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Poor David! Poor Olivia! Poor Huck and everyone who had to smell him! All of these characters and their issues! Scandal is really playing on my sympathies lately. 

Olivia Pope is really very terrible at dating. Some would blame it on her star-crossed history with Fitz. Others probably blame it on the cell phone in her hand. She has no "off" switch.

Truth be told, the show is better for it, even if constantly being ripped away from half a second of happiness makes me sad for Olivia. As the last episode before Scandal takes a break, "Boom Goes the Dynamite" maintained the right balance between answering existing questions and leaving Gladiators yearning for more.

Boom Goes the Dynamite Scene

When Scandal moved away from the weekly clients, it lost a little bit of its dazzle. It was bogged down by Defiance and the election rigging cover up, offering no real room for character development or growth. There was too much talking... and the talking being done was too slow. 

Bringing back the weekly case speeds things up and gives the team something to do besides sit around the office waiting for the phone to ring. 

This week's case, a political family seeking office for the youngest son, gave Olivia a kick in the very beautiful dress so that she would perhaps consider being at least a little happy from time to time. I have no doubt that she's spent a great deal of the last 10 months pining over Fitz and missing him, but her sadness tonight felt almost self-imposed instead of related to her relationship woes. Like she doesn't think she deserves to be happy.

And maybe she didn't think she deserves happiness. Maybe she thought that she deserves to be lonely and sad. But, thankfully, Jake Ballard doesn't agree. And after that scene in the garden with the client, Olivia is starting to realize that she deserves more than just "stolen moments in hotel hallways." (That entire quote is a long but great one and can be found on the Scandal quotes page.)

If there is anyone out there who at this moment still wants to see Fitz and Olivia together, speak now or forever hold your peace. 

After tonight, I'm done with Fitz for the forseeable future. I want him and Olivia to have absolutely nothing to do with one another, maybe forever, since he can't even grant her the decency of explaining herself and instead called her a whore and had her life bugged with video surveillance. Wait, what's that? You didn't catch that?

Fitz is the reason Jake is watching Olivia on the Creepy Cam.

He says it's nothing personal. Olivia is just a bad person who needs to be watched. And she's a very bad person because...she lied to him?  Excuse me, but which of the two of them is an actual, cold-blooded murderer?

While I think it's creepy that Jake is so enamored with Olivia after watching the video feed, and while it was completely shudder-worthy when he stroked her face on the TV screen, there was something gentlemanly about him turning off the TV so she could get dressed in private. He could examine every aspect of her life, and her person, but that's a line he doesn't cross out of respect for her privacy when he wonders why he should be watching her at all.

(Side note: If Cyrus knows about the video surveillance and he isn't saying anything, curses to him. I've just had the thought that his naked argument with James may have occurred in the buff because he thinks perhaps his own house is being monitored.)

Watching Jake lie to Fitz about the new man in Olivia's life was also telling regarding his motivations where she's concerned. If he didn't care, he would've made something up, or said that he had gotten close to her in order to learn more. But by lying, he's making it clear that he intends to keep her to or for himself. 

I'm so conflicted by this character. Is he good? Is he bad? Is he both? He certainly makes Olivia smile.

Huck, on the other hand, had everyone grimacing tonight. At first I thought the smelly bit would be some strange spy quirk. Sometimes Huck gets caught up in work and doesn't shower, you know?

But when he was in the car outside David's school and the rain started falling, my heart sank. Of all the characters on Scandal, Huck is the one who most needs a hug. And he would probably snap my arms off for trying, but smelly or not, he needs some help. I'm glad he has Quinn. Their friendship is nice and interesting.

In the beginning, Olivia had Steven. Harrison and Abby had each other. That left Huck as the odd man out until Quinn came along. Now the two of them have each other. Harrison is the new Steven, which leaves Abby the odd woman out. So that means David needs to join the team post haste.

Plus, spending all that time at the office might be the only way he stays alive with the CIA Director/Mole after him so they might as well put his intelligence to good use. 

Finally, it was awesome to watch Cyrus figure out that Mellie has been throwing him under the bus to Fitz and then dish it right back to her. Completely awesome. I was almost giddy when Cyrus bested her. I understand why Fitz chose Mellie over Cyrus and Olivia when he found out about Defiance, but she was never the right choice as an adviser. 

What did you think of "Boom Goes The Dynamite?" Are your thoughts about Jake Ballard changing after this week?


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Forgot to add....I think Jake has a hidden agenda. The show is full of opportunists and I believe Fitz unwittingly opened a door that Jake will take full advantage of. Fitz played his hand (obvious jealousy) and I think Jake's lie was about opportunity rather than love interest. I suppose it could be both.


Loved the show! I'm thrilled they have returned to the 'weekly crisis' format. It's far more interesting and it gives us a chance to see Liv and her cohorts do what they do well, in contrast to their messy personal lives. Balance. After reading other comments, I have a little more empathy for Fitz due to his head injury. Emphasis on little. His good looks and charm hide a petulant child. He's harmful to himself (drinking) and to others (Verna) but the path to redemption will likely involve the effects of his head injury. My thoughts on the rest... Mellie and Cyrus are fun to watch and I look forward to their sparring matches. Seems logical for David to join the firm and would add an undercurrent. I expect Liv & Fitz to be a part of an endless loop with lots of starts and stops.


