Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview: Sale Pending?

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In the latest sneak peek from tomorrow's Grey's Anatomy, the surgeons confront a new reality.

The financial upheaval at Seattle Grace has forced them to view their jobs differently, even speak of them differently. With a sale potentially imminent, Owen doesn't want to jeopardize it if at all possible.

For those without as much financial security, such as Bailey, the deal is important for reasons that may not be as crucial for "those of us from the plane," as Derek puts it. Perhaps they should lay low?

Take a look at the clip from "The Face of Change" and see what you think ...

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Maybe bailey wants more money @confused And callie should call her dad and tell him whats goin on he was gonna write webber a check in season 6 anybody remember that?


@confused Im with you. Bailey is a general surgeon. So she makes a well below six figure salary. So I dont get what her problem is with cash. Alex just brought a house. Which I steal cant believe.


question when is Owen gonna remove his tail from between his legs and step up to that heffa I mean come on man


I am a little confused on that myself why is Bailey angry I mean I dont know I just want this to end its a stupid story anyway


Miranda Bailey is a general surgeon in a metropolitan hospital, which tell me that she earns enough money to buy her son braces. Isn't it weird she keeps complaining about money??

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