Justified Review: Major Marshal Stiffy

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Since the back half of Justified Season 1, I have stated that this show merges self-contained episodic story lines with long running seasonal arc better than any other. I never thought that I'd say this, but through three episodes of season four, the FX drama may be doing it more impressively than ever before.

Not only have the stand alone stories been entertaining, but they have all been linked together seemingly more so than in the past. In the Season 4 premiere, Raylan was making some extra cash when he found the bag and started to inquire about Waldo Truth. In last week's "Where's Waldo?" the Marshals went after truth and subsequently learned about Drew Thompson.

Now, in "Truth and Consequences," they went after Thompson for a majority of the hour.

Boyd vs. Preacher

Everything is pulled together so nicely, but because each hour has its own feel, is its own entity, you never finish an episode disappointed in what you just witnessed, and sometimes you even get what Art Mullen might call a "television-stiffy."

In Raylan's duo of adventures, "Truth" treated us to a number of things Justified does so well. There were plenty of hilarious quips (Rachel referring to Raylan as Wyatt Earp), there were surprises (the FBI agent shooting himself in the head), and there were certainly dramatic tough guy moments (Raylan telling Randall to get out of town).

The best of the night, though, had to be when Eve read Raylan like a book, explaining that he was going to meet someone dangerous later. Tim getting all curious about Lindsay having a husband, and Raylan responding by letting them both know that "show time is at 6:00 p.m." had me in stitches.

Unfortunately, the happy fun time for our favorite cowboy came to an end when the episode did. Unlike me, many viewers didn't like Raylan and Lindsay together, so perhaps some were secretly happy to see his place ransacked. What exactly happened, I'm not sure of, but I certainly felt bad for the guy. How could you not?

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Boyd was getting himself into a whole bunch of trouble... some knowingly and some maybe unaware of. I say maybe, because there is definitely a chance Boyd knows what his cousin is up to.  And like Wynn might think, there is also a chance that Boyd indeed sent Johnny there. My gut says that Johnny's there looking out for number one, but what's your best guess?

In regards to the snakes, we all knew they would play a major part at some point, but this quickly? That scene when they got all up on Jimmy was pretty crazy. Watching him and Colton fire guns like you read about to get the snakes off of his face was painful to watch, but also just exciting to see.

Also exciting was every single time Boyd opened his mouth. Walton Goggins is just fantastic. The man does so much with a whisper, as was put on display in his very first conversation with Cassie. Somehow he turned it into a loud whisper, which made "we misjudged each other" that much more chilling.

It was his final take down of Preacher Billy that was probably the best moment of the night though. Watching that man pick up the snake, knowing his sister told him not to, but wanting to believe that he'd be okay, was a thing of beauty.  Seeing him get bitten, well that just put a smile to my face, and interestingly enough put restraint on Boyd's.

With the future of the church in jeopardy, Johnny going behind Boyd's back to talk to Duffy, Raylan's lady friend in the wind, and the new information that Drew Thompson witnessed Theo Tonin murder a government informant, it only feels like Justified is going to get better as this fourth season moves along.

What did you think of "Truth and Consequences?" What were your favorite moments? What didn't you like about it? Check out our Justified quotes page to relive some of the funnier moments, and then sound off in the comments.


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My favorite line from Tuesday night...
"He does something stupid every day. Can you be a little more specific?"


Sorry folks I think the show has lost its edge, cohesiveness and the actors look like they are bored. I really don't think there was any chemistry or connection between the Raylan and Lindsey, - why would he even bother wanting to fight her husband-whats the point- hopefully he won't want to bother with Lindsey- not worth it- not in the category of Ava or Wynona.Where is Wynona? She brings some class to the women in the show.
Really- none of the new characters, except maybe the preacher are interesting-not like Mags and her family, even the bad guys were more believable. Boyd is always great- Ava has just faded into the background like a madam- she has lost her sparkle. Really the widow of Drew Thompson outsmarting Raylan- what was Raylan thinking???


Everything continues to move forward effortlessly. Another enjoyable episode but I have a theory in which I was hoping to get your input on. I know we are currently on the third episode but is there anyone apart from me that thinks Arlo is DREW THOMPSON?!? I


Walter Goggins is just an awesome actor! I expected him to laugh or smirk when preacher boy got bit by the snake. A real surprise- if I remember, wasn't he a preacher at one time? Watching Timothy Olyiphant (sp) is indeed a treat. He just has to raise an eyebrow to convey an emotion. I love this show. Oh, and Boyd's cousin better watch it- You never know who is watching who in this show.


@ Simone, I definitely agree with you that Johnny is likely not too long for this world. In fact, I think that the main reason why they brought Colten into the show was so that he could replace him. Johnny is pretty much an all-around useless person. I just can't see anyone siding with him over Boyd, not even a rival criminal like Wynn Duffy. @ Simone, I also feel kind of sorry for preacher Billy. He actually did seem to be a good person who actually believed that he was helping people. However, now that he knows that he's been living a lie, he'll likely feel that God has somehow betrayed him. As a result, he'll likely become more awesome. Of course, as far as religious nuts are concerned, nobody will ever be as awesome as Boyd Crowder. I really hope that Tim, Art, and Raylan will stop making these "Marshal Stiffy" references. They've gotten very old very quickly.


One of the best if not the best show on tv! I mean every single actor brings there A Game every episode!!! Always having me wanting more when the hour is up! Loved seeing a bit more of Tim last night, still waiting for a Raylan Boyd meet up those are always classic!


Justified is perhaps one of the best shows to come along in a very long time. It keeps your attention and the best part is that Raylan is a flawed character but overall, a pretty decent guy. The cast is great and the story lines keep you interested and wanting more. Now that his latest love or sex interest, Lindsay and her husband have robbed Raylan, they will turn up again and Raylan's justice will be aptly applied to the situation, that is if Raylan can divulge where he got his money.


It was another great episode. I felt sorry for the preacher when the snake bit him. I think that Boyd felt bad too. I think that Johnny is not too long for this world. If Boyd does not kill him, Duffy will. He is out of league with those two. Raylan, Raylan... trouble follows him where ever he goes. Lindsay and her husband will live (or die) regretting stealing Raylan's money.


Super episode! Wlking into the "den of vipers" at the beginning was good, I saw it coming when they went into the tent. The snake stuck on the face was too much, gross but good. I can't wait to see Raylon and the exhusband go round and round. When Boyd took out the preacher I give him credit it was well done. Love this show.

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