EXCLUSIVE Vampire Diaries Promo: Tyler's Revenge?

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Based on the following promo, it's no wonder Klaus may soon star in a Vampire Diaries spinoff set in New Orleans: life in Mystic Falls is about to get rather dangerous for this Original Hybrid.

Jeremy doesn't want to take his advice. Rebekah is back in the picture. And Tyler? In response to the murder of his mother, this werewolf looks to be turning - literally - into Klaus' worst nightmare.

The CW has supplied TV Fanatic with an EXCLUSIVE extended trailer for Thursday's return episode of The Vampire Diaries, as new footage depicts a Rebekah/Tyler alliance; Jeremy in training; and Elena breaking Stefan's heart with an admission about sex with Damon.

Watch now:

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@Amie We clearly have been watching a different show. Damon was the one who told Elena the whole story about how Stefan tasted human blood for the first time, Stefan just said there was more. In s3 Elena thought that the victims were Klaus's not Stefan's, she didn't know at all what Stefan was capable of. And this season it happened too, in 4x02 when Stefan asked them all to light laterns to remember the dead, he listed all of Damon's victims, he didn't say anything about his victims, like Andi or his father. I don't say that Stefan told her nothing, he just hides certain important parts of his past to appear like the good guy.


@Red, awesome posts, as always! He needs to have some self respect and leave the situation for Damon to deal with. Exactly, and take Caroline and get the fuck out of that depressing town and join Klaus in on the spin-off. Damon and Elena can continue their delusional romance as long as they like.


Damon is too but he never hid that side of his personality from Elena, whereas Stefan did Then you must have been watching a different show back in s1 and s2, because I can even name episodes where Stefan begins to tell Elena of all the horrible things he did and that he did go through a ripper stage, its just that only in s3 she actually got to see what was he like in that stage because like most people at first you don't get to fully understand the length of something someone else went through until they meet it in reality. Sorry, but your comment sounds as if only in s3 Elena found out about Stefan being a killer.


i really would like katherine to come back..i love her character!


@Nelly Thanks, it was a long flight but got in safe and sound. Point of correction, it is not morally wrong to fall for brothers, it becomes absolutely wrong on every count to act on it. Based on my understanding of TVD and the triangle, Elena was going to battle with her feelings for Damon while remaining true to Stefan, after all, TVD was about entries in her and Stefan's diaries before it became the Nina and Ian show. As for not watching the show cos it offends me I don't need you to tell to watch or stop watching a show cos no one died and made you God, my mother or my husband (not that he dares) so keep expecting me to post my misgivings about the Damon and Ian show for as long as I please cos surprise surprise, it's also a guilty pleasure of mine; one I dare not voice out to my colleagues. Yeah, we have posted more than enough, others should get a chance to air their views. Cheers, need to sleep.


Although I would rather Stelena to be together, I understand the Damon connection. This connection also happened in the original book as well. I hope the show takes a turn to show Stephan having a few other interests before they return the two back together. It would be fun to watch a little competition of women happening for the boys and letting Elena suffer a little bit!


@V We both made our points, so there is no need to continue our conversation. I'm interested in what other people have to say about the show, so thanks for sharing your views with me. Have a nice flight! @Gibbles ITA! Great post:)


And Gibbles sums up exactly what I find worrisome about young minds thinking it's ok to sleep with siblings as long as it's 'love' or lust that has been nurtured for a while. @Nelly everything you wrote is a repetition of our long and tiring posts. I think we're flooding the timeline and seem like we have nothing better to do. I'm at the airport between flights and still squeezing out time to comment on TVD...#sad I'll check back in about 11hrs #longflight


Those who object to the speed of the Elena Damon sex connection have missed the whole damn point. Their attraction has been building up for season after season - this is no overnight flybynight feeling she and he are expressing. Stefan is aware of this or in denial. And if he is aware of it, then the right thing to do is let it be, Delena is much more powerful - at the moment - than Stelena. Dont fight the natural order and its not convincing to clutch your pearls and say oh how dare they move so fast. Elena is going with her feelings - they brought her to Stefan and took her away. He cant ask her to ignore those feelings when they dont revolve around him.


I’ve never said that what Elena, Damon or all of the other characters on TVD do is morally correct because most of the time it’s not.
Maybe the plotholes in context with the sirebond will be filled in the upcoming episodes. At least we’ll know by the end of this season which feelings are real and which are not.

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Damon [to Jeremy]: I'm updated our relationship status to: It's Complicated.

April: You asked me to take notes:
Rebekah: I wasn't being literal, darling.