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-Martin Pettigrew, a nine year old boy witnesses Volker and his men murder Horatio Jones, a man set to testify against Volker. Clyde, one of Volker's henchman finds Martin but hides him away instead of killing him.

-Lisbon goes after Volker once again. This time with Jane's help. They pull in Clyde for questioning and realize he didn't kill the boy but have no evidence to hold him.

-When Volker tells Clyde he knows he spoke with Lisbon, Clyde walks in front of a bus and kills himself instead of facing Volker.

-Volker has Brenda from the CBI under his thumb. She reluctantly brings him information about Martin.

-Realizing someone within the CBI is feeding Volker information, the CBI team rush to find Martin who was given to another woman and told his mother had died.

-Volker tracks Martin to a field trip at the zoo.  When he tries to abduct the boy, Lisbon shoots, wounds, and then arrests him.

-Jane reunites Martin with his mother.

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@Mindy...your a tard


Stupid CBS and their delaying programs for sports! My DVR cut off the last 8 minutes. What happened at the end???


I think it's high time that Jane and Red John have the final duel; and let's have loreall involved too, After a time she had the oppertunity to see if jane was telling the truth or she still believes in Red John..I think it's time for the final showdown; besides there are a lot more monsters out there in CBI land, as Lisbon has fou nd out with Volker...Little steps for Lisbon, and then the big finalle...For Jane...And guys at the Mentalist writers desk, can we get a little romance going between Jane and Lisbon, let's get this moveing along...please....and more Cho too..


I can't get enuf of all these characters. the red john thing is a bit annoying. enjoy plot when focuses on something else.


@Mindy - You do realize that *every* MENTALIST episode refers to the color red (or a color version thereof), right? They do this even when there is nothing pertaining to Red John in the episode. Chill...


How much more of Red John do we have to put up with? Our family is sick of him. I think Jane is Red John, killed his family and run the police a merry chase.

The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Do you enjoy this, Agent Lisbon? Wasting your time.


He gets off on this. Watching his victims die.