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Does anyone else feel like they were just forced to shuffle up to an all-you-can-eat Glee buffet and stuff themselves full to the point of needing to unbutton their pants to make more room for Jake-and-Marley dessert? Because that's what I feel like just happened. 

Coming off of "Sadie Hawkins," I wasn't sure what to expect from "Naked." As it turns out, I should've expected every possible story line they could've thrown at me and then some. And what's weird? I didn't hate the assault.

Sam and Blaine in "Naked"

There were so many arcs happening tonight that it's kind of hard to know where to begin. I mostly enjoyed the episode because the majority of the focus was on McKinley, flitting to New York for glimpses at the "old" Rachel (from 8 months ago) and Brody's abs. Oh, and a surprise visit from Santana and Quinn. That was nice.

Unlike previous episodes where the writers have tried to create similar stories for Lima and New York (cough "Britney 2.0" cough) the nudity parallels between McKinley and New York worked this week because the subject was the same, but the scenarios were vastly different. All of the guys, save Artie, were willing to bare their chests for cash to pay for Regionals, and that makes sense because they're all egotistical high school boys who happen to think they're hot.

After being visited by the ghost of Rachels past, receiving a tongue-lashing from Kurt and having a chat with Santana and Quinn, Rachel couldn't go topless for her craft. And that makes even more sense because Rachel's craft is the stage and the student film in which she was cast wasn't the screen version of Equus.

The Men of McKinley calendar has nearly paid for the New Directions' bus to Regionals, thanks to Finn's blackmailing Sue to stay out of their way while selling it. (Please, please, if you do nothing else, go and read the morsels of Sue-y goodness on the Glee quotes page.)

Selling the calendar also caused Blaine to have a serious talk with Sam about Sam's obsession with his own body fat percentage.

Yes, I just typed that last sentence.

In yet another storyline, Sam and Brittany have received the lowest and highest SAT scores at McKinley this year. Sam believes that he'll never go to college and will only ever have his body and goes into overdrive with his workout regimen. This gives Blaine the chance to be a friend and take him to Emma Pillsbury, pamphlet queen extraordinaire, so that she can show him which colleges he can get into without an SAT score of any kind and also pass along information about scholarships to help him pay for it.

(Side note: Where are Sam's parents? Have they moved back to Lima? Is he still sleeping on someone's couch in a basement somewhere? Can we address this, writers?)

While we know that Blaine has a crush on Sam, Blaine went to bat for Sam as a friend to help him get himself and his future on track. He went so far as to record videos of the McKinley gang listing all the good Sam has done in his time there. It makes the Blaine-Sam crush seem as if Blaine has a handle on himself and his ability to recognize that this thing he has in his head is only in his head and isn't going to come to fruition. 

Unlike Tina who went on a nice little tangent about Blaine's backside after saying he should be "Sexy Claus" and asking him to go shopping with her.

Tina: For the record, Blaine has an awesome body and a perky and delicious behind that looks like it got baked to perfection by some sort of master chef.
Blaine: Thanks, Tina. | permalink

Ugh. That story is perhaps the dumbest thing we've been dealt so far this season. 

Other tidbits from tonight's notes:

  • Jake and Marley say their first "I love you's" to one another. I can't hate on it too hard even if they've only been dating for a week because it was really kind of sweet to watch. There's something about the two of them together that I like. They work for me. And their rendition of Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" was beautiful. 
  • If it's possible, I like Brody even less after this week, despite the fact that he has the best body of any current male cast member. Watching him waltz naked through the apartment and plop himself down at the table when we haven't even seen Kurt and Rachel have a conversation about Brody moving in makes me really dislike him.
  • Quinn, Santana, and Rachel singing "Love Song" was a treat. 
  • Okay, so all of tonight's Glee music was pretty great. Yes, even the Nelly number.
  • It was pointed out in the comments last week, but the New Directions bypassed the Amish school in their path to Regionals. I kept hoping for a one-liner explanation as to how that had happened and didn't get it. Weak, writers. Weak.
So, what did you think of "Naked?" What was your favorite song from the episode?


