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Katherine returned to The Vampire Diaries this week, knocking out Elena at the bottom of the magic well and then seemingly killing Jeremy in order to use his blood to feed and wake Silas and then grab The Cure for herself.

Follow all that? Good.

The evening's other big development was that Klaus allowed Tyler to get a head start, for Caroline's sake. He still wants to kill Tyler for turning on his Hybrids, but Tyler escaped town for now and we don't know where he ran off to.

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I dont think Jeremy is really dead! If he was there isnt a show, we all love him! And did anyone else notice that his body disapeared in the fire? You see his face and then all of a sudden its gone and only his shoes are left! I think he will be back!!


shocked by kathrine's return, was really missing her literally jumping up and down when i saw her then she killed jermey yeah she didn't have to come back. jermey's not really dead cause he's 1 of the main characters at the point he dies theres no show (same with tyler)and bonnie will end up alone if he dies.


Really looking forward to this episode!!!!!!!!!