Being Human Review: Turn, Turn, Turn

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There are not many shows I can turn on and immediately start smiling and laughing, but Being Human is one of them.

"I'm So Lonesome I Could Die" provided one of the best opening scenes of any show I've seen in ages. I have no idea what music was playing while they were filming, but it wasn't what Sam Witwer was dancing to as he put Aidan through decades worth of moves. And, yes, his body can gyrate quite well.

In that same scene, we learned Nora and Josh had decided to let Erin stay with them. While Aidan (who Erin nicknamed "Twilight") was hosting a co-ed fraternity party in the living room, Josh threw out this incredible Being Human quotes zinger to start the hour right:

Erin: Twilight's was cool with it.
Josh: Yeah, Aidan's okay with it because when he was a teenager beer was safer than water. This is not the Mayflower. You are not a pilgrim. Upstairs. Now! | permalink
Aidan & Sally Dance

And just like that, everything that was so fantastic turned sour. That's the beauty of Being Human.

Nora needed to visit her mother to celebrate her birthday. It was the one day a year that she felt visiting was necessary, and when you narrow down family visits to once a year and consider it a necessity, you know something won't be right. Since Josh wants to share the rest of his life with her, he insisted he would go with her so they could finally meet.

As if meeting her awful family wasn't enough, the stress of being there and her mother bringing up the death of her ex at her hands gave her the courage to tell Josh what happened to Brynn. The good news is we don't need to worry about her coming back. The bad news is Aidan isn't the only one who killed one of Liam McLean's twins. Nora killed Brynn when she was playing with one of her victims like a toy mouse.

Nora is a hell of a lot stronger than I ever imagined. Not as a werewolf, necessarily, but in her ability to keep her fear from Liam while she was changed. How did she do that? I can't even imagine what kind of control she must have as a wolf now that Josh never achieved. I hope we explore that further, whether through she and Erin or when (if) Josh becomes a wolf again. I find it very intriguing.

Aidan was in such pain over the loss of Henry that he pretty much threw caution to the wind and decided to start a bloodoholic binge. Clean or dirty, it didn't matter. If he died, he died. Sally was still struggling with the worry of killing everyone she saw in the street, so it didn't seem a far cry to call Aidan's bluff and hold a stake to his chest. If he really wanted to die, she might as well be the one to take him out and save him the painful trip.

The conversation that followed between Sally and Aidan was kind of a call to arms. Sally decided she was going to be a human again, and Aidan got his crap together, took a long hot shower and reapplied for a job at the hospital.

This was a turning point episode, where our friends made the choice to get out of their funk and move forward. That doesn't mean it will be easy. Already Sally was snagged trying to steal a dead baby's identity, but she got a job at the funeral home with Max the hot funeral director. Josh alienated Erin and Nora's brother, sending the former away from the house, and Nora seems to be talking Josh out of asking him to marry her. But Aidan found a bubble boy to feed on.

They just needed to pick their chins up off the ground, take some chances and have faith in themselves. If they want to be human, they have to work harder than the rest of us to achieve it. As usual, it will be a roller coaster in that house.


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Fantastic episode from beginning to end. Aiden's unexpected 3:00AM frat party really kick-started the episode. Fun stuff! I loved his wild dancing and the fact that he called Sally over to join him. And for the first time I actually enjoyed Erin aka teen wolf and was able to buy into Josh and Nora's parental feelings toward her. The Aiden/Sally dance at the bar is without a doubt my favorite scene thus far in any episode of the series with the "so you wanna die" stake scene coming in a close second. The great chemistry is what makes this series so captivating so give us more of these two together BH!


@DeAnn - The witch is played by Amy Aquino. I couldn't remember where I have seen her before until I looked it up. She recurs on THE MENTALIST as a judge helping Teresa Lisbon.


I enjoyed this ep, particularly the zingy one-liners and the dancing! I was also glad to see Sally tell Aidan to get his Sh*t together and go back to trying to be human and normal, or whatever is normal for that household. And I loved that Erin called Aidan "Twilight" LOL! That was pretty good stuff, and that he called her Teen Wolf. The moments of introspection and levity are what save this show from being a real downer and more horrific than I can tolerate as a viewer.
And I seriously do NOT want to see more of Linda Lavin's creepy corpse-ash eating witch! YUCK!


I did think that when Aiden and Sally were in the bar (and then his review of all his vampire buddies who have died over the first two plus seasons) that uh oh..this was the beginning of the end of Mitchell too. I was glad that they both had the pick themselves up and move on scenes at the end (I am cautiously optimistic about the funeral director for Sally and hope he is a) not involved with the soup kitchen witch at all and b) is not a representative of the underworld who is supposed to set things right (sorry, U.K. reference). I kind of hope Josh really listened to what Nora was saying to him...even if she was being negative about what they could take on, if he asked, she would say yes. I kind of rolled my eyes at the Erin running away thing...clearly we are going to have another episode jump to just before the next full moon and we will be searching for her. Unless we do make her have somewhat of a level head on her shoulders and she shows up just before it again even if it just to declare, once the moon is done, I am leaving again.


No mention of Aidan and Sally at the bar? Their short dance together was adorable and I was glad to see the two of them spend some time together. Sally wasn't able to properly interact with them for so long that it's nice to see her out and about with the boys again. I'm glad she talked some sense into Aidan. I din't really like Erin at first but Aidan calling her Teen Wolf and the small interaction she had with the group was great. I hope she comes back. And I'm really not surprised Brynn is dead, partly because she has disappeared but also because the actress is on Revolution now.

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Being Human Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Great news! If you're hungry, there are empty pizza boxes in the fridge. Yeah.


Erin: Twilight's was cool with it.
Josh: Yeah, Aidan's okay with it because when he was a teenager beer was safer than water. This is not the Mayflower. You are not a pilgrim. Upstairs. Now!