The Vampire Diaries Spinoff: An Original Debate

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It appears to really be happening: the backdoor pilot for a Vampire Diaries spinoff will air on April 25, with The CW preparing viewers for a series titled "The Originals," which would center around the adventures of Klaus in contemporary New Orleans and also feature Phoebe Tonkin's Hayley.

Is this a can't-miss idea? Or a desperate attempt by the network to milk one of its only hits dry?

Two TV Fanatic writers debate this very simple question below: Should there be a Vampire Diaries spinoff?


YES by Steve Marsi

Klaus is The Man. Most CW fare is not the show equivalent of The Man.

My argument could begin and end with those two simple, yet profound points. Yet in the interest of filling space, and persuasion, I shall elaborate briefly.

The drawbacks are obvious. Spinoffs are rarely as good as originals, and this is likely to be the case even if the new show is called The Originals. Also, why mess with a good thing and take away one of TVD's brightest stars?

Well, for starters, The Vampire Diaries Season 4 has been kind of a mess. Despite continued flashes of brilliance, it often feels too crowded in terms of characters. TVD alternately struggles to keep the dynamic Klaus involved and yet not so involved that he overwhelms the Big Three.

In short, he'd be better served as the lead of his own show. Hayley, meanwhile, is a smoldering werewolf who could be interesting, but is too extraneous for anyone to really care at this point. Therein lies the win-win potential.

In Joseph Morgan and Phoebe Tonkin, The Originals would start off with two proven all-stars, while helping TVD sharpen its focus. Add in appearances by Klaus' surviving siblings and you've got a "new" stable of beloved characters - with The Vampire Diaries' core cast intact.

What would they all do in New Orleans? Does it matter? The secondary, yet equally compelling (eh? eh?) reason this idea gets the green light from me: What else is the CW going to produce instead?

Think about it. Which would you rather watch next fall: The Originals Season 1 or 90210 Season 6? Hypothetical. Case. Closed.

Klaus at the Door

NO by Matt Richenthal

Too much of a good thing. That's the saying that comes to when I think of this spinoff.

Do I adore Joseph Morgan as Klaus? Yes. Do I giggle in delight every time he utters a "love" or refers to Stefan as the "Rippah?" Pretty much. But I'm actually of the opinion that Klaus should have been killed off to end The Vampire Diaries Season 3.

The (amazing) character has run his course. He goes back and forth now from sensitive artist to Mayor-murdering bad ass. He's a lost soul who, yes, ought to leave Mystic Falls behind. But I fear his anchoring of a new series for two key reasons:

  1. Julie Plec would executive produce both shows. It's hard to imagine this double task not diluting the original product, as many believe Grey's Anatomy suffered a drop in quality once Shonda Rhimes added Private Practice to her repertoire.
  2. The CW has said The Originals will be similar in tone to The Vampire Diaries. So... what would even be the point? It's just the same show, moved a few hundred miles south? I'd prefer something different entirely, with just a loose connection to TVD, as opposed to what sounds like an attempt by the network to copy what has already worked.

Naturally, I'm curious about the spinoff. I trust Plec and I love both Morgan and Tonkin. I'll most definitely give the show a shot, but as currently concocted, a show titled The Originals doesn't sound very original at all.

Where do you stand, TV Fanatics? Will you watch The Originals?


We may be able to look at this way. Julie has always said that the vampire diaries ends after 6 seasons. If that is the case maybe Caroline will finish her high school love with Tyler, deciding after to be that vampire that goes off and lives her life like Klaus said. Heads to new orleans for whatever reasons after Europe and it gives Candace Accola to be a bigger part on the spin off show a few years down the line. Any characters really under used in TVD would be able to go to the spin off after.


Well i was hoping for you to make this post, I´ll definetly watch a show with Joseph on it, I´m not sure if i like or care about Hayley. But my biggest fear is that Klaus will never come back to MF or the story of Klaroline will never happend and i think their story will never be able to develope completly.


Please no Hayley! I don't see why she needs to be in the spin-off. Honestly, it's a huge turn off. As much as I LOVE the Originals, I won't tune in because of that.


Yeah, great...another show for Plec to mess up! Puhhleazze...she can't handle TVD right now, how can they be thinking abiut adding another show? First, they must deal with the mess they have in their hands...spin offs are more often than not, failures...I believe they should invest more time into turning TVD around before people start leaving the show in masse...IMO, this spin off is a stupid idea on how to continue milking this blood cow...


Trixee - you should write the scripts!!! You'd do a lot better than the scriptwriters for TVD season 4. There is huge potential for the Originals - there's a thousand years of history to explore!!! AND with brilliant actors and characters. Bring it on, I can't wait for the Originals to hit town!!!


Trixiee - you should write the scripts!!! You'd do a lot better than the scriptwriters for TVD season 4. There is huge potential for the Originals - there's a thousand years of history to explore!!! AND with brilliant actors and characters. Bring it on, I can't wait for the Originals to hit town!!!


I'm interested in what kind of plotline would exist for the spinoff. I would like to see something where the originals try to gain power in the Supernatural world. To borrow from another vampire series... they could try to form a vulturi - a vampire governing class. They would need to struggle against other powerful vampires and maybe other kinds of supernaturals to establish this power. You could also have internal struggles among the family : Kol being hard to control, Elijah being more moderate than Klaus... maybe have Rebecca fall in love with a werewolf....
What I don not want to see : another love-triangle that never ends.

David and sabrina 2014

Spinoffs are one of the most biggest changes throughout the season and even though I'm not very interested on what the orignals do,I still can't wait to see what'll happen. =] :P


I agree that Klaus' shine on TVD has run it's course somewhat; he's still great to have, but his big bad status has been diminished to the point where no one watching fears his immediate actions. Retiring the character (for now) would do good to rebuild his reach of terror, but making a spin-off? Not so much. I could see it working if it was made into an one-shot summer mini-series to tide things over until season 5 started, but...I wouldn't really be invested it his on-goings as a solo act, let alone the other three. I do love them all (Kol I just like), but...I'm just not feeling it.


no haley! no haley! no haley! why is she even in the show!!! NO ONE LIKES HER.
Klaus, caroline and tyler fans dun like her and i'm pretty sure the rest can't be bothered. why does the CW insists on keeping her just because they like the actress. NO offence but i dun think she is a good actor. And why would she be casted before kol REBEKAH and even ELIJAH. The relationship between the Originals are what makes them so interesting and fun to watch.

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