Castle Review: A Mob and a Mistress

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Well, well. Who knew that Seamus Dever was such the man?

Castle aired the "The Wild Rover" this week, an installment that showed us a different side of Detective Ryan, a side that was pretty amazing to watch. Let’s discuss, shall we?

Shocked Reactions

Full of Dough. After the death of a baker involved in the Irish mob, Ryan goes back undercover as Fenton O’Connell. Turns out, he had been undercover in the mob for 14 months. He had a girlfriend and was seriously deep in the crew. He ran out after the Feds started to close in and seven years later he is back there. 

Things aren’t too easy for our favorite Irish cop. Doesn’t matter, though, Ryan is a total badass and takes the whole crew down.  

As much as I love watching the relationship buildup and the fun weekly cases of the standard Castle episodes, I loved this episode even more. I often think that Espo and Ryan don’t get the screen time they deserve. But maybe that’s why when they do get an hour to be the center, they excel at it. Remember when Espo saved Kate on Castle Season 4? Dever killed it in this installment, proving that he is one cop not to be messed with.

Seriously, the makeover back into his Fenton ways... hot stuff, Seamus.

Daddy Time. On top of Ryan being the man all hour, he’s finally getting what he wants: a baby! Jenny and Kevin are pregnant and they couldn’t have been cuter. Plus, it’s always nice to have Dever’s real life wife pop by.

Side Notes

  • Gotta love the partnership between Ryan and Espo. Could possibly be my favorite bromance on TV right now. Anyone else agree?
  • Who wants to see Ryan with that haircut all the time?? Me!
  • How hilarious was it when they were trying to pronounce Siobhan? 
  • Ryan also delivered one of the best Castle quotes from the hour: “See you on the other side, brother.” Anyone else have instant flashbacks to Desmond from Lost

Well, TV Fanatics, the time is here. Deep into the fifth season, Castle will be celebrating its 100th episode next week with “The Lives of Others.” It’s bound to be amazing, so make sure you are ready to discuss after. For some sneak peak info, check out the TV Fanatic exclusive.

So, what did you think of “The Wild Rover?” Did you enjoy the time spent on Ryan or do you want it back to your regular Castle episodes? Check back later this week for the Castle Round Table and make sure to hit up the comments and let us know what you thought.  


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Why doesn't Seamus Dever's name ever appear on the credits when I use my TV remote to show guide info about each show? They give the plot summary then list real names for Kate, Castle, Castle's mom and daughter, and Espo, Cap't. Gates, and Lanie, but never Ryan??? Why?


Uj32Mw Looking forward to reading more. Great article post.Thanks Again. Want more.


This is one of the best episodes of Castle yet. Fenton is a fantastic character. I wish Ryan acted more like him(also the hair). And even with Castle's little screen time he still managed to have me laughing with his line 'Seriously? I didn't... I didn't bring my vest.'


I caught the Master Baker line as well - SO well placed! I was dying of laughter.


A few weeks ago, I asked why Ryan is often treated like a minor character and why we never see Jenny. I guess this episode was my answer. I loved when his squeaky clean character got slapped twice for valid reason! I generally prefer more Kate/Castle interaction, but this story line held my attention without it.
I can't believe that as the 37th commenter, here, I'm only the 4th one to have noticed the "Master Baker" comment. And what is the likelihood of a 25-year-old incident bringing up the name "Jordan" 14 times??


I think the jordon episode showed that castle is still unsure of himself in his writers world. Even being successful he still has doubts of his talent and how he attained it. I do think it was mainly to show he will open up to Kate and not keep everything hidden like Meredith told her. Plus I think this will make katenmore sure of the relationship


I caught the "Master Baker" bit. I had to rewind it and watch it a second time.
I'm surprised how few people caught it. I'm sure the editors were dieing of laughter in the control room.


I loved this epi. Seamus nailed it. Castle and Beckett had a great moment at the end that ended with a kiss. It was great! I really didn't enjoy the epi about Espo. Maybe it was just a bad story but this was great!

Strawberry fields

Oh. My. God. Ryan totally blew me away... Seriously, I'm dead. He was always such a perfect nice guy. What the hell just happened? The jacket? The hoodie? That (super hot) voice? THE HAIRCUT? (Yeah, Courtney, I totally want to see him like that ALL THE TIME). Undercover Ryan is officially my new favourite thing that ever happened on this show. I think I'm in love...


BTW, The Wild Rover is a great song, and the lyrics are pretty apropo..."And it's no, nay, never, no nay never no more, and I'll play the wild rover, no never, no more."

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