Jamey Sheridan Cast as "The Admiral" on NCIS

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Jamey Sheridan has been cast in the much-anticipated role of Tim's father on NCIS.

Admiral John McGee will make his debut on the CBS drama sometime in late March.

We will finally meet McGee's father in an illuminating episode titled “Squall.”

Sheridan and McGee

“Jamey Sheridan’s recent work on Homeland [as Vice President Walden] just reinforced what a terrific actor he is,” NCIS show runner and executive producer Gary Glasberg told TV Line of the casting.

“The role of McGee’s father is complex and layered with some real surprises thrown in," he adds. "We can’t wait to see what Jamey does with it and how he plays opposite Sean Murray.”

The most interesting part? Glasberg promises McGee's father “will be part of what leads us into our final arc,” which often provides the year's most complex and thought-provoking episodes.

Sheridan recently appeared on Homeland Season 2, and on Arrow (as Oliver’s doomed dad), but is likely best known as a series regular for years on NBC's Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

What do you think? Good choice for the part? And what role do you expect he'll play?

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@ Michael: Chicago Hope was conceived by David E. Kelly. I could be wrong, but I don't think Mr. Kelly and Mr. Bellisario have ever partnered up on anything.


@ Hallie: I was responding to "charlie's" remark about Robert Vaughn being cast as McGee's father. Mr. Vaughn is 80, which would serve him better in the role as McGee's grandfather. I think its a great idea to reunite Robert Vaughn and David McCallum for ANY purpose.


Jamey Sheridan is a great choice. Loved his role as Precinct Captain for Major Case on Criminal Intent. Could it be that they are setting him up to be the new NCIS Director? Probably not, but you can never tell for sure. I wouldn't think he had anything to do with Eli's murder, but as I said who knows where the writer's get this stuff from. I'm still not convinced that Jacki is dead, but it is looking more and more like she may very well be. I still think there is a shocking plot to the end of the season and lead in to next season that we cannot fathom just yet. I am enjoying every minute of it.


I have been a loyal fan from the very beginning of NCIS & have enjoyed & looked so forward to the new episodes as well as the reruns. Good grief! We even have all of the seasons through season 8! HA! I have to say though, that my husband & I wish that when they start a "cool" interesting story that they would then finish it for us. Sometimes they leave us hangin' on stuff & never go back to it.... :( But its still my favorite show on tv!**


I don't get where you think jm would play mcgee's grandfather jamey sheridan is 61 and sean murray is 36 which if this was real life he would be 25 yrs old when mcgee was born which is the average age most people are in fact the average age has gone up. I don't get your issue here


@EB the same people who did that show also does NCIS


NCIS is getting a little in-bred. Jamie Sheridan was the gynecology maven on "Chicago Hope" once upon a time. I like "charlie's" idea of Robert Vaughn showing up at some point. However, I think he would better serve as McGee's grandfather; there's a good 45+ years between them. Good idea, in any event.


WOW so much better then who I though was going to be his father, good Job NCIS but onces again I feel bad for Michael Weathlery because everyone get or has a cool dad but him he get a man who got away with murder i wish we would find out Tony had a other day.


I hope this doesn;t mean he had a part in the assassination of Eli David.


Good choice. I've been looking forward to this all season. McGee is my favorite character and I can't wait for more of his backstory.

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