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On the latest episode of Elementary, "M," we were taken through a storm of emotions - from the introduction of Moriarty... to the death of Sherlock's love Irene Adler... to Watson lying to Holmes to stay around.

In this edition of the Elementary Round Table, Kate Brooks and Jim Garner of TV Fanatic - along with Amanda from Grizzlybomb.com and Brian from Geek Magazine - respond to this phenomenal episode and more!


What was your favorite scene in the episode?
Kate: The moment between Sherlock and Joan on the couch towards the end. Sherlock was in tears discussing what happened, etc. and Watson was there to console him. Beautiful scene and beautifully done by both actors.

Jim: Joan and Sherlock on the couch at the police station. The sheer emotion on Sherlock's face, mixed with repeating Joan's own words back to her, had me nearly in tears. He has not let his guard down around her like this before, and it was awesome.

Amanda: I'm going to have to go with the scene between Sherlock and the assassin. The back and forth between the two culminating in the hitman realizing that Sherlock was actually Sherlock was well done.

Brian: For me it was the police interrogation of "M". The fact that he refuses to sell out Holmes cause his desire for revenge on Moriarty is greater than his desire for revenge on Sherlock makes for an interesting dynamic.

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Did you expect the man presumed to be "M" to turn out not to be him, instead be a hitman?
Kate: No, I did not. I am glad he wasn't because it only leaves it more a mystery.

Jim: I knew the killer wasn't Moriarty. Vinnie Jones, while an incredible actor, could never portray someone Holmes' equal. I wasn't sure "M" stood for Moriarty until Holmes captured him. Then all the piece fell into place - and well placed I might add.

Amanda: I really didn't. It seemed way too early in the series to have him show up straight out like that and like the others said, Vinnie Jones is not really what one pictures when they think of Moriarty.

Brian: Yeah, based on the history of the character and the casting of Vinnie Jones, there was never a point where I actually believed him to be Moriarty.

Johnny Lee Miller's acting in this episode was so emotional and raw. How do you like seeing Sherlock in this rare form?
Kate: As I said in my review, he absolutely blew me away. He had me feeling every emotion he was. Johnny Lee Miller had me in tears, in a good way.

Jim: I seriously thought he was headed for a fall off the wagon. I kept thinking "well, now we know why Watson stays" - and, as it turned out, he skated down that thin line the entire episode. It was great!

Amanda: I liked it but I'm glad it is "rare form" because that's not what the character usually exhibits. So it is nice to see from time to time, mainly because no one can remain aloof and stoic all the time, but I hope they make it the exception rather than the rule.

Brian: It's okay so long as it's occasional. If it were to become to regular (which it won't) it would take away from the character. It is always nice to see some emotion, though.

Sherlock and Joan had many moments of honesty with each other, both admitting they'll miss one another and they are amazed by each others job. How did this make you feel?
Kate: These were my favorite moments in the episode. The emotion from both and them and in particular Sherlock made this episode the best out of them all because of it. I don't necessarily want to see it every episode because it's worth waiting for.

Jim: As mentioned for question number-one, it was may favorite scene. I think it has cemented the idea that they can be close and care about each other without the need of a romantic attraction.

Amanda: Much like the raw emotion of the last question, I liked it but don't want it to become a benchmark. They did need that push to make them partners vs. the addict and companion relationship and I think the writers did a good job going about it.

Brian: It was fine, the paced it out slow enough throughout the season. It didn't really make me feel anything, though.

Watson lies to Sherlock to stay. Thoughts? How will this play out in the end?
Kate: Loved this moment. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time and it was very rewarding to see how it was something that I didn't see coming. I think Sherlock will be okay with it because he wants Watson around and is used to her being there.

Jim: Sherlock will figure it out within a week (two at the most) when one of two things happens: 1. His father will ask how he is doing without Watson; 2. He will notice Watson not sending reports to his father and put together that her contract wasn't extended. As to what he does with that, well we know he cares very much for her, so I expect something sneaky but nice.

