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Am i the only one who thinks Irene is alive? Irene was a crminal, she may be working with Moriarty or something like that... Until they show a flashback of her dead body, i am not buying it.


Am I the only person who started yelling at the TV when two British guys started talking at each other about "cell phones" and "apartments"? Come on, scriptwriters! I'd like to think that American viewers are intelligent enough to divine the meaning of "mobile" and "flat"! It's really not all that difficult. Other than that, it was a pretty fun episode. I felt bad for Captain Gregson, particularly. He was in an even worse position than Joan, in my opinion.


All I could think was Dexter as this episode was going on. I would seriously say that this episode was one of the bests for the season. Furthermore, as gripping as Sherlock was tonight, I mostly love the bond between him and Watson. Looking forward to see how that lie about her staying on unravels.


The best shows always leave you wondering how they managed to pack a storyline worthy of a movie into 1 short hour; Elementary does that. From the accountant's murder to the woman's near murder, to the revelation about Irene's death, the killer getting caught and tortured, Joan's session, and especially the scenes between Watson and Holmes, everything was there, everything unfolded at the perfect pace, and yet it was all done in one episode. Loved every second of it.Bravo!

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