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The NCIS team investigates a Marine’s car accident and ignites some upsetting past memories for Abby as a young girl on the trail of her first “case.”

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Oh, I'm having trouble putting this into words. This was different from any other flashback episode I can remember seeing in any show ever. I think it was because the flashbacks were so vivid - in full-color, present time. Don't sure if that is clear to you all. What I really appreciated was that the history which they showed was only inside Abby's head - her memories and reflections. The others were mostly reacting just to the unusual behavior which they saw. Also, it was sweet that McGee went to find Abby, even though he didn't know what to say to her. And then at the end of the episode she's sitting next to his desk trying over and over to write an apology, but she can't figure what to say to him. At the end she is sitting on the floor cross-legged, like a little girl might, looking at the heart(the best part of the bear) and the fortune about a new family, (which had come true) - that was just a beautiful moment. It's sort of cliche to say this, but this really was one of my favorite episodes in all ten seasons, and one of the best written. Kudos to all the cast and crew who pulled this together so well.


What is the name of the George Jones song played when Abby visits the little girls dad? welcome to email me


I like the aspect of showing the characters in younger ages, they done Gibbs and somewhat of vance in a young misdion, i think the storyline of abby was great at a younger age


The little girl is Abby as a child and the boy is her brother Luca. We get to see how she got interested in forensics. Since it says the current case "ignites some upsetting past memories for Abby", I am assuming a little friend of hers was killed by a hit and run, and she decides to do her own investigation.


I agree the little girl could be Abby as a child. The writers did a good job with the little girl who played Ziva. Side note: Is it me or does Tony react like a deer in the headlights when Ziva shows any signs of vulnerability?


Kudos to the casting department at NCIS. The child actress they hired to play a young Abby is the spitting image of Pauley Perrette! I am looking forward to this episode. After the emotional rollercoaster ride NCIS has taken us on the last 2 weeks, I am hoping for a more upbeat show with a lot of Abby's heart and soul! I love the drama but I think we all need a little love right now!


A few pictures that are up show Tony and Ziva talking in the bullpen, Abby talking to Tim at what looks like a community center, Abby calling out the numbers for BINGO, and Tony, Gibbs and Ziva looking at the plasma.

NCIS Season 10 Episode 13 Quotes

Young Abby: I couldn't fix it.
Young Luca: Fix what?
Young Abby: Ricki will never see her grandpa again.
Young Luca: But you did good. You gave her your rabbit. She won't forget that, Abby. She won't.

Today's new friend is tomorrow's family.

Abby [reading fortune]