Supernatural Spoilers: More Returns, More Conflict, More Tablets

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More Benny. More Kevin. More Castiel. More Tablets. More Felicia Day. And a new chapter in the Winchester Brothers’ journey that will lead them to seek out how exactly they fit into being “Men Of Letters.”

Those are just some of the scoops and spoilers that came out of a Q&A earlier this week with Supernatural Executive Producer Robert Singer, who answered questions following a press screening of last night’s “As Time Goes By.”

Here are the highlights:

Fighting the Nazis

Winchester mythology How much of a challenge was it to add more to the Sam/Dan history by having Grandpa Henry (Gil McKinney) enter the picture? “We make this stuff up as we go along,” laughed Singer. “But we try to use what we’ve done before and be able to spin out from there and tell interesting stories and get into backstory like this.”

We haven’t seen the last of... Benny, Kevin, Castiel, Crowley and, the big news, Felicia Day, who will be bringing Sam and Dean a case later this season as Charlie. Singer explained: “Every season we like to bring the season full circle and get a lot of questions answered of that season, but then pose new questions for whatever the next season is going to be... I think all these people we introduced will have a payoff.”

A home for Sam and Dean? Even though they were warned to leave the box from their grandfather and depart, the guys will stick around the Men Of Letters bunker for awhile. Singer teased that we’ll see the new digs in the next episode ("Everybody Hates Hitler") and it’s a “really stunning set. It’s full of mysteries [and] it’ll become kind of a home base for the boys. We’re really excited about it. After eight years of never having a home base, this will be home base for quite some time.”

He also said Sam and Dean will actually get some pleasure in setting down some roots.

Tablets, Bunkers & Winchesters, oh my! We’re not done with the Tablets, folks, and like them, Sam and Dean will have to be quite protective of the bunker. Said Singer: “The information that’s contained in this Men Of Letters bunker, if it fell into the wrong hands, would be quite a powerful weapon against the boys, so it has to remain a secret and guarded closely. As we go down the line into the rest of this year and hopefully next year, that sort of dramatic turns will take place because this is an important place.”

More rocky times for Sam & Dean? With the boys at odds much of the first half of Supernatural Season 8, there will be more conflict, but Singer promises, a different kind: “It’s not necessarily the conflict of ‘do I want to do this?’ or ‘what’s my plans beyond closing the gates of the Hell?’ or any of that. It’s a new conflict. I won’t tell you any more than that but as always, there’s always something going on between them.”

He did add that the bunker will afford the guys time to renew their ‘bromance’ and we can expect “a big emotional talk” between them, too.

Amelia could return Sam may have busted her heart but good. However, don’t rule out a return of his lady love. “We think she’s a really valuable character,” Singer said. “We liked her a lot and certainly it creates a good complication in Sam’s life. Again, we’re just kind of doing the end of the season now in the room. I know that we’ve talked about bringing her back.”

Why Did Henry have to die? No shocker here since the writers know Sam and Dean work best solo. Singer said the plus side was the guys were able to make a connection with a relative they never knew, but “one of the themes I think that we’ve always sort of played is that people they get close to, it doesn’t work out so well for them and they’re kind of traditional loners and what they have is each other.”

Season 9? Please!? “I think creatively it’s been good,” Singer said. “I think by and large the network is happy with our numbers. If I were a betting man, I would bet that we would be back.”

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Season GR8 ratings are up over season 7 and J&J have signed on for seasons 9 and 10. The CW would be crazy to cancel the show. As for their new home base, I'm not sure I like that. Part of the shows mystique has been them driving down night time, rain soaked back roads and staying in cheap motels.


Oh for Chuck's sake, @roxi, please NO MORE LOVE STORIES. LAST thing Supernatural needs. It is Supernatural, not Harlequin romance. We had Lisa/Ben (awful storyline) and Amelia (the worst ever. DO NOT BRING HER BACK. JUST. DO. NOT.) Females who watch this show want to see brave, kickass men not bland women shoehorned in. Female hunters (NOT love interests) would be most welcome, however - only if the writers write female characters properly. More Supernatural stuff please. More excitement. More monsters. Season 8 needs improvement and that means getting of Kevin, his mom, Garth and Charlie. (Season 8 is full of horrible characters.) Focus on what made the show great.


