Grey's Anatomy Review: Phantoms and Flying

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Grey’s Anatomy aired "Walking on a Dream this week, an episode that brought a new face to the hospital, while also offering a setback for Arizona - along with a big step forward for Mer. Let’s discuss, shall we?

Phantom Limbs. Arizona has been dealing with Phantom Limb Syndrome, something that makes you feel pain in an amputated limb. Can you imagine? Not only was she in a plane crash, but she lost her leg and now she is feeling pain in something that is not even there?!? Luckily, she has Owen to help her.

Dr. Hunt in Action

It was seriously enjoyable to see Owen in an arc that wasn’t related to Yang. Although I am a fan of the Cristina/Owen ship, it’s still important that they have their own stories. Kevin McKidd was great in this one. Even better? Jessica Capshaw. She has been playing this character amazingly since the plane crash. Such emotion, such drama. Love it!

The Claws Are Out! Meet Dana Gordon Alana, the financial advisor who has come to keep Seattle Grace to help keep the doors open. The character, played by Constance Zimmer of Entourage fame, is not super nice and even kind of shady.

Her job is to find ways to cut costs, meaning she wants to close the ER. She also has a weird way of handling Webber, who was a former teacher of hers. Anyone else notice that?

The worst thing to come out of her visit was the remark from Bailey. The docs don’t want to shut down the ER, but Bailey realizes they need to listen so they can keep their jobs. Not all of them have a few million to fall back on. Burn!

Looks like things are about to get tense between our favorite surgeons.

Mer and Cristina Looking Concerned

No Shipping Tonight. There wasn’t too much going on between any of the couples, except for the ridiculous cuteness between Mer and Der. Sometimes this series goes overboard with the relationship drama, but without it, the show felt a little empty. 

The only bit of shipping to go on was Jackson shutting down with Stephanie after the mention of April. On the other side of the hospital, Kepner was getting asked out by the adorable paramedic. Seriously, that girl has some luck!

Side Notes:

  • Meredith got on a plane and flew! She deserves some credit for that.
  • How funny was Yang fighting for the Africa program?
  • My vote goes to Ross for favorite intern! Who’s yours?
  • Derek operated! McDreamy is back!

Overall, an okay episode. Not every hour can be great, I get that. But this one felt a little dull. I guess for a show that has bombs, plane crashes and shooters, a slow episode isn’t too bad.

What did you think of “Walking on a Dream?” Did it fall a little short or was it as good as you expect from the veteran series? Sound off below and let us know what you thought. Don’t forget to check back for the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. For now, here's next week's promo.

Until next week, Grey’s fans!


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The paramedic looks SOOOO much like a younger, maybe brother, Karev


No Baby Zola ._. haven't seen her in a few episodes! but overall, I loved this episode those mini moments where Mer was crying due to anger/happiness was hilarious !


This review was seriously lacking for such a fun episode. There wasn't much of a review to even speak of. However, I thought this episode showed character growth, for arizona and the interns and mer, while having some amazing lines by cristina, owen, and webber. I laughed a lot. it was kind of nice after lots of intense drama recently. By the way, what happened to the mobile version of this site, and when will it be back?


Why not learn how to speak English before you post comments. There ought to be a law...


I thought this was a great episode. Thankfully never having lost a limb, I find the phantom limb syndrome storyline intriguing & Jessica Capshaw has done a great, great job in portraying someone who has. I really liked seeing Owen helping Arizona. It's great to see Owen being "out of this box" too as I love seeing him as a dr. first, then Chief & liked him relying on his skills when he was in the Army. I have ALWAYS loved the character of Miranda Bailey .. but this season? Not as much. That she should be bitter rather than compassionate towards the very people she "raised" & to Derek, whom she has always had a special bond with? To begrudge people who were in a plane crash & survived & what about the two lives lost? So my question is - what's wrong with Bailey? And April didn't see this hunky paramedic coming! Yeah April - go get that cup of coffee, girl! She rocked last night.


there's a chemistry between kepner and the paramedic guy... they look cute together...


i for one loved this episode...light hearted n fun...did i miss my dramatic steamy couples..YES. but it was a almost pleasant change favorite part-- "DR.KAREV,IM THE CHIEF OF SURGERY, THIS IS AN ORDER,STAB DR. ROBBINS IN THE FOOT RIGHT NOWW!!" i loved the owen arizona arc!!


Great episode. Derek is back!!!! Love him. Mer was great. Jessica Capshaw was great too!!


"I am a bit surprised that they don't feel at least a little bit guilty." And if it was the other way around? It was OK for the rest of the hospital going on with their lives and not feel a little bit guilty for the crash victims, in case they didn't receive the 15 millions? Was that more acceptable? They have nothing to feel guilty about. They were victims of unconscious and irresponsible people not to mention incompetent. Yes, they needed to be compensated and those angry ones such as Bailey should direct their anger at the hospital not the survivors. Derek was better friend to her than her to him. Someone needs to cut that woman's tongue.


That was a wonderful episode. Jessica C. and E. Pompeo gave the best performances and really stole the show. Alana does seem like a bitter surgeon-wannabe, but she was right...they do have to cut from somewhere. And i'm soooo glad that Bailey didn't ''try'' to be polite as everyone else and didn't hide her anxiety and anger about the situation the hospital has been since they gave the plane crash victims 15.000.000 each. I am a bit surprised that they don't feel at least a little bit guilty.
Cristina was trully hilarious during the meeting. And i'm so happy for April... She proved to be an amazing teacher to Stephanie and got a hot paramedic for herself!!!! I trully hope this will work out well for her...until her obvious endgame with Jackson.

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