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Sally: You are not alone. But you're being a douche bag.
Aidan: Yeah, I get it.

My way killed him. My way killed everyone.


Erin: Nora, your family's messed up. Not that I'm one to talk.
Josh: I totally think we should invite your father over for Passover.

Dial up! Oh. Yeah. I'm old school, too. Call waiting is cool. Smart cars are dumb.


Sally: Their drinks come in bowls.
Aidan: Yep.
Sally: Best place ever.

Listen, this is what people in love do. They meet each others families and they get mercilessly judged.


Great news! If you're hungry, there are empty pizza boxes in the fridge. Yeah.


Erin: Twilight's was cool with it.
Josh: Yeah, Aidan's okay with it because when he was a teenager beer was safer than water. This is not the Mayflower. You are not a pilgrim. Upstairs. Now!

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