NCIS Sneak Peeks: Hitting Close to Home

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On Tuesday night's all-new NCIS, Abby flashback scenes take us back decades in her life as our resident forensic wizard works on a case that hits close to home, and results in a lot of soul searching.

Perhaps like no case she's ever worked, the events of this week really get Abby questioning the very nature of who she is, why she’s there at NCIS and what she does. So where did it all begin?

Watch this clip from the episode for your first glimpse:

Check out another sneak peek from "Hit and Run" below (wait until the first clip plays through and then the second one starts), in which the team discusses the current state of the case, and Abby:

Young Abby is played by Brighton Sharpino (photos).

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I am not going to get applause after what I write, but it is the truth and I would never lie to my fellow very special agents -- This episode was just , so so --Yet, I picked up very subtle clues in the changing relationship between Gibbs and Abby. And I believe it is for good. Abby, wallowing in her "no matter what I do nothing changes pity party' she sits in the bullpen writing a letter to McGee..and Gibbs sees her..finally the fortune cookie and the reading that said, "Today's friend is tomorrow's family" (Gibbs has kept it all these years..He says yes Abby the things you do, matter and it can change sadness into peace and sometimes joy. It was a good episode but I will have to say one I miss on the replay marathons. I just did not find it that enlightening ...NOW if it was when Abby meet Gibbs that would of been a home run. Make Abby grow up a bit more (which again I think Gibbs did in a gentle way) and allow herself to be sad, for a time, then shake it off..which we know she will. I gave it 21/2 out of 5 caf pows..for the final scene along...Next weeks episode looks awesome..and more Tiva time in the field it...But for Abby background for the plot line..I have them the extra half star...please NCIS hear more dragging us into the past ..we get it..only left is McGee....a

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 13 Quotes

Young Abby: I couldn't fix it.
Young Luca: Fix what?
Young Abby: Ricki will never see her grandpa again.
Young Luca: But you did good. You gave her your rabbit. She won't forget that, Abby. She won't.

Today's new friend is tomorrow's family.

Abby [reading fortune]