The Vampire Diaries Scoop: The Doctor Will Be In

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The doctor will soon be in once again.

Absent for all of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 so far, Torrey DeVitto (who will be a series regular on Season 7 of Lifetime's Army Wives) will finally reprise her role as Meredith Fell on the February 21 installment of our favorite CW thriller.

It's titled "Stand By Me" and it will be the final TVD episode until March 14. How will the show leave us hanging off a cliff for those few weeks?

Dr. Fell on Vampire Diaries

Read through the just-released official synopsis for the episode, welcome Meredith back and start to wonder about these mysterious plans set to take place...

When Stefan arrives back in Mystic Falls with Elena and Jeremy, Caroline is immediately worried about Elena’s state of mind. Stefan reaches out to Dr. Fell and Matt for help. Still on the island, Damon relays somber news to Rebekah and is surprised at her reaction. Together, Damon and Rebekah learn an unexpected bit of recent history from Vaughn (guest star Charlie Bewley). Everyone is horrified when Bonnie reveals the rest of Shane’s plan. Finally, after Damon does his best to help her, Elena comes up with a plan of her own.

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Who knows how this episode will go out but I know that it will be filled with more twists and turns. =| ;P


I agree Emmy she was in at least 2 episodes of season 4. She was in episode 1 also. Pastor Young confronted her at the hospital.


Cont. - of the sudden she was coming on to Damon and being all touchy feely with him when she woke up with him in her room. Could it be possible that what they are experiencing is a blood bond kind of situation? Not a sire bond? Difference, you ask...Sire bond bounds the person to obey but the blood bond just makes a connection between the two people ( aka True Blood style) I know this is kind of crazy but nothing can be dismissed as TOO crazy in TVD. I would love to read any thoughts and comments on my "crazy theory" :)


In my wildest dreams, I wish Dr. fell's return would explain a little bit more about the sire bond. Let me explain. What about if Damon's blood was not what she used to heal Elena? What if the blood was from another vampire? We never heard her saying that she used Damon's blood. We heard it from Stefan only. Now, Elena did not appear to be sired to Damon for the first 6th episodes of season 4. She even was into her relationship with Stefan just as before. All of the sudden Elena starts feeling she is falling in love with Damon. That is fishy and not congruent to a sire bond. We know her feelings were "heightened" and shit after she turned, but that doesn't explain her behavior with Damon. The day she shared blood with Damon she was still all lovey dovey with Stefan, but it seems to me that everything started to go downhill after that. Next, we saw her asking Damon for help (not Stefan) and having close moments with him at the church. After that, Damon saved her at the bridge and all of the sudden she was coming on to him HARD when she woke up in her bed. Could it be possible that Elena is BLOOD BONDED to Damon and that her true feelings (coupled with the blood sharing) ignited her love for him? If that was the case, there wouldn't be any bond to be broken as the blood bond is just like a special connection between two people, right? I know this is kind of crazy, but nothing can be really dismissed as too crazy in TVD....IDK, it's late and I'm just ranting, but if anybody has thoughts on this, I would love to read them... :)


Ok, now...Caroline needs to STFU and stop meddling in other people's business...what is she now, a psychiatrist? Arggg...I just hate her. I hated her when she was human and I was just starting to tolerate her a little as a vampire...lately I've been hating her...hard. Her character has become obnoxious!


"Caroline is immediately worried about Elena’s state of mind" I am pretty sure, she will be irritating at her best coz lately all she has done is to say shitty things about Damon. I am sure she will try to brainwash Elena, again!


No sooner had Elena chosen Damon, that the writers have created all sorts of silly story lines that keep them apart, while pitching her with Stefan. It's deeply disappointing. Give D & E and break! Seriously! The bias in this show is so obvious, despite the fact that it makes no sense at all if one follows the characters' feelings.


WHY THE HELL IS THERE GOING TO BE ANOTHER LONG ASS BREAK?!?!?!?!?!?!? i thought that's why the show started in October, and why it started later January as well! That's sooo mean!


Absent for all of season 4??? She was the one to save Damon from the "exploding kitten"...

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