Castle Round Table: "The Wild Rover"

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"The Wild Rover" displayed a side of Kevin Ryan we never knew existed before: The bad boy.

Below, our Castle Round Table Team of Chandel Charles, Jim Garner and Christine Orlando are joined by Beth from The 12th Fan Forum to  discuss the sexiness of Fenton O'Connel versus Kevin Ryan and who had the most romantic moment of the episode. Pull up a virtual chair and join us!


What was your favorite scene?

Chandel: Castle's confessing the story behind "Jordan" to Kate. I love little moments like those between those two.

Beth: The confrontation at the docks. Ryan had such true blind faith in his team that he knew that Esposito, Beckett, and Castle would be there. It really showed the depth of their trusting each other with their lives. With the addition of Castle's line about not bringing his vest it was a perfect scene.

Jim:  When Fenton took the gun away from #2 and put in Bobby S. hands. Slick move and way braver than I would have been.

Christine: There were so many great scenes that it's hard to choose. But I loved the final scene where Jenny tells Kevin she's pregnant. The way she tricked him into thinking something might be wrong and then the pure joy on his face when he realizes the truth was wonderful to see.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Who is sexier: Kevin Ryan or Fenton O'Connell?

Chandel: Both, because they're the same person. I just wish we could see the Fenton O'Connell side of Kevin more often.

Beth: Fenton definitely has the bad boy thing going for him, but I'm going to give this one to Ryan. Ryan is a very moral character and has firm beliefs on right vs. wrong. A man that will stand up for what he believes in is very sexy.

Jim:  Fenton! I even had a little man crush going on.

Christine: I never was one for the bad boys so I'm going with Kevin, especially now that he has this great, complicated back story.

Did Ryan do the right thing choosing to go back undercover?

Chandel: I think he did. He owed it to Siobhan and I think he also wanted to follow through and help her.

Beth: Yes. It was evident that he still had a fondness for Siobhan, and in his mind this was his way providing some kind of remedy for the mess that he left behind when he was pulled out of his undercover work. It was very in character for him to want to rectify the situation.

Jim:  Yes, it is who he is. Ryan would have hated himself otherwise.

Christine:  efinitely. I think it had to eat at him on some level that they never got the head guy. It would have felt like he hadn't finished the job he set out to do. And he obviously truly cared about Siobhan so this was a way to try and make things right with her.

Best romantic moment: Espo and Lanie's playing doctor reference, Castle's confession to Kate or Jenny telling Kevin that they're pregnant?

Chandel: Jenny telling Kevin she was pregnant. I think it was really sweet. Besides, we don't get those moments often.

Beth: Jenny telling Kevin that she's pregnant. After a very emotional episode for both of them it was a wonderful way to end on a very high note.

Jim:  Kate and Rick always win for me. So damn cute!

Christine: I loved Castle's confession because I can see that incident really weighing on him and it's something that would be difficult to share. Despite Meredith's predictions, he shared something important about himself with Kate. Her reaction, his relief, and the kiss on the couch made my night.

Do you think the team will see Ryan differently after this case?

Chandel: Definitely. If anything, they will take him a little bit more seriously than they did before. He can clearly keep a secret and has some serious undercover skills.

Beth: Absolutely. They were exposed to a side of Ryan that they hadn't seen before. I think that it will serve as a reminder that although they know each other extremely well, there are still things to learn about each other. 

Jim:  I know I do. Who knew what a huge pair the quirky and awkward Ryan had on him.

Christine:  They've always known he was a good cop but now they've seen a side they never knew was there. There's a Fenton O'Connell side to go along with Honeymilk. That has to change their perspective.

Was Castle overreacting to his childhood story about cheating?

Chandel: No, I think there are moments in your life that define you and sometimes you confront those moments in ways that seem like an overreaction but are really just your way of coping and moving on.

Beth: Yes and no. To Kate (and viewers) it may have seemed that way, but to Castle this is something that has bothered him for years. It's easy to let something small sit and fester and grow into something that's much bigger in your own mind than it is/was in reality. Either way it showed us that Castle is willing to share things with Kate that he isn't proud of and to open up more of himself than he has in the past.

Jim:  Yes and no, it made him the writer he is today.