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This entire season is based too much on self image. Since the beginning Rachel changed to the more slutty looking rachel and the new guy says things about the fact that he used to be fat but he's hot now and marley had a eating disorder because she thought she was fat even though she's wafer thin and this episode had a lot of moments when it revolved around body image. What is with the body image angle that they're constantly revolving around. I mean previous seasons mentioned things about body image but this season has storylines that are based on them!


I have a feeling there will be a sequel to that news segment. Britney does have television experience and sh'd be interesting as a reporter. Does anyone remember the episode of Married...With Children when the girl became a weatherman?


After watching Girls last week I just can't take the Rurchel/Kracht storyline seriously any more. What NY exactly do they live in? After watching from the beginning, and even defending last season, I am officially *out* (and not in the good way).

Miranda wicker

@Fatin--Yes! I completely forgot to mention that in my round-up at the bottom, but yes, Santana seems to be making the move to NYC. Regarding Rachel's new wardrobe, I don't think she's dressing "slutty" now. I think she's dressing like a grown-up. Until I saw the two parts of her side by side last night, I didn't realize how crazy and ridiculous old Rachel's outfits were.


Is it wrong that i laughed so hard at the beginning when they did the news thing? Nothing to do with Glee, but so so funny


@kay - Lea Michele did not go topless in Spring Awakening. I agree, the music tonight was pretty great. There are some episodes where I don't like any of their choices and then others where every one is great (the episode with "Barely Breathing", "Don't Speak", and "The Scientist" comes to mind). My only complaint is some of their mash-ups aren't really mash-ups when they only include a line or two from the second song. "Centerfold/Hot in Here" was mostly just Hot in Here. The same was done with "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty". I still love the mash-up, but I was slightly disappointed in the lack of "I Feel Pretty" in the song.


Brittany is an awful girlfriend to Sam...that was a moment I realized how badly I miss Brittana because she would never be like that with Santana.
ALSO! Reviewer should mention Santana might be moving to New York! Highlight of the episode for me!!
I'm glad they addressed Rachel's sudden "slutty" self, but it's not really unrealistic. I have a lot of friends who went from goodytwoshoes to "slutty" not that slutty is a bad thing.
Sam and Blaine are very cute together. Blaine's being intelligent about his crush and I love him for it. Tina...ugh Tina...poor thing finally gets a central storyline and it's this.
Also, I'm so over Marley. She keeps trying to make herself important.
Hate Brody. Need Kurt to stand up for himself and kick him out of the apartment. Maybe Rachel can move out too, and Santana can room with Kurt! Yay!
And I also agree with wanting an explanation for the amish group. Even if it's something silly like "they just couldn't be reached."

Miranda wicker

@Kelly--Exactly. I totally agree with that, which is part of the reason I'm kind of disappointed that we didn't get some sort of pithy explanation as to why the ND was moving forward since, yeah, they didn't even finish the competition.


The writers also havent addressed the fact that New Directions did not get third place. They were disqualified as well so no matter what happens to the Warblers, New Directions should no be able to move on to Regionals. Just because another team is disqualified (Warblers) does not mean that the original disqualification (New Directions) is forgotten. In this case only the one team (the Amish) would actually move on to Regionals

Miranda wicker

@Jared--thanks for clearing that up. I don't think it's my integrity that's in question so much as perhaps my memory. I guess we'll see if the writers also remember this tidbit when we get to Regionals. @maggie--No, you weren't alone. He was totally Kermit-ish and it was awkward. I still pink puffy heart Jacob Artist with a cherry on top, though. I think I'll go doodle his name in a heart in the margin of a notebook now.

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Kitty: Because we're the ones who buy stuff. We're responsible for the consumer-driven economy. Those Twilight books are poop on paper and we've turned them into a billion dollar industry.
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