The Vampire Diaries Review: A Dirty Rotten Shane

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Sorry, Damon Salvatore. You may have a handsome behind, but you are one giant liar.

To conclude last week's strong Vampire Diaries episode, you uttered these inspiring words: Here we go. But the show didn't go very far at all on "Into the Wild," burying itself in far too much drivel from Atticus - yes, Atticus! - Shane and dragging the hour down with an over-reliance on exposition.

Yes, we learned a great deal.

About why Shane manipulated the Pastor to commit group suicide. About what his end game is for The Cure. About Bonnie's relationship to a witch with a really complicated name. But if Shane's history classes are anything like the way this information was doled out - talking, talking and then even more talking - I can't imagine why anyone would sign up.

Shane on the Island

This was really one of the more boring episodes of The Vampire Diaries in recent memory, which is slightly understandable because it clearly served as a transition to next week's official introduction of a new hunter and what hopefully will be a final showdown between Shane and, well... everyone else.

But, for all the answers given, the installment really didn't accomplish much at all.

Is anyone surprised that Shane has an ulterior, evil motive? Anyone taken aback that he was training Bonnie for his own nefarious purposes? We were clearly headed here all along. I doubt many viewers thought Shane was simply a well-meaning father figure who would bring out the best in our resident witch.

The Elena-Damon divide over taking The Cure has grown old, as well. My feelings on the sire bond nonsense have been made clear over the course of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 (spoiler alert: I don't like it!) and it's tiresome to watch these two continually debate whether her feelings are real.

Moreover, what do they/we even know about The Cure? Is it an injection? Are there gallons' worth? Can one vampire take it? Two? Three dozen? The group would have been better served if they stopped discussing the pros and cons of taking it - and instead focused on the shady dude who promised it could be found.

Know how else the group would have been better served? If it stopped splitting up! Sheesh! Do these people not watch any horror movies?

Back in Mystic Falls, meanwhile, we had a Tyler and Caroline sighting for the first time in three weeks. But the return wasn't welcome for this couple, as Caroline quickly suffered a bite at the mouth of her occasional, quasi paramour.

Now, I adore these characters. And I love the actors portraying them. But it's unclear what point this mini storyline served. We should all understand Klaus by now: he's cruel, but he also possesses a softer, vulnerable side and it stems from how he's been hurt in the past and... yadda, yadda, yadda. Caroline calling on his humanity in order to be saved was really just pointing out the obvious.

Maybe his love for C -Money has now been solidified? Perhaps he'll really try to fight for her heart now? But it's hard to see how much mileage that angle would get, considering Caroline also called him out for killing Jenna and Tyler's mother, among many other victims. She ain't falling for his serial-killer-with-a-wounded-heart-of-gold act.

So we're left with a wasted trip into the wild. There was far too much telling and not nearly enough showing this week. I watch The Vampire Diaries for the occasional heart-to-heart, sure, but not to watch one guy just spout his history for minutes on end. The pressure is now on, new hunter dude.

You better bring it next Thursday night. What did everyone else think?


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Ps how adorable was Bex. I love that girl x


Ok, now I'm calm enough to post what I truly felt about this episode. I though it was pretty good and JoMo has once again shown he is THE BEST actor on TVD right now. My earlier outburst was all because of 'Scandal'. There's nothing wrong in a villain finding love as long as he still remains the villain we love to hate. Good episode which gave us a lot of insight into the cure and shane.


what are you talking about? that was a really great episode! It made it clear that the cure is all a hoax played by Silas himself by manipulating a desperate man whose only wish is to see his wife and son again and if anyone else in MF had half as much brains as Damon, they wouldn be on that stupid, creepy island. Now they are all screwed and the only one who will end up getting his ass kicked to save everyone will be Damon. One thing I didn like was Stefan and Rebekah wanting the cure to erase all the guilt and suffering and start over...that's not right...after all they have done, it should not be this easy to get over the guilt and get a second chance. At first I didn like the sire bond storyline but now I am loving it because it has done wonders for Damon's character...his insecurities and his fear of losing Elena makes his character more lovable....and it shows that their love is not going to be easy but that wont stop them from fighting for it.

Sarah silva

Wow, I guess we were watching 2 different episodes! I really liked this episode! It explained alot and it was a fast paced hour. I am glad that Klaus gave Caroline her blood! With this show you never know who will die.
It was nice seeing Elena, Rebekah and Stefan come together, yes they had no choice but it was still nice to see.
Damon telling Elena it would never work and he did not want to be human was a sad scene. Being team Stelena that was a shock for me to be sad at that part. Just as I am warming up to Delena! Looking forward to next week.


Good episode. I never trusted Shane and there was no reason to. This episode didn't have hardly any action in it but it answered a lot of questions like who would take the cure and why they did or didn't want it, we found out a lot more about Shane and why he made this plan, we also learned more about Silas. The Caroline and klaus seen was kind of sweet even though she doesn't forgive him for all the horrible things he's done she understands why he does them and she knows that there's a part of him that's human. Can't wait for the next episode it looks better than this one.


favorite part of the episode: the klaus and caroline moment
worst part of the episode: when damon told elena he didnt want to be human
most boring part: every scene with shane or bonnie
parts when i was longing more: scenes with Stefan and Rebekah what i think: rebekah and elena should get the cure, no one else. after elena proves to stefan that her love for damon is real, caroline should turn her back into a vampire so she doesnt risk forming another sire bond.


klaus nearly killed caroline. it's nice that she understands him and understands why he is the way he is. but what's the point of her insulting him and being mean to him infront of tyler. i expected her to be much more sympathetic. i mean klaus' brother lay dead on the floor. he watched his brother burn. yet there was no humanity for him. i expected more from both caroline and klaus. this episode made me really sadddd


i had really high expectations for this episode and i was really disappointed by the way things turned out.


The writers have been trying to make us hate Damon's character maybe that is the reason they gave Damon a very very brutally boring story line e.g sire bond. Stefan's character on the other hand is actually improving, I think he is more relax and less problematic when he's with Rebekah. I know they need to somehow explain more about Silas and Shane but they should fire whoever wrote this episode I think they should have made it more interesting and less boring.


I couldn't help but notice that this TVD episode has been graded with only two stars!!! Well, it doesn't really surprise me, since this was such a lackluster season, altough it had so much potential at the beginning and this episode was just horrible. TVD has never been so bad before(and they had some really bad episodes in the past - yes, I'm talking about the ghost filled season 3). I am also starting to wonder if this will be its last season, since Klaus and co might hypothetically depart into The Originals. As far as I am concerned they might just wrap things up this season, because I am increasingly loosing interest in TVD.

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