Elementary Review: Sherlock's Revenge

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"M" has gone down as my favorite episode of Elementary Season 1.

The installment focused on Sherlock's history in London, as we discovered some of his past when his arch enemy Moriarity returned and the tragic death of Irene Adler was revealed. We also witnessed the depths to which Holmes is willing to do to get his revenge. Someone call Emily Thorne, people, Sherlock Holmes may just give her a run for her money.

Watson's Second Thoughts

Before I begin discussing the Moriarity angle, let me just say that the honesty that was shown between Watson and Holmes was my favorite part of this episode. Through this openness was where we learned the former's backstory, which is the best part about being tangled up in a character and its respective show. 

On one end, we saw Watson having a session with her therapist where Joan was reaffirmed that it's obvious her present work with Sherlock is what makes her happy. The honesty finally came from Watson when she admitted to Holmes that she enjoys what he does. From this realization then came the lie from Joan that will keep her hanging around Holmes just a little bit longer. 

I've been waiting to see how the writers kept her around and this is certainly an original concept. It wasn't a relapse or something predictable, it's a lie from Watson. Something I didn't expect.

On the other side, we had Sherlock, who was at the rawest form we have ever seen. By the final moments, I was in tears with my eyes glued to the TV. The simple scene of Holmes sitting on the couch barring his soul simply got to me. From admitting that he did, indeed, stab Sebastian to confessing he will miss Watson and that he admires what she does... hearing the truth from Holmes was such a reward as a viewer.

I will go down with this ship. I don't mean "ship" as a romantic pairing either. What I do mean is that these two as friends, partners, confidents for one another, are the reason why this show is so good. Not all leads on a show have to be romantically paired. Holmes and Watson on Elementary are doing it right.

All of this was going on while Holmes was tracking down who he thought was the real Moriarity. From this, more backstory was created. I'm still completely heartbroken that Irene Adler was killed and I was utterly shocked when they revealed that this man presumed as "M" was only a hitman. The best part of the reveal was that Sebastian, the hired trigger, was not the one who killed Irene. 

Irene Adler's death was from the hands of Moriarity. It was personal. 

All of this leads me to question what is it that Sherlock did to be the target of such a personal attack. To kill the one you love the most and leave you to live with the regret knowing it was your fault has to be the worst form of punishment. 

I cannot wait to get these answers. 

I MUST add that Johnny Lee Miller's scenes tonight were absolutely gripping. From the torturing scene to the final scene with Watson, I was feeling every emotion he was putting out. Can someone give this guy an Emmy nod please?

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Am i the only one who thinks Irene is alive? Irene was a crminal, she may be working with Moriarty or something like that... Until they show a flashback of her dead body, i am not buying it.


Am I the only person who started yelling at the TV when two British guys started talking at each other about "cell phones" and "apartments"? Come on, scriptwriters! I'd like to think that American viewers are intelligent enough to divine the meaning of "mobile" and "flat"! It's really not all that difficult. Other than that, it was a pretty fun episode. I felt bad for Captain Gregson, particularly. He was in an even worse position than Joan, in my opinion.


All I could think was Dexter as this episode was going on. I would seriously say that this episode was one of the bests for the season. Furthermore, as gripping as Sherlock was tonight, I mostly love the bond between him and Watson. Looking forward to see how that lie about her staying on unravels.


The best shows always leave you wondering how they managed to pack a storyline worthy of a movie into 1 short hour; Elementary does that. From the accountant's murder to the woman's near murder, to the revelation about Irene's death, the killer getting caught and tortured, Joan's session, and especially the scenes between Watson and Holmes, everything was there, everything unfolded at the perfect pace, and yet it was all done in one episode. Loved every second of it.Bravo!

Elementary Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Joan: [To Sherlock] I'm going to miss this, working with you. I think what you do is amazing.
Later On...
Sherlock: [To Joan] I'm going to miss this, working with you. I think what you do is amazing.

Joan: I like what I do right now.
Therapist: Your right now, is coming to an end.