Deception Debuts: What Did You Think?

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Will it be the next Revenge? Or the next The Event?

Deception premiered last night on NBC, as the network hopes to bring mystery lovers in to a series that focuses on Meagan Good as an undercover cop who is trying to expose the murderer inside one seriously shady family.

Did you catch the moderately-rated pilot? Will you be tuning in again next Monday?

Watch the following promo for events on Season 1 and then vote in our poll...

What did you think of the Deception premiere?

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I will keep watching......a lot of suspects right top three are Edward (he's hurt women before) and Julian(he threw a ring in the lake) and the father(is making some kind of drug that is bad)....... You just know at some point Meagan will be found out..........


Who is the girl playing Vivian Bowers?


It's gonna get cancelled was not very impressed with the lack of chemistry of the charecters triangle introduced way too early. I agree its very fast paced with many lines to explore. We shall see how well that happens


I thought the pacing of the pilot was fast. But, because it was so fast the following 10 episodes will have lot's to explore.
The acting was great, and I the casting of Meagan Good was exceptional.
Veronica Mars comes to mind when watching the episodes many flashbacks,between two best friends and one ending up dying.Revenge of course ( rich family).
But this show really screams The Cw's short-lived thriller Ringer: Strong female lead, faking it to find out about her sister's ( in this case friend's) death. Even the logo, and the promo's are similar. Especially the use of Lana Del Rey's Blue Jeans which was feature in an episode of Ringer

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Deception Quotes

Do you have any idea what the street value of Sofia's medicine cabinet is?


Joanna: She reminds me of Vivian.
Sofia: She's nothing like Vivian. Vivian was a drug addicted, narcissistic, black hole of need.