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Poor David! Poor Olivia! Poor Huck and everyone who had to smell him! All of these characters and their issues! Scandal is really playing on my sympathies lately. 

Olivia Pope is really very terrible at dating. Some would blame it on her star-crossed history with Fitz. Others probably blame it on the cell phone in her hand. She has no "off" switch.

Truth be told, the show is better for it, even if constantly being ripped away from half a second of happiness makes me sad for Olivia. As the last episode before Scandal takes a break, "Boom Goes the Dynamite" maintained the right balance between answering existing questions and leaving Gladiators yearning for more.

Boom Goes the Dynamite Scene

When Scandal moved away from the weekly clients, it lost a little bit of its dazzle. It was bogged down by Defiance and the election rigging cover up, offering no real room for character development or growth. There was too much talking... and the talking being done was too slow. 

Bringing back the weekly case speeds things up and gives the team something to do besides sit around the office waiting for the phone to ring. 

This week's case, a political family seeking office for the youngest son, gave Olivia a kick in the very beautiful dress so that she would perhaps consider being at least a little happy from time to time. I have no doubt that she's spent a great deal of the last 10 months pining over Fitz and missing him, but her sadness tonight felt almost self-imposed instead of related to her relationship woes. Like she doesn't think she deserves to be happy.

And maybe she didn't think she deserves happiness. Maybe she thought that she deserves to be lonely and sad. But, thankfully, Jake Ballard doesn't agree. And after that scene in the garden with the client, Olivia is starting to realize that she deserves more than just "stolen moments in hotel hallways." (That entire quote is a long but great one and can be found on the Scandal quotes page.)

If there is anyone out there who at this moment still wants to see Fitz and Olivia together, speak now or forever hold your peace. 

After tonight, I'm done with Fitz for the forseeable future. I want him and Olivia to have absolutely nothing to do with one another, maybe forever, since he can't even grant her the decency of explaining herself and instead called her a whore and had her life bugged with video surveillance. Wait, what's that? You didn't catch that?

Fitz is the reason Jake is watching Olivia on the Creepy Cam.

He says it's nothing personal. Olivia is just a bad person who needs to be watched. And she's a very bad person because...she lied to him?  Excuse me, but which of the two of them is an actual, cold-blooded murderer?

While I think it's creepy that Jake is so enamored with Olivia after watching the video feed, and while it was completely shudder-worthy when he stroked her face on the TV screen, there was something gentlemanly about him turning off the TV so she could get dressed in private. He could examine every aspect of her life, and her person, but that's a line he doesn't cross out of respect for her privacy when he wonders why he should be watching her at all.

(Side note: If Cyrus knows about the video surveillance and he isn't saying anything, curses to him. I've just had the thought that his naked argument with James may have occurred in the buff because he thinks perhaps his own house is being monitored.)

Watching Jake lie to Fitz about the new man in Olivia's life was also telling regarding his motivations where she's concerned. If he didn't care, he would've made something up, or said that he had gotten close to her in order to learn more. But by lying, he's making it clear that he intends to keep her to or for himself. 

I'm so conflicted by this character. Is he good? Is he bad? Is he both? He certainly makes Olivia smile.

Huck, on the other hand, had everyone grimacing tonight. At first I thought the smelly bit would be some strange spy quirk. Sometimes Huck gets caught up in work and doesn't shower, you know?

But when he was in the car outside David's school and the rain started falling, my heart sank. Of all the characters on Scandal, Huck is the one who most needs a hug. And he would probably snap my arms off for trying, but smelly or not, he needs some help. I'm glad he has Quinn. Their friendship is nice and interesting.

In the beginning, Olivia had Steven. Harrison and Abby had each other. That left Huck as the odd man out until Quinn came along. Now the two of them have each other. Harrison is the new Steven, which leaves Abby the odd woman out. So that means David needs to join the team post haste.

Plus, spending all that time at the office might be the only way he stays alive with the CIA Director/Mole after him so they might as well put his intelligence to good use. 

Finally, it was awesome to watch Cyrus figure out that Mellie has been throwing him under the bus to Fitz and then dish it right back to her. Completely awesome. I was almost giddy when Cyrus bested her. I understand why Fitz chose Mellie over Cyrus and Olivia when he found out about Defiance, but she was never the right choice as an adviser. 

What did you think of "Boom Goes The Dynamite?" Are your thoughts about Jake Ballard changing after this week?


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I think this was one of the best episodes of the season. It was sad, it was funny, and it was exciting. And I hope Jake and Liv become a couple, despite his having stalked her for Fitz. I am tired of Fitz's treatment of Liv. And his calling her "a bad person" after he has committed murder really ticked me off. She deserves a good man who wants to cheer her up, instead of a spoiled brat who likes making her suffer. I love that the episode ended with Jake choosing Liv over his long-time friendship with Fitz, who really needs to get some therapy. He's become paranoid and irrational. I wonder if the brain damage has anything to do with it. I can't wait to see what happens next.


