The Vampire Diaries Preview: The Hunter is On

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The Vampire Diaries aired one of the more boring episodes in show history this week.

How will the series bounce back next Thursday? Via "Down the Rabbit Hole," an installment that will focus on the new hunter encountered by Damon to close out "Into the Wild."

What is his agenda? Where does he fit into Shane's grand (read: evil) plan? And just what might that third massacre entail? All good questions, all with exciting answers we hope.

Watch the official CW trailer now and get an idea of what's to come:

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David and sabrina 2014

Who knows what might be going on with the craziness between Damon and Shane but there will be a lot of twists and turns for them throughout the show. ;P


There's one thing that's really bothered me from since the very beginning of Vampire Diaries, and that's the writers refusal to allow us any insight into the Petrova bloodline or family history. Its like they've become a plot device rather than actual characters. Tatia is portrayed as the original femme fatale, who falls in love with two brothers, and not just destroys an entire family, but whose death causes the vampire race to be created, yet we have never seen her and she has only been mentioned once, shouldn't the writers flesh her out a bit more. I'm assuming her child was illegitimate. Then there's Katherine, she was not born evil, she has her child taken from her and is banished to England, where she befriends two Original brothers, who guess what, need to drain her blood to break a curse. What's more is that they pretend to care about her, rather than just be honest. Klaus and Elijah's vendetta against her really doesn't make sense, they betrayed her not the other way around. No wonder she's the way she is.She's actually more interesting as a character when she only cares about herself, not when she's moping over Stefan. She really could not care less that Elena is her own descendant.
Then there's Elena, the writers have made a mess of her transition. first she can only drink human blood from the vein, that would have been an interesting storyline but they cured that one pretty quickly. Secondly, she and Stefan have already broken up by the time she sleeps with Damon, but then again it also rushes the storyline. Still everyone is obssessed with Elena, Stefan to turn her back, Caroline because she worships Stefan (she has not been much help to Elena), Klaus because he needs his hybrids, Rebekah, because she has probably always taken second place to everyone and needs someone to torment (she's also becoming something of a bully). Every single major spell or curse on this show seems to involve the Petrova bloodline. Maybe the writers need to change direction and focus on another character like Bonnie for instance.Also,it doesn't matter how much Damon takes charge and tries to save everyone, Stefan will always make him the villan.

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