Christine: No. As a writer, to have the first time anyone recognizes that you have talent to be a complete fraud must be hard. It's something that's shaped who he is today but also feeds his insecurity that he's night quite talented enough. As insignificant as that childhood moment might seem to someone else, it means the world to him.

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Favorite Scene: OMG, there's just too much to choose from. The whole episode was one great scene after another.
Sexier: Kevin Ryan
I think he definitely did the right thing going back undercover. I don't think he could have lived with himself if something had happened to Siobhan and he thought he could have prevented it.
Best romantic moment: While it's usually Caskett hands down, gotta agree the final scene with Jenny telling Ryan she's pregnant.
Seeing Ryan differently: Christine, I love your response! Perfect.
Castle's guilt about his term paper: I agree with everything the panel said on this one. I do wonder, though, why this suddenly started bothering him here...other than they wanted to have the secret as the Caskett storyline for this episode.


Thanks for another great round table discussion! I always love to read these following each new episode and I really felt that this was a great episode to discuss in this type of setting. Great questions and great answers across the panel! Thank you for this, TV Fanatic!!


Was Castle overreacting? I think so. Did it haunt him? Yes, but I don’t believe that it was to this extent. Anyone remember how he lived his life before Beckett? Apart from his remarkable parenting of Alexis, there’s not a lot of evidence of Castle brooding about his past grade-school faux pas.


Favorite scene? Siobhan kissing Ryan in the precinct, and gauging everyone’s reaction. Terrific cold opening!
Sexier: Kevin or Fenton? I’m a guy, so this is one I have to defer to Mrs NoHassleCastle! She says Kevin; it’s always sexier keeping it real…
Did Ryan do the right thing choosing to go back undercover? Yes, he did. Knowing what he knew about that organization, and the pending fate of a woman he clearly loved (and abandoned) at one time, the man Ryan is would want to close this episode.
Best romantic moment? Jenny telling Kevin she’s pregnant. There’s nothing more intimate than bringing a new life into the world!
Ryan seen differently? Hell yes! How could he not?
Was Castle overreacting? I think so. Did it haunt him? Yes, but I don’t believe that it was to this extent. Anyone remember how he lived his life before Beckett? Apart from his remarkable parenting of Alexis, there’s not a lot of evidence of Castle brooding about his past grade-school faux pas.


1 - I can't possibly narrow it down to one favorite scene in this amazing episode! I love every one of the scenes the Roundtable team mentioned.
2 - I'll go with Kevin Ryan simply because he's proven that he's the total package.
3 - Jim said it perfectly. Ryan could have never lived with himself if he hadn't.
4 - I adore Caskett moments but the pregnancy reveal trumped them for me in this one. I can't help but believe that part of the appeal of that scene was that Seamus and Juliana are truly married and might one day be living out that very scene in some form or another.
5 - I definitely think they'll all have a new level of respect for Ryan, especially Espo. There were several times in the episode when Espo's facial expression was one of amazement at what Ryan was doing.
6 - Castle was not overreacting because, as a writer, there could be nothing more shameful than being guilty of plagiarism.


Favorite scene: The "Jordan" conversation at the end
Sexier: Kevin Ryan
Ryan do the right thing? Yes, he did!
Best romantic moment: Kate's comment "I like you more now" and the well-lit kiss between Kate and Castle
See Ryan differently? They most definitely will, especially Esposito
Castle overreacting: No. He's working through his issues to be more open with Kate and a better man for her. That's awesome!


Oops, missed one: Do they see Ryan differently? They better!!


1. The docks. I loved Ryan's bravado, his confidence and his intelligence. I loved how the team showed up one by one, and I loved the seconds of levity brought by Castle. Brilliant scene. 2. Hmmm - I'd say I'd prefer everything about Kevin Ryan, but with Fenton's clothes, haircut and confidence :-) 3. Absolutely. He did what needed to be done. 4. Definitely Kevin and Jenny - that was adorable. I thought Castle and Beckett's moment, while lovely, was superfluous in this episode. I think the episode would have been just as strong (maybe stronger) without the whole Jordan thing. Could have waited for another episode. 5. Yes and No. If that's the moment that forged his career path, then it's not overreacting (though it is to everyone else).


I loved this ep. Ryan has always been my fav of the two.
Fenton was edgier. Ryan had to go undercover.
I loved how they did the whole ep. This season started out good and went south but it's back baby. Its back.

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