Amanda: was actually glad to see it play out that way vs. Sherlock relapsing or disappearing to play her into sticking around.

Brian: This makes sense, if they are ever gonna to truly become partners, she can't be getting paid to be there. I assumed it would be the emergence of Moriarty that would eventually force her to stay.

Moriarity has made it his mission to come after Sherlock, how you think this will play out in the rest of the season?
Kate: I hope we get bits and pieces that leave us wanting more and lead us into cliff hangers and next seasons, etc.

Jim: This depends entirely on how much they want to bring him in. If I was writing the show, I would save introducing him until the very end of the season and use him for a hook for next season. Gives you lots of time to develop Holmes/Watson relationship and gives you something fun for next season.

Amanda: Moriarty is a integral part of the Sherlock canon and should be a running theme throughout the entire series, not just a random appearance here and there. Unlike an original show where they manufacture an antagonist who they can have appear as they seem fit, Moriarty is a seminal part of Sherlock and needs to be a somewhat constant influence on Sherlock and his actions. Not every week by any means, but I would imagine more often than once or twice a season.

Brian: This should continue to play out through the course of the entire show, not just the season. Moriarty is to Sherlock what the Joker is to Batman, and his presence makes Sherlock a stronger character. I wouldn't expect them to have any real conclusion between the two this season.


While I'm a fan of Sherlock Holmes books, old movies and even recent shows, I actually hope to see a love story blossom between Sherlock and Watson. And normally I think romances can often ruin a show. In this case, I like the chemistry between the two and wouldn't mind seeing at least a sex scene. LOL.
I have to admit, I've enjoyed the show thus far. They have really done well with a modernized version which has a twist. I also enjoy the british show as well. Both men compliment Sherlock Holmes quite nicely.


It's becoming more obvious to me in every episode that Sherlock's "father" is in fact his brother Mycroft. Note that he's never in, Watson's never seen him, he responds in text message or e-mail rather than calling, he blows off dinner because of business... The only real question is why Mycroft with bother with such an elaborate charade! It was clever to play with the "M" bit; both "Moriarty" and "Moran" start with the letter, and the serial killer "M" was a more or less an amalgam of the two men - Moran, the murderer, who did the dirty work, and Moriarty, the psychopathic strategic mastermind. I was very glad the writers didn't go the easy way and have Watson stay because Sherlock relapsed with his drug use. Of course, Sherlock's willingness to gruesomely torture the man he believed killed Irene is much more disturbing.

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Favourite scene - couch scene, for sure. My heart broke into a hundred little pieces watching Sherlock cry. Amazing acting. As for "M" - to me it was pretty obvious he wasn't the real Moriarty. But the fact that the hitman wasn't the one who actually killed Irene - that I did not see coming. Jonny Lee Miller - I really have no words for this guy. It's not news that I love him like crazy, I think he's amazing in everything he does. But his Sherlock is just pure gold. And this episode was the best of the best. He blew me away... Holmes and Watson - their dynamic is absolutely beautiful… Watson lying -two thoughts. One: it was awesome. Two: I'm sure Holmes will figure it out fast. As for Moriarty - I agree with Jim.


Enjoyed this episode immensely. Was looking forward to this episode once I found out Vinnie Jones was on it and he didn't disappoint. I thought the Moriarty reveal was great. I would even be ok with revealing the Moriarty character in season 2. While I don't think there will be one I hope they don't create a romantic relationship between Sherlock and Watson. Ever.


This was an amazing episode: touching, suspenseful and totally gripping. JLM and Lucy Liu have totally exceeded my expectations of the American remake. I didn't think they could top Sherlock, but with no new Sherlock episodes for a long time, this is a fine replacement.


I was bored by this episode and didn't find anything to like, so I'm glad you guys could find something good about it. Oh, well, maybe when it returns it will be more interesting.

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