The Mentalist Review: The Hunt for Volker

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The hunt for Volker intensified on The Mentalist this week... and who knew that a "Little Red Corvette" would take him down?

The murder of Horatio was all the more brutal with Volker standing there watching. The man enjoyed seeing someone die. It didn't even have to be by his hand. It just had to be on his order. That kind of power really seemed to get him off. This guy's a serious sociopath.

Jane & Lisbon On The Run

This was a man who took out entire indigenous tribes when they got in his way. So he had no qualms about killing a little boy. I found it interesting that even Volker's paid enforcers knew that murdering a child was a whole different level of evil. One in which Volker had no problem descending.

I spent the entire episode silently hoping that Marvin was really still alive. Having Jane visit his mother was heartbreaking. Not only does he relate to kids, but he has such intimate knowledge of what this distraught parent was going through that it almost hurt to watch.

The chess game between Lisbon and Volker was only made more intriguing by Jane's involvement. Volker was use to scaring people. Poor Anabelle was shaking as she backed away from him and he loved every tentative step.

But Volker couldn't scare Jane. Another psychopath already took everything he'd ever loved. What's left to be afraid of?

And Jane's one of the few people who could shake up Volker's calm exterior as he called him on his bluff. 

This entire episode had some stellar moments. Lisbon has never been so accepting of bending the rules. She actually used intimidation tactics against a deputy district attorney and out and out lied to a judge to get a warrant. The Teresa Lisbon from a year or two ago never would have done that. 

When Clyde took that phone call from Volker, I knew what he was about to do and it still made me jump when that bus hit him. Even hired killers are scared of somebody.

And what did Volker have on Brenda?!? Not only was she selling out her team at the CBI, but she handed over a little boy to be murdered. Who was he threatening to make her grovel at his feet like that? Will we ever find out?

A couple of side notes…

  • How funny was Rigsby stealing Cho's old soda from his car? That man has no self control around food, or drink.
  • Please let Amanda Righetti have a healthy, happy baby soon. I miss Grace and I'm tired of seeing her behind that desk.
  • Shouldn't Lisbon have had that toy car bagged for evidence? I know Jane isn't very good with those things but I expect more from Teresa.
  • You had to love Volker running through the zoo smacking kids on the back of the head as he searched for Marvin. Too funny.

I loved that Jane got to return Martin to his mother although witnessing such things must still be bittersweet for him.

I'm a little sorry Volker's story came to a close so soon. It was fun seeing Jane and Lisbon team up against someone other than Red John and Volker was equally creepy. Then again, with Volker's connections and influence, perhaps his rein of terror isn't over quite yet.


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Huisclothes, another reason I keep going back to that episode is because it's dated for 1986. Why? 25 years ago. Why show any of that. what was the point of being that specific?


@bonaduz yes, i feel terrible for jane. he doesn't care if he lives or dies and he only lives to track red john. he was screwed from the start. he was an abused child. forced to be the primary breadwinner for a venal controlling father who didn't even put his son in school. similar to lorelei's situation, yes?
seems like part of his pursuit of his psychic career was due to repetition compulsion- subconsciously driven to repeat what happened in childhood in hopes of correcting the wrongs. kind of like making soup; not liking it and making it again and again with the same ingredients. jane and lorelei are still driven by a powerful and evil person.
he did get some happy years with angela and charlotte, though sometimes the choice of a spouse can be part of the repetition compulsion. we don't know anything about her. be great if she wasn't a saint at all.


just read a blogger on the red barn. it's written by tom szentgyorgi, one of my favorites. don't know if the blogger is quoting tom when he states that the episode harks back to 1988, ten years before red john's first murder. did we know rj started in '98? doing the math, we meet jane in 2008, four years after his wife and daughter were murdered in 2004. in 2005, in red dawn, we see jane joining the cbi one year after the murder, at which time there are ten red john victims including carter and janet peak. ten in seven years. by 2010, when jane made his speech to the jury, red john had a total of twenty-eight recorded murders. among them, deutsch, the mall cop, the two film kids, and jacqueline sandoval, the reporter. after that, it was panzer and then, wainwright and somewhere in there, miranda martens. so he's up to at least thirty. i guess. wonder if that red barn is near where jane's carnival used to set up?


I've been thinking: This 40+ year old Jane had quite a life so far! Childhood? We don't really know, but it seems it wasn't THAT great. At 17 he has do decide if he wants to stay with the show or not. All he ever knew or not! He marries Angela 6/7 years later and starts a new life with her. Away from his friends/family that sees him as a mark now. Then his wife AND his child get brutally murdered - and he finds them. Imagine how THAT feels like! He blames himself and spends time at a clinik. After he gets out he joins the CBI hoping he can find the killer. 9 years later he still hasn't found him, but went through a lot on the way (emotionally and physicly). Nothing he tries pays off. And he does most of this alone, shuts everybody out, lies, decieves, lives basically a double life! How much can one man take? I know, it's just a fictional character, but still, I feel for him! And I wonder if they'll ever address these things later on.


@watcher. yes. the hug happened in little red book where he helped jane undermine hafner and helped lisbon get into jail to see mrs. carter. i will look again at blood feud to see the difference between his treatment of jane and of lisbon. i too love la roche. think he's smart and decent and lots of fun. hope they bring him back.


@huisclothes, I think Laroche always liked Lisbon. He hugged her in one episode, then even in Blood Feud he was friendly to Lisbon. Jane he called out on setting things up so Rigsby could legally get away with murder. I really believe Laroche is a good man. He is perhaps a bit socially awkward, but I find that endearing. Or it could just be the demands of his job...he is the CBI version of internal affairs. He has to keep a certain distance to do his job. I really like him. I think people underestimate how smart he is. He sees through Jane's act when most people don't. I wish they would bring him back again.


on another topic, isn't it odd that brett stiles in red sails in the sunset had developed a real tenderness for patrick? brett always enjoyed jousting with him and respected his mind but they were friendly adversaries. in red sails, he's become avuncular, even parental. wistful at the thought of losing him.
also odd was that in the season four episode, little red book, la roche has suddenly developed affection for patrick and lisbon. assisting jane in getting van pelt re-hired and definitely not a booster of ray hafner. might have been his way of thwarting bertram who turfed him back to internal affairs. when next we see laroche in blood feud, he's reverted back to the laroche of jolly red elf. robo-cop. sneering at lisbon and patrick.
did i miss a meeting?


@euterpe. a long list and a short list, that seems very sensible. my only issue would be that i can't imagine jane not narrowing that list over the next twelve or thirteen episodes that followed jolly red elf. not like him to take the lazy way out and let la roche do all his narrowing for him.


@euterpe: Thats really logical and of course I didn't really think of it that much of course, but they could have made that clearer. I still think there was something behind the scenes as to why Minelli and his significance giving him the list totally faded away and why Jane never acted on that list(at least say what the problem with this list is or the circumstances behind it). But yeah, it's not that big of a deal, it was just really odd I remember two years ago seeing it.


I always thought the two lists Jane got were different. The first list he obtained via Minelli was LaRouche's original list of possible suspects he had already developed when he first arrived. The second list was his "short list", after his interviews and investigation.

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