Another episode that left me speechless. I have mixed feelings about Fitz... As much as I found the spying thing creepy, I think that much of his behavior is partially a result of the brain injury. Jake is also a bit of an enigma. I like his personality and I enjoy the way he interacts with Olivia. In fact, if it weren't for the spying, he'd be a perfect match for her. Unfortunately, that relationship has no future. Olivia also seems to like him, but as soon as she finds out about the surveillance, that relationship will end. I felt sorry for a lot of people in this episode, particularly Huck and David. David really needs to join Pope and Associates!


Oh how I love this show! Last night was a great episode. I am so over Olivia and Fitz. I loved their chemistry in the beginning but so many things have gone wrong. Him having her watched was the last straw for me. Telling Jake she was a bad person that needed to be watched, I couldn't believe this guy. I am glad to see Jake not being as creepy as it looked at the end of last episode. I hope he is a good guy and a nice distraction for Olivia. I really respected the fact that he turned off the screen when she started to dress. Scott Foley is so cute and adorable so it will be nice to see how things progress with him and Liv. I felt so bad for Huck. I guess because Huck seems so strong I didn't even think that he would be feeling the affects of the waterboarding. Glad Quinn was there for him. I love their friendship. It was funny though everyone reactions to his smell. Olivia speech to the guy running of Governor was great. Glad she finally realize that she couldn't have a future with Fitz in his present state. She deserves happiness.


The writers of the show are destroying Fitz's character in order to build up Jake's for a romance that started so badly that it will ultimately fail.
By then, it may be impossible to redeem the Fitz character and the relationship with Olivia which meant so much to so many fans.
It's a SERIOUS mistake, and this won't be the first show destroyed by writers wrecking a relationship or character that WORKS.
Jake Ballard is no Fitz.
This is a mistake.


Miranda I just feel that most ppl aren't taking into consideration that Fitz has been shot in the head - have you considered the many facets what that sort of injury can cause to someone's mind? It's the brain after all and not a broken hand. I do feel sympathetic for Huck but I also feel sympathetic towards Fitz. Shonda didn't make him get shot in the head for nothing. Sometimes I say Shonda doesn't do anything simple but she actually fooled me last night when I found out Fitz was behind the spying :) like I was saying I will forever be team OLitz. You know what it is to feel be the leader of the free leader and learn it was all fraudulent and you and the woman you loved could have been together a long time ago if she didn't go along with the others. Like I said something is going on in Fitz's brain, coupled with alcohol and you are not seeing a rational man with it comes to Liv. Give it a thought. Right now they need that time apart, their love is soul reaching so Jake is just dessert right now. Thing about it!


I absolutely agree with everyone on all your comments. But, I have one question that really bothers me, why in the world is Fitz okay with Mellie? He knows she was also part of the vote rigging just like Liv and Cyrus and the rest. I don't get it. Did I miss something?


I loved, loved, LOVED this episode!
My favorite scene was Liv and Cyrus. They way they are all interconnected via Fitz is both hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. I expected to hear Robin Thicke's "Lost Without You" while Cyrus was talking. I have a feeling that Fitz maybe playing both Mellie and Cyrus against each other and they're too busy gunning for each other that they can't see it. I mean really, the way she kept repeating "It was Cyrus" in the last episode was about as obvious of a brainwashing technique as there ever was. Fitz is a little manic right now, not stupid. Jake? The verdic is still out on him but considering how this party got started with him and Liv, there's no real future. for them. Besides, Jake might be Fitz's next victim!


FITZ crossed the line when he murdered someone. He will never be the same again after he learned about what happened and he killed someone. It will be like this until something really BAD happened to him. I do wish the writers will address it one day. Even the president should not get away with murder! Tonight there were lots of guest stars !


@mrenee-Excellent points! I'm just glad everyone is prety much seeing the same thing with fitz. You wouldn't believe some of the comments I've read on other sites with people actually making excuses for fitz behavior and some people not wanting to comment because there was no "Olitz" moments and because jake is starting to win some fans over so the olitz lovers are all mad lol


Not at all surprirsed that Fitz would go so far as to have Olivia watched. He feels terribly betrayed by her and he's looking for some reasonable explanation for her behavior. Would be nice if he just asked her, but as TG tweeted--cannot remember the exact quote, that's not how the do things.
They are not good with words. Also, Fitz is a bit of a brat. He has a huge ego, which is to be expected from someone in his position. Verna did say he sailed through life, pampered and naive. This kind of turmoil must be very difficult for him and he's not handling things very well. In the first Jake/Fitz scene, I could not tell whether he was "showing off" his knowledge of Olivia, or if the swimming and Edison responses were just slips. Fitz's ego will get him in trouble now with Jake. He is overcalculating, drinking too much and missing simple details. Try as he might, he still cannot let her go and he's angry about that. However, he and Jake share a past and the eaase with which he lies to Fitz leads me to believe that Jake has no problem going toe to toe with him. He opened Pandora'a box and he's going to be sorry. Must say I was impressed with his knowlegde of Olivia--how quickly he figured out someone was rocking his dreamboat. Still, I believe he and Olivia are "checkmate", but he needs time to get his mind together and so does she. This way, when the reunion occurs, they can appreciate each other a bit more. Meantime, I hope Jake provides Olivia a little love in the daylight. You know?

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