Elementary Review: Sober Companion to Companion

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On "Details," Elementary fans were given another new approach to a case, as opposed to the usual murder investigation.

From last week's kidnapping to tonight's frame job, it seems Elementary is keeping it fresh. The center of the hour was the very static Detective Bell, who was finally given some back story that made his his character a lot more interesting.

We also found out that Sherlock knew Watson was no longer being paid to be his sober companion. (NOTE: I also must say that this episode was one of the funniest of the season so far.)

Gregson & Sherlock Investigate

Let's talk Detective Bell. After fourteen episodes, we finally learned a little bit about him. We met his thug, ex-convict brother, who I adored right away. We were also introduced to his ex-girlfriend, Officer Reyes, who attempted to kill him and then frame him.

Marcus, I think you have learned the hard way now, you should treat the women in your life with a little bit more respect. We'll just mark this down as a lesson learned.

For most of Elementary Season 1, I haven't been the biggest fan of Detective Bell. I just didn't care about him. This was only because we haven't been given anymore reason to enjoy his character other than he is a good detective. Now that we've learned some things, though, I really hope we'll get even more.

The thing I found most entertaining about Bell was learning how much Sherlock actually enjoyed him and respected him.

Speaking of Holmes, we witnessed a few revelations tonight. The biggest one being he knew that Joan had lied to him about his father extending her stay as his sober companion. The best part about his discovery is that he didn't say anything right away, he let her try to move on but recognized that she obviously didn't want to.

Which lead to Holmes and Watson FINALLY becoming official partners. I may or may not have fan-girled at this moment. Now that these two are official, I am looking forward to seeing Watson in more of a "detective" role, ditching the sober companion relationship.

Another scene I enjoyed in this episode was Watson and her therapist. I feel like the writers of Elementary are reading my Elementary reviews because I have absolutely raved about these scenes and begged for more. This is one of the few times we see Watson being completely honest with someone about her situation and how it makes her feel - but for the first time in this episode, I was telling the therapist to shut it!

Joan is finally happy with the work that she is doing; her therapist was the one who made her realize that working with Sherlock IS what makes her happy. Make up your damn mind, woman! (Serious note: I still want to see these therapist scenes.)

Another aspect I adored was the fact that it didn't revolve around another murder. Granted, the murder came later on in the episode, but it wasn't what kept the episode moving forward. I really am liking the mix up from murder investigations to frame jobs and kidnappings. It feels like the writers are keeping us on our toes.

Now it's time for to talk about my favorite part: when Sherlock admitted to Watson that he is better when she is around. I do "ship" these two together in the long haul and I feel like it's possible the writers are hinting at something here. Holmes said, "difficult to say why, perhaps, in time I'll solve that as well." It seems to me that they may be hinting at some subconscious feelings that Sherlock may have towards Joan. If that is the case, I think it is WAY too soon. 

Regardless, the line made me smile and that scene was portrayed so well. It's moments like these that make Elementary so great.


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Case and subject are written poorly but the relationships shine.


I think Sherlock enjoys being challenged by Watson and has developed a deep respect for her. I wouldn't like to see those two in a romantic relationship. Nobody wants an imitation of Castle.


I agree with DCwhatthe It really doesn't matter if they get romantic or not... the point is that they are becoming the closest of friends... it is an intensely intimate relationship-- they are learning to know one another at a deeper level than anyone else in their lives. It is truly my favourite show on TV. The two leads are spectacular.


OldLeftie: I'm pretty sure the reviewer was just joking about the producers reading her reviews. I loved this episode - loved the back story on Bell (I am happy his brother didn't die; maybe he'll be back?). Loved the bonding of Holmes & Watson. When he talked about how he was better with her than without, I actually let out an "Aw!" I really enjoy the friendship bewteen these two. Haven't the showrunners said any times that there will be NO romance? I really hope they don't go there with these two.


Best scene was at the basketball court. Jonny Lee never ceases to amaze/amuse me.
But I really have to take issue with your self indulgent review. "I feel like the writers of Elementary are reading my Elementary reviews because I have absolutely raved about these scenes and begged for more."
Do you really think that this episode was so recently filmed that the writers have had time to read reviews and react to them? As Holmes might say, "Really, Ms. Brooks, you'll sprain your wrist if you keep patting yourself on the back!"


Sherlock testing Joan was great. He was genuinely worried for her safety and showed it in his way. LOVED when she knocked his locks over and his face afterward. She definitely challenges him and doesn't just give in to all of his whims.


Good stuff. It would be ok for me, whether they developed a romantic or just a deep friendship. The growing trust and some level of intimacy is the important factor, however they choose to explore it. I would like to see Liu stretch outside of her calm demeanor, show us sadness and excitement. It's too subtle here, I very much want to respect Lucy as an actress. Just as importantly, they are fulfilling their destiny as genius detective and often-brilliant companion. HOWEVER - just ONCE, we have to hear Watson say, "Good LORD, Holmes! How did you figure out I was a woman?"


I liked the basketball in the face in the end. The thing that's different about Lucy Liu's Watson compared to the British show or traditional Watsons is that she's not an enabler, but actually expects a standard of behavior from him -- which makes her more of an actual partner instead of a devoted sidekick. Nice twist!


"Could have been a knife." That to me sums up why Sherlock is more focused with Watson. She challenges him. She sometimes sees things he doesn't, and she stands up to him in his personal choices and in neither instance does she rub it in or drag him down. Add to that he knows she cares for him but expresses herself in her actions, not telling him what she did, and he knows she's someone he can trust and with whom he can be partners. He has to be on his toes to remain sharp and ahead of her, but he knows he's got true back up now. But. I believe they are working towards a friendship, a partnership. Not a romance. I would ruther not see them in a romantic relationship.


Glad you mentioned the scene where Holmes says he's 'better when she's around'. I thought that was perhaps the finest moment yet of this show. I agree, the subtext is one of something greater than friends between these two, however I would be quite surprised were that to ever be worked through in the course of this TV series. I think the "undertone" is probably more interesting than were it to actually happen, and I think that's just how they will choose to write it going forward. Definitely one of my favorite shows, I look forward to it each week!

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