Grey's Anatomy Promo: A Very Fine Line

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Life and death.

Right and wrong.

It's a very fine line between both, as the doctors of Grey's Anatomy know, and next week, it looks like we'll see them toe those lines once again. Let's hope tragedy doesn't strike Meredith ...

What we do know from the synopsis is that Derek and April work around the clock to find a solution for the hospital, and Cristina struggles to respect the wishes of a family whose son is dying.

Meanwhile, Arizona empathizes with a teenager who faces problems similar to her own.

For a full rundown of last night's "Walking on a Dream," follow the link to read our official Grey's Anatomy review. Then check out the first promo for "Bad Blood" and comment below:

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SPOILER ALERT!!! If you haven't already, join twitter and follow Shonda Rhimes, Mike Ausiello and Matt Mitovich to name a few. Another interview with Shonda has just been released where she reassures fans that McBaby will make it here okay. That Mer/Der will have a beautiful storyline and that she is aware that fans think that she kills people off all of the time. Earlier she did a long blog on her own site where she told fans that McBaby will not have Ellen's eyes and Patrick's hair because Ellen and Patrick weren't making a baby. But Derek and Meredith's baby would be beautiful because she was going to cast a beautiful baby. Now, that being said, I'm not so sure that Crowen will stay all happy and kissy. That whole "having a baby" issue sounds like it's going to rear it's ugly head again, which sucks but is totally realistic. It can't just go away without some intense discussion between them. FINALLY!!!


Whether she manages to lose it or have it, I won't be surprised. However, knowing Mer's luck, her baby will have some sort of genetic disease.


So I knew they weren't going to give her the full pregnancy term.
It wouldn't be grey's if she did.


Sorry....Wouldn't be a drama series.


For what it's worth I think Meredith will have a happy, healthy baby. There's got to be some angst thrown in the mix or it would be a drama series. I had hoped that somewhere along the way Addison would have to deliver the baby but Shonda tweeted that Addison wouldn't want to look at the vajayjay of the woman who stole her husband so I guess that's a bust. It would have been fun though.


PD has tweeted on December 4th that he likes the storyline of 913
so i'm eager to see it.
Great fan of GA!!!


oh and the whole father debacle, hating him then giving him her liver and being stuck with a sister she didn't want, opening up to her, loving her and loosing her, Alex betraying her.... geese that girl had enough crap to last her ten lifetimes!


i am so tired of shit happening to Mer, that girl needs a break majorly. how much crap can one girl take and it almost feels like recycling old SLs:
Miscarriage - check
hormonal complications - check
difficult pregnancy - check (with Callie)
pregnant attending from hell - check (with Bailey) as for the crap that already happened to Mer over the course of 9 seasons, don't even get me started! (mother from hell with Alzheimer, falling in love and that turning out to be a difficult relationship and then being betrayed, attempted suicide, miscarriage, watching her husband being shot, thinking he died, not being able o have kids, going through adoption, almost loosing her child, plane crash, almost being fired, loosing George, change in her surgical major etc)
honestly! give her a break!


Mer's pregnancy has to have some problems, too good a SL to miss.Is it the time for very dramatic happenings cos of the viewing figures setting advert costings?

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