HAHAHAHAHA! You are dead on!! Fitz is a bad man who has gotten worse after his gun shot wound healed. Olivia practically wished him back to life! Then he killed Verna and then he is gonna call her out after she tried SEVERAL times to stop the relationship? He is the whore, not Olivia. I want to HUG Huck! There should be a new hashtag: #huckneedsahug :)
Mellie is an idiot, point blank. Cyrus needs to get it together. Jake is strange, I cannot pinpoint his actions from one week to the next. GREAT Episode


Mellie forgot that Cyrus is a monster. Jake is going to die violently at some point.


I have read all the above opinions and perceptions of the Fitz and Olivia love story. Both characters are hurting badly and both are in torment. How can anyone judge how they would react in a similar situation? When you are in such pain and do not know what to do with it---life make us do heart wrenching things. We cannot help it--Fitz is out of control but he is still the man of integrity who wanted to be president. That is why he is acting so erratically. His life is not where he wants it to be and he has no control over how everyone behaves. So he is dealing with the pain by drinking and he does not realize the consequences! But that is all he can do at the moment. So give him a break--you all loved him at the beginning, but now that he is proving that he has flaws you are criticizing. Life is difficult and he is in an impossible situation--his marriage, his love for Olivia, the presidency that he wanted so badly is not it was supposed to be and he hates himself-- Olivia with that speech she gave about having nothing--she was lucky to have experienced such a strong love with her soulmate. Some people never have that in their lives. Yes they have children, families, etc. but not everybody has the experience of true love. Many of us choose this kind of life because it is expected of us and that also is not all that it is cracked up to be. I look forward in future episodes to seeing where their lives lead them to. Remember when Fitz met Olivia he was married, had children and was running for governor. It looked like like he had a good life. He was trapped in his life and Olivia brought him the joy and passion that changed his life forever. Fitz brought joy and passion to Olivia-- she obviously did not want to settle for a life as a the wife as a senator---she had already broke off her engagement with Edison the first time before she met Fitz. So...... there are no absolutes in life. We do not know what is waiting for us---so do not judge just live!!!


So many events to enjoy this week on Scandal - David and Abbey, Stinky Hutz, the client story and the scene in the closet. There was a lot to like and analyze. The client plot was entertaining. I didn’t have a hint that the candidate was involved with his brother’s wife! When Olivia delivered her advice to him, I couldn’t help but feel she reached a realization about her relationship with Fritz. Although, he is being a controlling, jealous, az***, those two are totally hot together. I can’t see how it can ever end happily with Fritz being the Pres, married and now a murderer. I believe Fritz is angry and feeling insecure about his abilities as the President. He may even feel undeserving of the role. I also loved it when Cyrus out bested Miss Mellie – too funny. Can’t wait for next week’s show!!! P.s. I like the idea of Olivia and Jake together – don’t think Fritz is going to let anything happen between the 2 of them though.


I loved this episode. Although I've always been a Fitz-Liv supporter, Jake is growing on me. I've never been the kind to support sort of abusive/possessive relationships, and Fitz is dangerously going down that road.
It is obvious that he loves Liv very much still, but he hates the very idea of loving her as much as he probably hates himself. He is miserable, doesn't trust anybody, and doesn't want Liv to be happy. I can't help wishing Jake were the guy to make her smile, although their relationship seems doomed. In his favor, he was only acting by Fitz' orders, and was respectful and sincerely drawn toward Liv. Who knows!


Love this show - My number 2 favorite but are we to believe Oliva does not have Huck check out her apartment/office for bugs on a weekly basic - I do not like this plot line only because it does not seem believable.


Though I was all for Fitz at the beginning, he really botched it when he accepted Mellies word that Cyrus was behind everything, and when he shoved Liv into a closet and had sex with her and then told her she was crap and he couldn't see her anymore..what a jerk! Now he's having her surveiled? REALLY? Creepy! And I'm sorry, but the Navy guy that is doing the survelance can't be her boyfriend because their relationship would be based on a lie. She could never trust him. I agree with the reviewer that Cyrus giving Mellie back some of her own medicine was AWESOME. Mellie is such a rattlesnake, I keep hoping something dreadful happens to her. She's a sociopath and completely evil. Meanwhile, I wish David would join Pope and Associates, and get back together with Abby, because it is clear that the two have tons of chemistry!


Loved it! I guess I'm the only person who thought Fitz got someone to watch liv as a way to still be emotional attached
Knowing her every move without having to deal with missing her

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Scandal Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Jake: Wow, you really suck at dating.
Olivia: I never said this was a date. You did.

Jake: It's a date.
Olivia: What?
Jake: It's a date. You said meeting. I'm not a client. I don't have a problem. I don't need fixing. I asked you out. You said yes. We dressed up. At the end of the evening if all goes well there will be kissing. This is not a meeting this is a date. And I don't want to insult you. You chose this restaurant. I'm sure the food is very good, but this is not a date restaurant. You can't have a date here. This is where dates go to die. You look extraordinary, by the way.