NCIS Episode Preview: Close to Home

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Ducky and Jimmy stole the show on an unusual episode of NCIS Tuesday night.

Looking ahead to next week's show, it looks like a Gibbs and Tony-centric hour.

In a case that hits close to home, a media frenzy surrounding an unidentified criminal prompts Gibbs’ barber to question his son’s involvement and ask for Gibbs’ help in ruling out his son as the "Prime Suspect."

Meanwhile, DiNozzo takes his shenanigans the road (LA?) for unknown reasons.

Follow the link for our NCIS review from last night, then check out the promo:

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Michael, I really doubt that we will ever see, or hear about or from, Wendy ever again.


I would personnally love seeing Tony's mature side more often. And I do not talk about the clown mask but the fact that he's a womanizer. I do not find that attractive to see Tony (who is in his late thirties as I recall) check girls out like he does in this exctract, even for fun. Girls who are wayyyy younger than him.
But if's only my point of view.
I think that really, he hasn't changed that much in many years... And that's too bad.
But still, I'm looking forward this episode :)


Dude I scare this stuipd storyline about prompt Gibbs' barber was going to be the main story I can't believe they drop Tony storyline about Telling Wendy how much he love her for this


@Jaylin: *Places fingers to temples* Actually, I don't "divine" such an occurrence in my future. *Shrugs* Sorry. That'll be $20, CASH, please. (I'm snarky AND cheap.)


@vidal sasson's psychic
if you got a problem,keep it to yourself or I will beat you senseless...K?


I don't want to drown in snark, here, but perhaps someone could prompt Gibbs' barber to recommend another hair style.

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 17 Quotes

Tony: Couldn't help noticing you're sitting here all alone. I thought maybe you'd want some company?
Melissa: Sure. Your partner won't mind?
Tony: Partner?
Melissa: I assumed you two are a couple. Just... your shirt.

Ramsey: Looks like we got a lot of evidence to get through, huh?
Abby: Yeah.
Both: All-nighter!