New Girl Review: No-Nail Oath

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"Parking Spot" was a New Girl episode about fighting, but the actual fight over a parking spot was the least of it.

Jess & Nick in a Parking Space

Nick and Jess fought about the ways The Kiss changed their relationship; Schmidt fought with both of them about the ways The Kiss changed the dynamics of the Loft; and Winston fought an unjust system that refuses to sell a man a condom, just because he has no money and also is wearing sweatpants that say "Yum!" across the butt.

And who came out the winner in all of this? Well, we did, because "The Parking Spot" was delightful.

Not just because it was hilarious - though I am not going to be able to get the text of the "No-Nail Oath" and some other choice New Girl quotes out of my head for a long, long time - but because it examined, with sensitivity and depth, the confused, tentative steps Jess and Nick are taking towards trying to understand what happened during "The Cooler."

I'll out myself as someone who was annoyed by New Girl when it premiered. Who's that girl? It's a weirdly one-dimensional character! For that reason and others, New Girl Season 1 was an even mix of hits and misses for me.

But in New Girl Season 2, Jess has come into her own. She's no longer just some gorgeous goofball who loves Curly Sue; she's a gorgeous goofball who loves Curly Sue and mourns the end of her parents' marriage, and has a complicated relationship with her lifelong best friend, and knows what men like (that's why she's wearing wool tights, guys). She's a relatable human being.

This development has not just raised the comedy stakes (though I do think this season has been consistently hysterical because of it) but opened the door for some emotional realness about life, dating, and romantic confusion, all of which came into full bloom tonight.

For two people who run around spying on plumbers and ruining Indian wedding conventions like it ain't no thing, Nick and Jess are surprisingly cautious while exploring their own attraction. And it's not just because it's hard to find decent real estate in L.A. (although I'm sure that that factors in, too).

Nick and Jess are both royal messes, who have steered clear of each other out of fear of what kind of mess they could create together. In "Parking Spot," we (and they) got a taste of what that mess could be: and it's full of "invisible shirts," hard candy, peed pants and forced Schmidt-kisses.

Was that mess enough to keep them from the becoming the hot-mess power-couple that seems to be their destiny? Only time shall tell, but I am eager to find out.

Are Jess and Nick going to be able to go back to their old dynamic? Should they even try? And, really, why did Schmidt tell them about the spot?


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what is the last piece of music played in this episode (from the 'sex tape', the music nick hears thru the door and moonwalks away from)?


I actually thought this episode was hilarious. Nick's antics had me laughing out loud non stop! And Jess looked so pretty in this episode. She was working it! I thought Jess, nick, and Schmidt all worked really well together. And Winston actually had a really funny story line for once too. Schmidt was never informed about the kiss. Jess told Cece and nick told Winston. Schmidt wasn't even around when they were told.


@Kate - yes i was confused too! i thought they all found out about the kiss at the Indian wedding convention, but maybe that was just Winston. that being said, i was disappointed that so much of this episode focused on 'the kiss'. i thought it had already been addressed and we were done with that for awhile. i've had enough of the jess/nick thing for now, time to move on. i wasn't crazy about this episode. too much fighting and yelling. altho, when Schmidt was sitting in the parking space after he pee'd himself, i couldn't stop laughing. always enjoyable, just not one of my faves.


@Kate - I was confused too! I had the same reaction when I realized that Schmidt hadn't found out yet. it's been 3 weeks for us since the kiss, but I think it's only been a few days in their continuity.


I will admit.....I actually laughed HARD...OUTLOUD...several times during this episode, but never more than the last scene with Winston pulling into the WAY too narrow parking space.


Was anyone else watching that scene when Schmidt figured it out, kind of confused before realizing, holy crap, he really doesn't know. It seemed like everyone found out (well because Nick and Jess freaked out to their respective best friends) and somehow I just assumed Schmidt had learned.


i am loving New Girl season 2!! This episode was pretty funny. Zooey Deschanel looked extra cute today. her scenes with Jake were cute as well.


I think every scene shared with Nick and Jess is just insanely amazing. Jake Johnson and Zooey Deschanel feed off each other so well in every's just gorgeous to watch. It's like reading an awesome book or hearing a brilliant piece of music - they're just SO good. They make the path to Nick & Jess's eventual coupling incredibly compelling. I thought the plot of the episode was a little weak - the parking spot and Winston's lack of prophylactics were funny, but not riveting. And poor Cece... Okay episode, but still stellar acting.


This episode was just ok, but not the best. shmidt should and Jess needs to hook up.

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