@ Save Supernatural. My sentiments exactly! Cas and Benny are the ones I want to see. Benny was a great new character, but his story was unfortunately ruined by the unwatchable Amelia flashbacks. Purgatory should have been an episode on its own, and not presented as Dean's flashbacks. I too dislike Kevin, Garth and Charlie. Southern Comfort didn't even need Garth, and his "tooth fairy" story was annoying (I think it was supposed to be funny). LARP and the Real Girl was lame. SPN is not a comedy. I enjoyed the return of the family feel and the excitement in the Abaddon episode, and hope that Sam can become more noble instead of how the writers have turned him into a sulky, boring, unlikeable whinger. SPN is supposed to be exciting and frightening, not a comedy.


MORE Benny and MORE Cas (always). But please writers, NO more Kevin, Garth or Charlie. The Kevin story needs to be wrapped up - why can't he read the tablets? It would have been better if there was a missing piece and if the tablets made no sense due to this missing piece. To have the annoying character pouring over the tablets, when he is meant to be a prophet and just read them, is tiresome. His mother is annoying with her water pistols, her yelling and with her putting the big demon into the car boot on her own. Garth is painfully forced onto us, and I hate the way he has taken over Bobby's job. A hunter has to be noble, and has to take up hunting for a reason or to be born into it. His story was woeful. Charlie is cliched. It's not a comedy show. The LARPing episode was a waste when we could have seen what happened to Cas. S8 is terrible, and the fans deserve better.


Love Benny. Really love Benny, flashbacks to Purgatory, angst with Sam over it. Could the scene in Purgatory with Dean grabbing his shoulder during the fight and Benny whistling be any more awesome. Best new character in seasons. Wish they could find some way to bring Ellen and Jo back. And Raphael! I like Cas;I think he's a good character and given the right circumstances, he could be back. Don't like the Naomi story line. Or Kevin, I liked Chuck as the Prophet so much better. Oh, gosh, Amelia, really boring. Really loving season 8, hope there is a season 9!


Are the SPN producers aware that they have TWO very attractive brothers on the show? Why does only Sam matter enough to get a real love story? You know, some of us female fans would love to see Dean fall in love for once, and not just one night stands and monster babies. I guess they don't think he's good enough.


I like the whole Legacy idea and finally something interesting. I love Cass but I am really getting a little tired of the Angel stuff. I'm really not sure about the tablets either; closing the gates would end the need for Hunters. Please bring Benny back, he's great and I think there's still some conflict there especially for Sam. Please don't bring back Amelia, she's awful and adds nothing but cheese to a great series. I leave the room when she come on and gast forward the replays cause she's that bad.


At Jarrod: The boys will never have a mended relationship. They get to a point that they love to dislike each other. As with some family members--you love them but that doesnt mean you have to like them. Sam and Dean are good together--and they should not be separated again--that storyline is old. However, there is always going to be conflict with them-- they are family--and Dean never forgets anything! As for Cas-- Cas is just as important as the boys-- and I miss him. Misha does a great job playing him and his storyline has me intrigued-- it is all going to come together--Men of Letters, Naomi, the tablets-- I cant wait to see how it happens! -- Please do not bring Amelia back-- but Charlie-- YES!!! I think she would be a great addition as a supporting cast member--she is good for the boys. Oh-- and another episode with Garth this season wouldn't hurt either!


Loved Henry Winchester and all that the entire episode brought to the story arc.It had a old school, familiar feeling to the episode-more like the Supernatural of the past to it and it was sooo welcomed.
Gil Mc. as the grandfather was just great. The CW is renowned for finding vehicles for favorite actors-can only hope they realize what a keeper he could (should) be.
So wish Henry's character could return, though history makes that fairly impossible but definitely looking forward to seeing how the box & the legacy of the Winchesters plays out. Great idea & genius twist to the storyline.....Season 8 really hasn't disappointed yet.


I have never seen a place with more Castiel hate than this website. There's no such thing as too much Castiel. He's just as much part of the story as Sam and Dean anymore. Not a major focus, but there are still plenty of people who want to know what's going on with him. It's disappointing that there's a maybe-maybe not aspect to Amelia coming back. I'd be happy to see her gone for good unless Sam learns to use his common sense (diminished though it is) around her. I welcome more Castiel and Benny. I'm a bit iffy about more Felicia Day though. Two Charlie episodes in one season? What are the odds they'll both be as great as LARP and the Real Girl?

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