The Vampire Diaries Review: A Dirty Rotten Shane

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Sorry, Damon Salvatore. You may have a handsome behind, but you are one giant liar.

To conclude last week's strong Vampire Diaries episode, you uttered these inspiring words: Here we go. But the show didn't go very far at all on "Into the Wild," burying itself in far too much drivel from Atticus - yes, Atticus! - Shane and dragging the hour down with an over-reliance on exposition.

Yes, we learned a great deal.

About why Shane manipulated the Pastor to commit group suicide. About what his end game is for The Cure. About Bonnie's relationship to a witch with a really complicated name. But if Shane's history classes are anything like the way this information was doled out - talking, talking and then even more talking - I can't imagine why anyone would sign up.

Shane on the Island

This was really one of the more boring episodes of The Vampire Diaries in recent memory, which is slightly understandable because it clearly served as a transition to next week's official introduction of a new hunter and what hopefully will be a final showdown between Shane and, well... everyone else.

But, for all the answers given, the installment really didn't accomplish much at all.

Is anyone surprised that Shane has an ulterior, evil motive? Anyone taken aback that he was training Bonnie for his own nefarious purposes? We were clearly headed here all along. I doubt many viewers thought Shane was simply a well-meaning father figure who would bring out the best in our resident witch.

The Elena-Damon divide over taking The Cure has grown old, as well. My feelings on the sire bond nonsense have been made clear over the course of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 (spoiler alert: I don't like it!) and it's tiresome to watch these two continually debate whether her feelings are real.

Moreover, what do they/we even know about The Cure? Is it an injection? Are there gallons' worth? Can one vampire take it? Two? Three dozen? The group would have been better served if they stopped discussing the pros and cons of taking it - and instead focused on the shady dude who promised it could be found.

Know how else the group would have been better served? If it stopped splitting up! Sheesh! Do these people not watch any horror movies?

Back in Mystic Falls, meanwhile, we had a Tyler and Caroline sighting for the first time in three weeks. But the return wasn't welcome for this couple, as Caroline quickly suffered a bite at the mouth of her occasional, quasi paramour.

Now, I adore these characters. And I love the actors portraying them. But it's unclear what point this mini storyline served. We should all understand Klaus by now: he's cruel, but he also possesses a softer, vulnerable side and it stems from how he's been hurt in the past and... yadda, yadda, yadda. Caroline calling on his humanity in order to be saved was really just pointing out the obvious.

Maybe his love for C -Money has now been solidified? Perhaps he'll really try to fight for her heart now? But it's hard to see how much mileage that angle would get, considering Caroline also called him out for killing Jenna and Tyler's mother, among many other victims. She ain't falling for his serial-killer-with-a-wounded-heart-of-gold act.

So we're left with a wasted trip into the wild. There was far too much telling and not nearly enough showing this week. I watch The Vampire Diaries for the occasional heart-to-heart, sure, but not to watch one guy just spout his history for minutes on end. The pressure is now on, new hunter dude.

You better bring it next Thursday night. What did everyone else think?


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@justsaying, if you are new here, word of advice don't waste your breath trying to talk sense into the brainwashed part of the DE fandom, who see no wrong in Damon. Srsly, rather just join the forum convo )


@nighmagic. And are you saying that Stefan haven't saved Elena numerous times? You DE shippers are so bias that it's pathetic. Not only did Stefan look out for Elena, but also her brother, aunt Jenna, her friends and everybody that Elena is connected to. So what that Damon helped Elena on some occasions. He did it by association with his brother for her. That was the natural thing to do, and he wanted her to see that he was just as good as Stefan so that he could get hugs and kisses too. Read between the lines people. Bottom line; he wanted his brothers girl and in my world that makes you a low down douch if you act on it & he did. When something like that happens to you then maybe you will understand the moral dishonor in it. Until then, shut the f****up!


all damon has ever done is helped elena .he rescued her and stood by her even went into werewolf country for her and saved her from the wolf .theres an endless amount of things damon has done that are good .


@justsaying Exactly! On his own I love that Damon is trying to get redemption but TVD just crossed d line for me by making Delena happen. I'm no prude & can root for flawed characters cos @ d end of d day we are all flawed but I'll NEVER cheer for a couple where one of them has slept with either parent or raped a best friend or consistently chased a brother's girl.
@Vrep I'm sorry u need to change d people u hang with if they engage in sleeping with parents of their partners or siblings etc.


@V there are more twisted real life love story than Delena well except for the vampire thing. I guess "love is blind" definitely applies to Elena and most people are sucker for stories wherein the bad boy changes for the woman he loves maybe that's the reason why there are lots of delena shippers. I don't have a problem with delena because stelena is too pretentious relationship Stefan would only love human Elena and Elena would never had fallen for Damon if he truly loved Stefan or I could be wrong maybe Elena loved both brothers but that is just considered immoral in our world.


But last of all, this is just a TV show and all fantasy and kudos to all the actors that you actually get to me to write my frustrations to your the writers too. I do absolutely love the show but it is beginning to miss something...maybe Elijah... ;)


I attempting to understand why this show is irritating more and more. Perhaps it is because it has not answered enough of the mythos that I have come to enjoy in shows like this and I don't believe that the characters are developing into deeper, believable people. I get it. They are supernatural beings with chaotic lives and mass horror. But wouldn't there be some growth? I see it in the Tyler and Caroline storyline. I see it in Rebekah. Maybe it is just that the writers just see saw the the dang Stefan/Damon/Elana triangle and I am a bit tired of it. I believe Elana has outgrown Stefan and he for her. Whether Damon could keep her happy and vice versa at least it would be more interesting than watching Stefan pouting all the time.


@V, and he also had sex multiple times with one of her best friends(Caroline) and sex with Rebekah whom she called fast(not in the good way).And they are named an awesome couple. The correct word is "AWFUL". He did so many under-handed things to Stefan and Elena's relationship because of his jealousy. Damn, Stefan had to put a vervain necklace around Elena mainly because of Damon. Their were things that Stefan couldn't tell Elena when they first starting talking to each other because it was too much at once. But, that didn't stop Damon from throwing hints every chance he got about Stefan. Hell, with a brother like that, who need enemies.


@justsaying not forgetting that Damon also had sex with her biological mother and Elena seems perfectly content with that. Utterly ridiculous! I think I'm going to give myself a break from TVD if this Delena rubbish continues and come back in Season 5. Hopefully it (Delena) would have run its disgusting course.


The definition of awesome:1)extremely impressive or daunting. 2)inspiring great admiration,apprehension, or fear.3)extremely good,excellent. Truth be told, none of these descriptions describe DE. Damon is a backstabber to his brother, smiling in his face but all the time wanting to take his place. Elena is a trollop, playing innocent but in reality lusting another until she jumps his bones like a dog in heat. Now, awesome does not describe these two.

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