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@Sa'ad--the writers are definitely incorporating the title into the show, or pulling the episode title from the script. "One for the Dog" was a title that had me all sorts of confused until Huck said it to Becky on the roof. Now it's become my little game. When will a character say the title and which character will it be?


My post got cut off. Olivia is in for one chaotic ride. Not even a seatbelt can keep her safe with two men desiring after her. I meant to say, "Boom Goes the Dynamite." And not using the italics. Anyways, Scandal rocks!!!! :)


Great episode as always. There's a lot to say about Boom Goes the Dynamite. I loved how Cyrus gave Mellie "the look," when Fitz called her out on going behind his back concerning the U.S. troopers being tortured. Classic Cyrus. Yeah, Mellie is an animal, but Cyrus ... he takes the term monster to a whole other level! LOL!

Huck, all laughing aside, I agree with Miranda, I feel bad for Huck being tortured, too. But I couldn't stop laughing at his co-workers' reactions about his hygiene. He should never revoke the hygiene pass, I don't care how bad his life gets! LOL. I know it's a Huck thing to fall into sometimes, but Harrison, Abby, David, Olivia, and Quinn's reactions were LOL Hilarious!!! I was crying laughing every time it was mentioned on the episode. :D

And as for Fitz, what he is doing isn't love, that's obsession meeting revenge. Getting Jake involved actually made Fitz's plan backfire. And Jake got his answer when Fitz tries to convince himself it wasn't personal. Boy, did Fitz fail at persuading Jake! Or is it just me? ;)

I want to see how far Jake is going to take this, because it's evident that Jake wants Olivia for himself. Olivia is in for one chaotic ride. Not even a seatbelt can save her from two men desiring her at the same time! Scandal rocks!!!!


Cyrus for all his genius and political know how, he still needed Olivia to help him best Mellie. So glad Mellie got put in her place.


Boom goes the dynamite was a very good title for this episode. Is it just me or do you think the writers are encompassing the titles into dialogue. All Roads leads to Fitz, Defiance, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and now Boom goes the dynamite... Those are the only ones I can think off now..
Very good episode... I totally agree with you Miranda. Fitz is a creepy old bastard who does not deserve Fitz. They can never be together. It just doesn't make sense at all. I don't care that Fitz feels betrayed. What he is doing goes beyond insane.

I also though Huck was stinking because he was working non stop on trying to decrypt the intel. Didn't see the ptsd coming up. I'm thinking maybe Andrew the trauma shrink can help?
What I hope is that Harrison gets his own story. Abby's story has been worked into the narrative and we got to see Darby Stanchfield shine a bit.
Can't wait for the next ep! Why are there no promos on youtube?


@Rank- Ditto with what you said. Fitz is getting ridiculous and I for one am over it. I'm happy that jake turned out to be a good guy after all. I really want liv to move on and her speech was incredible and speaks to a lot of people in real life who may be the other woman or the other man. It almost never works out.


Great episode as always. I was glad that the case of the week served a purpose. It made Olivia realise what she had with Fitz was nothing. There was no future and no present because she was frozen in time. Her speech was so heartbreaking I felt sad for her. And I, too got angry at Fitz. He might still love her and be hurt but he's also hurting her. Badly.

So we found out Fitz was the one who got Ballard to keep her under surveilance. My opinion of him changed as he really seemed to care about her. Especially when he was vouchhing for her in Fitz's office and when he turned off the TV while she was changing.

And I agree, Huck really needs a hug. He reminds me of my childhood dog all vulberable with the puppy eyes.


Hey guys. Ok here are my thoughts. First of all a GREAT episode yet again (but that’s always with this show).
1.Cyrus- I knew he would get his revenge on mellie. When will people learn that you don’t cross cyrus? I can also understand his hurt with the fitz not talking to him thing but I think he needs to return back to the cyrus we all know. He needs to give fitz a good swift kiss in the ass and let his presence be known and stop being a flunky. Fitz knows he needs cyrus and I think cyrus reminded him of that when he set mellie up and got fitz to see the real her again! I guess he really took in the advice liv gave him about letting mellie be mellie because she would get on fitz bad side again.

2.Mellie- Nothing new from her. I expected that she was using cyrus to get closer to fitz and was gonna pass his idea off as her own. A part of me can understand that she wants her husband back but she’s going about it all wrong. The man clearly doesn’t want you so it’s time to move on but some people just have to learn the hard way I suppose.

3.OPA – I was very happy to see the team getting back to what they do best. The whole defiance story line was wearing me out so it was great that the show returned to what’s it’s known for which is solving problems and saving reputations. Also it was great to see them working on another political campaign. Abby clearly still loves david and he feels the same way. I wanna see more of Harrison but he was still his ever loyal self. Quinn is finally being a team player and I like seeing her work with huck. I felt bad for huck because he’s still suffering from the torture from the pentagon. It was so funny seeing everyone’s reaction to him smelling lol

4.The governor story line was scandalous of course!!!

5.Fitz- The man needs help. I heard others say he was the one that hired Jake to watch Olivia and that annoys me! You don’t want her but you don’t want anyone else so have her. Didn’t we have this behavior in middle school? He needs to grow up and talk to both cyrus and Olivia and get to the bottom of things. I liked how it was thrown up in his face when he believed mellie and gave her the credit for cyrus idea only to have it thrown back in his face when she spoke to the families after he told her not to.

6.Olivia- I’m so happy and proud that she is getting back to who she is and what we love her for! I’m glad she’ s finally realizing that it’s time to move on from fitz. I was hoping that jake ballard wasn’t as creepy as we thought he was and I’m proud to know I was right. I do think that he is starting to fall in love with Olivia and that’s gonna create a problem between him and fitz. Is it wrong that I actually want her to be with Jake Ballard? I like his character and want Olivia to have something real and drama free for a while. I loved her monologue to the guy running for governor.
I was just saying how people were getting to crazy with the whole Olitz thing and that shonda was gonna take her show back and change it up and tonight’s episode proved that. After all the show isn’t about them and I was getting tired of him disrespecting her and acting like a spoiled brat.

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