Californication Review: Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

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This week on Californication, both fresh out of rehab, Hank and Robbie Mac meet to discuss a potential project, one with which Hank cannot get on board at the outset of "Hell Bent for Leather."

Charlie, meanwhile, was happy to have his best friend back - but didn't like the sound of Hank's plans. 

The whole reason any of us know Hank Moody is because the man has a gift for the written word. Because he has strayed from his wheelhouse, his life has been a tumult. So it was very interesting to see Charlie almost enabling Hank, pushing him toward another project like those which have only caused him grief. Hank may have his drinking under control, but he needs to listen to his heart and get back to doing what he does best. 

Robbie Mac's Visit

I think he got a glimpse of just that this week when he caught the tail end of Becca's reading. I hope seeing his daughter display the same talent for writing will reenergize Hank and inspire him to take on a worthy project regardless of the potential payday. If Hank decides to go on a vision quest of sorts, Charlie may be in for a rough patch. With his cover now blown, because of his refusal to blow, it will surely be interesting and hilarious to watch him desperately go after some new clients.

With Hank and Charlie both busy working, we should hopefully be in for some more scenes of Karen and Marcy hanging out. Marcy is always good for some memorable Californication quotes, bringing out the best in her best friend. I hope we are treated to many an opportunity for Marcy to flex her "shenis." 

As sexy as Ali Andrews and her assistant were, my favorite returning character this week was Richard Bates.

I can't get enough of Jason Beghe's raspy delivery. He really was embracing the role of the bartender. Not so much by wearing the dog collar, but by sharing some very sage advice with Hank. Instead of focusing on the fairy tale ending, Hank should focus on the now. If Hank concentrates on being there for the people he cares most about presently - while doing what he loves, writing - the ending he wants will hopefully occur naturally.



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Actually I don't believe Hank loves to write. I think Hank loves the idea of being a writer. Writing is not something he does regularly -- unlike drinking and screwing. He has to be dragged kicking and screaming to his computer by Charley. He talks a lot about writing, but writes almost never. Maybe he realizes he was a one-hit wonder; he had one really good novel in him and that was it. He hates writing screenplays and blogging for Hell-A, as he so often reminds us. Writing is what Hank does when he is nearly flat broke and needs a cash infusion for rent and booze. His true calling is being a man-whore, which is nice work if you can get it.


It really looks as though we're coming back to the first season tried-and-true formula doesn't it? With Hank vowing to write exactly what he wants (and not cater to Hollywood expectations), and with that amusing "unresolved" tension with Karen...I'm really hoping to see an uptick in the show's quality. So relieved that Runkle's farce has come to an end too. The agent is willing to compromise on his principles but at least there's a line he won't cross. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. ;)

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