The Mentalist Review: Poker Anyone?

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There seems to be a poker theme in The Mentalist season 5 - and "Red in Tooth and Claw" kept it going. With this many bluffs and turns, who needs Red John... or is it all just a metaphor for the game the infamous serial killer has been playing with Patrick Jane?

There were so many wonderfully funny and mildly flirty moments tonight that I hope I remember them all.

Rigsby's Class Trip

First, who would have guessed that Lisbon would pass out over flesh eating bugs? She's probably witnessed hundreds of dead bodies in various stages of decomposition but the bugs were particularly gross. The best part was the Patrick went to catch her as she fell. I don't think he even saw that one coming.

Jane did a great job of dissecting the subconscious of the scientists based on what they chose to study. As he told the doctor in one of many great The Mentalist quotes

 Nobody picks what they dedicate their life to by accident. It says something. | permalink

From the dark thoughts of primates to the tenaciousness of the woodpecker to... moths? Deciding to spend your life studying moths should have been a dead giveaway but then again I've always been annoyed by those particular flying creatures.

Paul killed LInda over a moth. Yes, I know it was about his career and losing his job and blah, blah, blah, but he stabbed a women in the neck to steal her moth! That's simply pathetic.

Linda's colleagues were all out for themselves. Megan enjoyed watching her pain, Paul was insanely jealous of her success and Sonya was only happy about Linda's successes because she felt it made her look good. Linda worked with some really horrific human beings.

I've always loved it when Jane visits his memory palace and this was no exception. It's one of those quirky Janeisms that I've grown to enjoy.

I also loved that Jane brought everyone gifts from the museum shop, but did he bring something back for Lisbon? The gifts sparked one of the funniest conversations between Rigsby and Cho that we've ever witnessed.

Rigsby: How can you like Triceratops more than T-Rex?
Cho: T-Rex are losers. Little arms. It's chicken with teeth. | permalink

And it only got better with Cho calling out Rigsby on his feelings for Grace. Cowards don't get to say goodbye when they want. If Rigsby wants the girl it's time to man up. Of course the best he could do in that moment was watch Cho walk away and mutter…

Rigsby: You date pregnant hookers and your dinosaur eats grass. | permalink

I couldn't stop laughing.

Even with all of that, the best was yet to come. I found it ironic that Jane put on his white hat and rode to the rescue to get Bertram to authorize the funding for Grace's White Hat training. He's always had a soft spot for her. 

Then Jane used his wedding ring to ward off the doctor's advances and it's not the first time he's done that. I suppose keeping that ring on comes in handy from time to time.

Of course, the best scene of the night was having Jane challenge Lisbon to some poker using gummy dinosaurs. Any fans of Castle would remember a similar scene from season one, but it's taken Jane and Lisbon to season five to get to that level of flirting although it makes it no less fun to watch.

Here's to more funny, flirty episodes of The Mentalist in our near future.


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Anitraward 1, Would you mind linking the article you are referencing, please? There are 20,000 entries, if I went to the right location, for The Mentalist and Bruno.


Oh yeah @KM, he definitely heard her say she hated him, she raised her voice louder when she said it even. Not to mention before that she called him a SOB to his face twice, said his plan was stupid, he was despicable, then started in on how much she'd made him worry, indicating subtext of you don't care, etc. A couple of times he even managed to look like he got the message. So you may be onto something there. That hug may well have been to try to communicate how much Lisbon means to him without a bunch of words, which don't get them very far usually. I like it.


And, if he did hear her then how did he take it? Was it blowing off steam to his ears? Was it a warning that he came close to pushing her too far? He did presume it was she who bailed him out of jail. He seems so emotionally repressed that finding out how miserable he had made her was really uncomfortable. Jane's cool and takes pleasure with messing people's heads, but he often does not seem to consider the extent of suffering he causes. She matters and perhaps hearing her out was too much for him. And, no, Lorelei likely does not die in 5*16, because she was contracted for 3 episodes and 5*16 should be the first of those 3. I might be wrong.


Go to WIKIA, there is a interview with Brono Heller talking about the grand finale in 2014! Good stuff!


@ Entwife, I think he might have heard her, especially as the nun is coming into the scene.


@KM I can't remember the timing of when Lisbon told Jane she hates him in the church. It matters a lot in the scene because when she goes to bitchin' he rolls his eyes, drops below the pew and is gone. I don't have the episode to review the scene, but I guess that would be the critical one because we'd need to know whether he heard her. Hmmmm. No Lorelei in the cast list of your link. Wonder if she'll be dead by then. Never saw The Guardian. When I first became interested in TM, I looked it up and read about it, seemed like a real bummer, but one day I'll see it just to look at Simon I'm sure. :-)


I have the oddest thoughts moving about in my weary mind. 1) Was Jane able to leave the sanctuary before Lisbon exclaimed she hated him in 4*24? Did that play into the engulfing hug he gave her? 2) I liked the lighting on Simon in the Givenchy ad, in still shots from the commercial he looks filled with light and in no need of the umbrella he is holding. In the still shots from French Marie Clare he is absolutely soaking wet and wind blown while holding the umbrella for a woman. 3) I managed to get Macklemore and Ryan Lewis "Thrift Shop" stuck in my brain (not my normal type of music), and my sleep deprived brain thinks Macklemore has some very Simon-ish features not unlike the Downtown Abby gentleman. That is all.
I only saw the pilot of the Guardian.


@rationalgal definitely a worthwhile series. the fact that nick never knew the extent of his mother's addiction. that he didn't know the mother had cheated on the father; not the other way around. i kept waiting for that to be clarified to him.
lulu was a perfect example of the song in the musical, hair, "easy to be hard." do you only care about the bleeding crowd? how about a needy friend?


huisclothes, I still thing the series had a lot to offer - much to think about. Life really can suck. Simon's acting was brilliant as usual. His character couldn't win, just make the best of it. He wanted to marry Lulu and be a good father, offered her his mom's ring and Lulu turned him down "like I had insulted you," Nick said. Then when he started having sex with that other women and finally told Lulu, she got all bent out of shape. Like he owed her everything and she owed him nothing. Even so, she was portrayed as a basically decent person. Sure didn't act like it. Never considered anything or anyone but her own emotional needs and desires. Regardless, because the story is not the usual happy happy stuff, it's well worth watching.


@rationalgal blue mystic was outstanding. i thought the series did show the interesting contrasts between the haves and have nots. captured a certain pennsylvania civic mentality. (puritan boston; quaker pennsylvania) i didn't see it until last summer and found it very dated. theme music, credits. for me it was very depressing. him imprinting on lulu. him having a child with her. her rejection of him. her warm embrace of his money. her ability to act holier than thou about anyone -- probably jesus if he showed up. i so hated where nick wound up. sitting in alvin's chair - forever dealing with hideous problems. no guaranteed contact with his child. the writers decided he had to bite the bitter pill and chew it slowly with no water to wash it down. my take, the character didn't deserve what he got.

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Bertram's suppose to be this real smooth player but he loses a couple of hands of poker and he has to bum everybody else out.


Nobody picks what they dedicate their life to by accident. It says something.