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Josh goes with Nora to visit her family.

Aidan hosts a co-ed fraternity party at the house.

Erin is staying at the house with Josh and Nora.

Sally worries about going outside and killing people.

Josh accompanies Nora to meet her parents.

Aidan and Sally hit a dive bar.

Nora's family doesn't accept Josh.

Sally calls Aidan's bluff on dying.

Sally is offered a job.

Aidan gets a job.



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I absolutely love being human. However tonight I was not impressed with the storyline. It was really boring and the story did not progressed enough for me. I can't wait till next week. Hopefully everything will pick up then. And I wish they would drop the whole story line about the twins in my opinion it was 1 of the weakest point in season 3

Being Human Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Great news! If you're hungry, there are empty pizza boxes in the fridge. Yeah.


Erin: Twilight's was cool with it.
Josh: Yeah, Aidan's okay with it because when he was a teenager beer was safer than water. This is not the Mayflower. You are not a pilgrim. Upstairs. Now!