The Mentalist Review: Poker Anyone?

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There seems to be a poker theme in The Mentalist season 5 - and "Red in Tooth and Claw" kept it going. With this many bluffs and turns, who needs Red John... or is it all just a metaphor for the game the infamous serial killer has been playing with Patrick Jane?

There were so many wonderfully funny and mildly flirty moments tonight that I hope I remember them all.

Rigsby's Class Trip

First, who would have guessed that Lisbon would pass out over flesh eating bugs? She's probably witnessed hundreds of dead bodies in various stages of decomposition but the bugs were particularly gross. The best part was the Patrick went to catch her as she fell. I don't think he even saw that one coming.

Jane did a great job of dissecting the subconscious of the scientists based on what they chose to study. As he told the doctor in one of many great The Mentalist quotes

 Nobody picks what they dedicate their life to by accident. It says something. | permalink

From the dark thoughts of primates to the tenaciousness of the woodpecker to... moths? Deciding to spend your life studying moths should have been a dead giveaway but then again I've always been annoyed by those particular flying creatures.

Paul killed LInda over a moth. Yes, I know it was about his career and losing his job and blah, blah, blah, but he stabbed a women in the neck to steal her moth! That's simply pathetic.

Linda's colleagues were all out for themselves. Megan enjoyed watching her pain, Paul was insanely jealous of her success and Sonya was only happy about Linda's successes because she felt it made her look good. Linda worked with some really horrific human beings.

I've always loved it when Jane visits his memory palace and this was no exception. It's one of those quirky Janeisms that I've grown to enjoy.

I also loved that Jane brought everyone gifts from the museum shop, but did he bring something back for Lisbon? The gifts sparked one of the funniest conversations between Rigsby and Cho that we've ever witnessed.

Rigsby: How can you like Triceratops more than T-Rex?
Cho: T-Rex are losers. Little arms. It's chicken with teeth. | permalink

And it only got better with Cho calling out Rigsby on his feelings for Grace. Cowards don't get to say goodbye when they want. If Rigsby wants the girl it's time to man up. Of course the best he could do in that moment was watch Cho walk away and mutter…

Rigsby: You date pregnant hookers and your dinosaur eats grass. | permalink

I couldn't stop laughing.

Even with all of that, the best was yet to come. I found it ironic that Jane put on his white hat and rode to the rescue to get Bertram to authorize the funding for Grace's White Hat training. He's always had a soft spot for her. 

Then Jane used his wedding ring to ward off the doctor's advances and it's not the first time he's done that. I suppose keeping that ring on comes in handy from time to time.

Of course, the best scene of the night was having Jane challenge Lisbon to some poker using gummy dinosaurs. Any fans of Castle would remember a similar scene from season one, but it's taken Jane and Lisbon to season five to get to that level of flirting although it makes it no less fun to watch.

Here's to more funny, flirty episodes of The Mentalist in our near future.


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hmmmmm. The promo for next week is advertising 4 new episodes in a row in March.


@km now if patrick would have dated one of the guys, then we'd have something. thanks for list.


at least I guess it's 5x20. The April 7 episode.


I'm thinking March should be really good because it's sweeps month. Maybe we'll actually see promos on air. Wow, the tile of 5x20 makes me shiver in hope and anticipation. But they'll probably pull the football again. Buncha Lucies.


@km can see why it would get attention for its subject matter. i wish it had been a bit better as a piece of drama. but that's me.


3 March "Red Lacquer Nail Polish"
10 March "There Will Be Blood"
24 March "Red, White, and Blue"
7 April "Behind the Red Curtain" I liked "Ruby Slippers" and I think it is cool that it has received positive attention and a Glaad Media nomination. That's me though.


i have high hopes for the four episodes in a row. maybe we'll get a great little arc like black gold and red blood, red bulls and his red right hand? or will it be a flavor of the week group, something like pink champagne on ice, rotten in redmond, and ruby slippers - just to pick a group that have the cohesion and nutritional value of sour cream & onion, nacho cheese and cool ranch. that somewhere over the rainbow scene. cringe.
hope they build toward something in march. as i think about it, five is the worst season so far. only three excellent eps, my opinion. devil's cherry, red dawn and red sails in the sunset. crimson ticket, was a half-rung down. cherry-picked ok - but primarily the guard part. and nothing since the midseason break. volker was an attempt but it mostly left out jane so i had to pedal hard to care. we're getting lorelei back. thank goodness.


@rationalgal. i would also like for him not to be caught because it would mean the show would go on. of course they could do the double whammy and go off the air not identifying red john.


back to dr. kidd. as you may remember, i have this theory about red john being the son of brett stiles (a murderer though maybe not a guy who puts in the knife) and that he was a troubled kid sent to the elliston farm as a way to give him some discipline and straighten him out. needless to say, it didn't work. rj went off on his own. and built a career as a serial killer. gives a reason why stiles keeps tabs on red john, knows about him, can reach him and because rj is his kid, is unwilling to turn him in. but that's just a bee i can't get out of my bonnet. more germane, is that i had hoped that dr. kidd would provide some insight into families in which murder was passed through the generations. certainly this occurs with mental illness and of course, destructive family systems repeat themselves over and over. would have been great if jane started to search for red john based on who his parents might be.


huisclothes, I think this is also the way ordinary viewers see it too. They don't get all obsessed with analyzing every bit of dialogue and facial twitch. Just oddities like us do that. (But we can't help it. Jeez! Simon Baker is SO cute!) Anyhow, normal people just want an entertaining show and they are getting it. They don't care who RJ turns out to be or even if he's ever caught.

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Bertram's suppose to be this real smooth player but he loses a couple of hands of poker and he has to bum everybody else out.


Nobody picks what they dedicate their life to by accident. It says something.