The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Hunter in Training

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Jeremy Gilbert does more than just wear a wifebeater this Thursday on The Vampire Diaries.

He makes those newfound muscles go to work!

In the first clip from "After School Special," we watch as Jeremy takes Matt down with ease, only for his trainer to show disappointment in his pupil. Watch now as Damon shows the hunter-in-training just how it's done, and warns him that he has a very long way to go:

This Vampire Diaries Season 4 installment will also feature the return of Rebekah, as she seeks revenge against all who have wronged her; as well as the debut of Bonnie's father.

Look for him to assert himself quickly and take on a position of power in Mystic Falls.

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@Nelly:I hope for that truly madly deeply.


@SunshineRise My thoughts exactly! I couldn't have said it better myself:) I hope Julie Plec won't disappoint us.


@Nelly:Same hear and I want to add to what you said that I want Damon & Elena to be together not just as a reward for Damon's evolving but 'cause I see them as a twin flames and eachother's happiness.


Damon and Jeremy. Gotta love them! Finally, TVD is back and I am excited for Damon/Jeremy/Matt scenes but I am sad at the same time coz I know I will not get DE scenes in 410. :(


@SunshineRise I know right? He wants to do the right thing for Elena, he is helping her brother and he tries to stay away from her, so that he won't take advantage of the sire bond. Damon has always been my favourite character, I am so proud of him. I hope that the change, he's gone through and his selflessness will be rewarded in the end, that he will finally find happiness with Elena.
@Connie I hope so too!!!

David and sabrina 2014

I know for sure that Jeremy will do whatever it takes to train to be a good vampire hunter and find the answersro his strangely discovered tattoo for clues on the cure. Not only that but the arrival of another original but more about big whoop of Damon helping Jeremy out. I can't wait to see what else happens but I mostly want to see the show run normally again like season 1(bring back Stelena). ;P =|


awww...Damon looks so miserable and sad, as if a huge part of him is makes me wanna cry...I hope he gets together with Elena very soon.


@Nelly:I agree with you and I know what you're talking about and even that it makes me feel so sad for him and Elena to see them being forced to be apart from eachother I love that he's not lashing out in anyway, instead of that he's there helping Jeremy and it makes me feel so proud of him.


Jeremy's storyline is really interesting. I've enjoyed watching this webclip and I can't wait to see the Matt/Jeremy/Damon scenes and their interactions with Klaus. I'm looking forward to that ep.
@SunshineRise ITA, Jeremy is looking up to Damon and wants to learn from him. I feel sad for Damon too, but it's understandable that he feels empty because he can't be with the girl he loves.


"couldnt miss it... it was in slow motion." LOL

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