back to season 2, when Jules stayed on Bobby's boat for a day. He stole Jules's wine.


So happy to have my favorite comedy back!! Travis running away from Laurie and realizing the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree with him and his dad was the highlight! And I for one am so ready for Laurie and Travis to happen. I can't wait to explore that more! The show needed a little more Andy, but there's always next week!

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Cougar Town Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm gonna leave before I stab a bitch.


Ellie: Jules Cobb is the light of our group, and as she goes so goes the rest of us. For many years I have been the keeper of that light, but I now pass the torch to you.
Grayson: I'm only taking this torch because I love mime.