Elementary Review: Intro to Deduction 101

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"Possibility Two" pitted Sherlock and Watson against the intelligence of scientist who specialist in genetics. Talk about clash of titans: the intellect of Sherlock Holmes against that of the geneticist.

I would have put odds on the latter had Watson not been in the picture. Her knowledge of medicine from being a doctor tipped the scales well into Sherlock’s favor.

Even more so now that Watson is an official detective in training because Sherlock is not pulling any punches when it comes to her education. Given the amount of reading, defensive training,and field work he has her immersed in, Watson may find that medical school was a walk in the park. 

I’m betting she will be able to keep up with her instructor without any trouble. Okay, maybe a little trouble. 

Teaching Watson

Was anyone else surprised how easily Sherlock is at complimenting Watson when she was right? Maybe I was expecting him to be more like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and only point out when she does something wrong and make her do it over and over. 

But it turns out I was wrong: Sherlock is actually a really good mentor and teacher. He encourages her and builds on what she knows and uses positive reinforcements to help boost her confidence. All signs of a great boss, really. 

Hey, Sherlock, if Watson doesn't work out, let me know. I’m pretty sure I could become a world class detective with your help. Darn. Maybe not. But I can dream, right? 

All in all, the only thing about the episode that kind of surprised me was how little we saw of Gerald Lydon. The preview last week made it seem like Sherlock spent a good amount of time trying to turn down the case and the reality was very brief.  

But that didn't really take away from an otherwise great hour. I’m giving the episode 4.8 rare honey bees for stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run the first week of dual detective-ing. 


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The *only* thing I didn't like about this episode was the lack of the opening credits. SHERLOCK has one of the best original opening credit sequences on tv IMO. I realize the trend now is to not have one and go right into the show, putting all the credits in mice type on the lower lefthand corner of the screen. But, when you've got a good one, why give it up? My other favorites are not original. They're the retro openings for DALLAS & HAWAII 5-0, which fans of the original series (like myself) get a kick out of seeing every week.


I was on the fence about this show but this episode put me firmly in the fan camp. Clever premise that I haven't seen before and well executed. I'm glad Sherlock is almost like a great professor and not a jerk to Watson. Also glad that they aren't romantic. I hope Sherlock and Gregson make amends or discuss that Gregson punched him, that's a loose end that should be tied up. Otherwise, I can't wait for the next episode.


I liked that it was complex without being overly complicated.


This show keeps getting better ! Only Cop procedural that I watch !


marie.d -- I TOTALLY forgot about Sherlock and Watson's family... You are so right! thanks for the reminder!


This is the episode that changed the show for me. The new relationship between Watson and Holmes is above excellent, and I now know that it was the sober companionship that was keeping me from enjoying it. I look forward to next week for the first time since I started the show. One more thing. The final scene was perfect!


The funniest moment(s) in this episode was Sherlock sending Watson to the dry cleaner. It had me totally puzzled as I was led to believe that Sherlock has some sort of affinity for them but to my surprise was that it was a test for Watson. I look fork forward so much for this show. It is witty, surprising, alarming and totally interesting. I think the actors and writers have created an extraordinary ensemble. Thank you.


This episode really had me all over the place, but I still found it enjoyable - mostly for the Sherlock and Watson moment, as per usual.


Another excellent episode.I was glad to see Watson's training but not surprised that Sherlock is a good mentor. Sheldon on TBBT wasn't interested in people until recently whereas, in a way, they and their behavior, are Sherlock's life's work.He may be too preoccupied to be all warm and fuzzy but that doesn't make him unable to see when they do good work. Remember how he found a way to make Watson's family appreciate the importance of her work as a sober companion?
Having this be a double case was very clever.I thought the sociopath boyfriend was covering up for someone so when it was revealed that wealthy donors were infected by the top geneticist to research funds for his own illness it was a big surprise.Wish we'd been told the illness could be cured but then again, Sherlock is about the cases not what happens after he solves them.


I'm sorry, I loved the fact that it was a mad scientist who was poisoning people. Mad scientist! Depraved, yes. I'm really enjoying this show. Sherlock seems to be a good boss, and he has a great mix of superiority and supportiveness in his attitude to Watson.

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Elementary Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Sherlock: Strain yourself to be alert to the bizarre and the unusual; that which has no place in any given picture.
Watson: Like that stretch limo with the driver staring straight at us?

Watson: Hey, what's this?
Sherlock: You're a detective now, you tell me?
Watson: Ah, it looks like you left your dry cleaning ticket for me.