The Mentalist Review: The Hunt for Volker

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The hunt for Volker intensified on The Mentalist this week... and who knew that a "Little Red Corvette" would take him down?

The murder of Horatio was all the more brutal with Volker standing there watching. The man enjoyed seeing someone die. It didn't even have to be by his hand. It just had to be on his order. That kind of power really seemed to get him off. This guy's a serious sociopath.

Jane & Lisbon On The Run

This was a man who took out entire indigenous tribes when they got in his way. So he had no qualms about killing a little boy. I found it interesting that even Volker's paid enforcers knew that murdering a child was a whole different level of evil. One in which Volker had no problem descending.

I spent the entire episode silently hoping that Marvin was really still alive. Having Jane visit his mother was heartbreaking. Not only does he relate to kids, but he has such intimate knowledge of what this distraught parent was going through that it almost hurt to watch.

The chess game between Lisbon and Volker was only made more intriguing by Jane's involvement. Volker was use to scaring people. Poor Anabelle was shaking as she backed away from him and he loved every tentative step.

But Volker couldn't scare Jane. Another psychopath already took everything he'd ever loved. What's left to be afraid of?

And Jane's one of the few people who could shake up Volker's calm exterior as he called him on his bluff. 

This entire episode had some stellar moments. Lisbon has never been so accepting of bending the rules. She actually used intimidation tactics against a deputy district attorney and out and out lied to a judge to get a warrant. The Teresa Lisbon from a year or two ago never would have done that. 

When Clyde took that phone call from Volker, I knew what he was about to do and it still made me jump when that bus hit him. Even hired killers are scared of somebody.

And what did Volker have on Brenda?!? Not only was she selling out her team at the CBI, but she handed over a little boy to be murdered. Who was he threatening to make her grovel at his feet like that? Will we ever find out?

A couple of side notes…

  • How funny was Rigsby stealing Cho's old soda from his car? That man has no self control around food, or drink.
  • Please let Amanda Righetti have a healthy, happy baby soon. I miss Grace and I'm tired of seeing her behind that desk.
  • Shouldn't Lisbon have had that toy car bagged for evidence? I know Jane isn't very good with those things but I expect more from Teresa.
  • You had to love Volker running through the zoo smacking kids on the back of the head as he searched for Marvin. Too funny.

I loved that Jane got to return Martin to his mother although witnessing such things must still be bittersweet for him.

I'm a little sorry Volker's story came to a close so soon. It was fun seeing Jane and Lisbon team up against someone other than Red John and Volker was equally creepy. Then again, with Volker's connections and influence, perhaps his rein of terror isn't over quite yet.


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Also just a quick thing which I talked about earlier, the show hasn't shown much in terms of bringing back old characters to play featured roles(LaRoche and Minelli were brought back this year but really they were just cameos). If this trend keeps up, and I'm guessing it does, then that has to influence who your Red John suspects are. They just haven't brought back characters from years past to play major roles and I highly doubt they'd have someone such as Mashburn being RJ without him being in the show for 3 years. It's an issue of just being able to negotiate contracts with these actors to come back also. So keep that in mind with these RJ theories, old characters, unless they come back its going to be hard for them to be RJ. The one character who keeps coming back though for years? Brent Stiles. And yes, he raises lots of suspicion, there's no doubt he's part of the RJ storyline.


@huisclothes: Yes, this was a pretty blatant problem with the plot. Maybe I'm missing something, I'd have to watch the episode with Minelli closer to really tell, but this is also something I wondered. You needed two lists, why? Did Minelli not come through? That would have been fine but there was no word about that and he kind of disappeared? Perhaps they anticipated having Minelli back later in the season but couldn't negotiate anything with him. What's weird is that as soon as Jane got this list we never saw any reaction from him, we never saw him act on it, it was just oh i have it now. That only adds to my conspiracy theory that the show wanted to bring on Minelli later in the year but couldn't so they just tried to bury that part of the storyline. Again, a conspiracy and it's not true, but something went wrong with that part of the story and it wasn't intentional.


and apparently Bruno said that we could be disappointed when we find out who he is, which is a weird thing to say somehow. Is it one of the team? I really don't think so, they all look close to each other and it would be disappointing if it were, cos all this time you've thought aw they are a great team blabla.. so no not possible now yes Minelli why not, he looks sweet but we know it means nothing. betram.. laroche is weird but prob not him. I had the same thought about the list, have to rewatch it to see what happened there, there must be an explanation. maybe we saw RJ in an episode and he was like someone we cant remember, someone unimportant.I cant wait for the next ep esp because it's a rj one!


ahah I love reading your speculations! Thanks for your answers, I come a bit late to read it but anyway..
I'm re watching the series from the first episode, I'm now on ep 4 of season 2. I should have taken notes though. But what is sure to me is that Jane is deffo not RJ, can't be, for many reasons. in the finale of S1 Rosalind describes him and it can't be jane according to how he looks for starters and for so many things it couldn't be him, and thank god cos it would be BS if it was. now wether it's a woman or a man, good question and if it's one man or a team. I have often wondered about his mum too, we don't know anything about her, although we know nothing about VP and Cho either but maybe they keep it for later episodes. I can't see his dad doing this either although it could make sense. It's probably a random thing at first, like because he mocked rj on tv, rj got revenge or it could be an old client he conned and stole money from who wants to get revenge.


waywardone, my sense of deduction is about as apt as yours. I gave up guessing whodunit a long time ago because I can see how everybody can be "it." Now, have you considered a disposable guy, a "red shirt" as Red John, a la Star Trek?


@waywardone bertram, minelli and la roche as rj suspects. as far as we know, red john has chalked up three mistresses and a rape. bertram, i guess is young enough to pull that off. for minelli or laroche, i don't think such rigorous activity would be compatible with life. that's why i ruled out brett stiles. he's seventy. not happening. but hey, there is viagra. and if most of the writers are male, well, they tend to have delusions of grandeur in that area.


@waywardone re: the list of la roche. no, you didn't miss anything. i've been wondering what happened there - a real disconnect especially since they made the list a big plot point. minelli got back his mojo and came through for patrick. they hugged. minelli got a date. then they ignore it and turns out, minelli may have stopped drinking for naught.


@anitra ward maybe mrs. jane was shriveled and dead and sitting in a wheelchair inside the trailer like norman bate's mom.


hi Huisclothes. I have no idea who rj is. I suspect Minelli, Bertram, or Larouche. I suspect Larouche because ever since he starred with Simon in "Love from Ground Zero", every copy of that movie has disappeared from the face of the earth. It would be really interesting if it turned out to be Jonny Lee Miller from "Elementary" since he stole the role of eccentric sleuth and the Thurs. night time slot from Simon after being his partner in "Smith". Of course I'm just having a bit of fun. But I could never figure out why Patrick got Larouch's list twice--once from Minelli and once from Larouche himself. Were the lists the same? Maybe I missed something.


Continued-we know how Jane's wife died. Was Jane's mother the first Red John victim killed by Jane's father. OK! THERE, NOW I SAID IT! THE CAT WAS MOVING AROUND IN THE BAG! SO I JUST LET HIM OUT!

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