Castle Review: A Mob and a Mistress

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Well, well. Who knew that Seamus Dever was such the man?

Castle aired the "The Wild Rover" this week, an installment that showed us a different side of Detective Ryan, a side that was pretty amazing to watch. Let’s discuss, shall we?

Shocked Reactions

Full of Dough. After the death of a baker involved in the Irish mob, Ryan goes back undercover as Fenton O’Connell. Turns out, he had been undercover in the mob for 14 months. He had a girlfriend and was seriously deep in the crew. He ran out after the Feds started to close in and seven years later he is back there. 

Things aren’t too easy for our favorite Irish cop. Doesn’t matter, though, Ryan is a total badass and takes the whole crew down.  

As much as I love watching the relationship buildup and the fun weekly cases of the standard Castle episodes, I loved this episode even more. I often think that Espo and Ryan don’t get the screen time they deserve. But maybe that’s why when they do get an hour to be the center, they excel at it. Remember when Espo saved Kate on Castle Season 4? Dever killed it in this installment, proving that he is one cop not to be messed with.

Seriously, the makeover back into his Fenton ways... hot stuff, Seamus.

Daddy Time. On top of Ryan being the man all hour, he’s finally getting what he wants: a baby! Jenny and Kevin are pregnant and they couldn’t have been cuter. Plus, it’s always nice to have Dever’s real life wife pop by.

Side Notes

  • Gotta love the partnership between Ryan and Espo. Could possibly be my favorite bromance on TV right now. Anyone else agree?
  • Who wants to see Ryan with that haircut all the time?? Me!
  • How hilarious was it when they were trying to pronounce Siobhan? 
  • Ryan also delivered one of the best Castle quotes from the hour: “See you on the other side, brother.” Anyone else have instant flashbacks to Desmond from Lost

Well, TV Fanatics, the time is here. Deep into the fifth season, Castle will be celebrating its 100th episode next week with “The Lives of Others.” It’s bound to be amazing, so make sure you are ready to discuss after. For some sneak peak info, check out the TV Fanatic exclusive.

So, what did you think of “The Wild Rover?” Did you enjoy the time spent on Ryan or do you want it back to your regular Castle episodes? Check back later this week for the Castle Round Table and make sure to hit up the comments and let us know what you thought.  


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I loved seeing Ryan get more time. It was nice seeing some of this background. IMO..he and Espo are underused.
I didn't like not seeing Martha and Alexis for the past two episodes, and nothing's been mentioned about the kidnapping or his father.. A passing.. "how is Alexis doing after all that's happened?" or something.. but it's like it never happened! Looking forward to the 100th! Previews look amazing!


What I loved about this particular episode is that shows tend to treat the costars as second rate side-kicks -- but here we're given a picture of a very competent, successful cop who probably had higher-ups embrace and advance his career early on just like Beckett (and her dead superior) and just like the mayor supports Castle. Ryan is good at his job and others have seen it. He's a detective because he earned it -- and we don't usually get to know that about co-stars on TV shows. Nice episode!


What I'm semi-not-happy about is that the premise of Castle is being slowly dumbed down to a cliche. The premise of the Peter-Pan-ish, imaginative, creative son of an unwed, disinterested, self-centered starlet (who's growing wiser as she gets older and grows up until she's become a mother and grandmother) being a best selling mystery writer who would be interested in working with real cops (and especially one who looked like and was as interesting a person as Beckett) is edgy -- but typical mini-series lost fathers and his mother turning out to be mother-of-the-year and now his becoming a writer only at a late age do to guilt (he didn't build that?) isn't necessary and seems to forget all that came before!


I absolutely LOVED this episode! It had the perfect balance of drama, humor, and romance. The Castle cast and crew really know how to do it all! It was great to this new side of Ryan, it was such a great step forward for his character. Not to mention the fact that he's going to be a father! This episode definitely gave Seamus Dever the chance to shine. He did an excellent job! As did the entire cast and crew. Castle is one of the best tv shows out there and I am so honored to be able to experience it each week. It has had such an impact on my life and I will watch it to the very end. Always.


I thought this was a great episode. I loved seeing Ryan being a little more edgy. I also liked that we saw typical interactions (Castle and Beckett, Ryan and Espo) but then we see different pairings (is it me or does anyone else LOVE when Beckett and Espo get to talking?! Those two are hysterical sometimes). I liked that we got to see more of the Jenny character and she was really good (got a little misty at the end and I KNEW what was coming thanks to YouTube!) Someone mentioned that they didn't like this episode because it was unrealistic. If you are watching Castle for gritty are in the wrong place. I suggest switching to SVU. Castle, for the most part, is cute fluffy procedural wrapped up in awesome characters. Once you accept it for what it is, you too will enjoy the hell out of it.


@DebB831 - I actually caught that as well... I thought it was just in my head, but it was really funny. Overall a great episode and it is nice to see Javi and Espo get their screen time every now & then, the actors do a great job.


I absolutely loved this episode. Also love the new haircut on Kevin! Makes him look more "with it"! Now we need an episode that mainly involves Espo. Looking forward to the 100th episode next week.


I also loved this episode. I love and hope they continue to give one episode each season to the other characters so that they can shine. I get that the show is called Castle, but it also takes more than one character to make a series work this well. Shocked no one mentioned the part hubby and I laughed at the hardest when they cut from Ryan and his wife getting ready to go to the doctor and her asking if he "needed any help" getting the sample cutting to Castle saying to Beckett, "A Master Baker" - that was golden!


hi folks
i enjoyed ryan being the center of this episode. he's a good actor.
please don't anyone jump on me but i get tired of castle's duh lines. castle is my least favorite character on this show. and i really don't care about he and kate's romance. it's nice when this show gives us an interesting "cop" episode. hope to see more of those.


Great episode. Even chuckled aloud a couple of times with an Esposito quip. Mr. Dever pulled it off splendidly (never any doubt). As far as Caskett I really like the way the writers are dragging it out and just giving a hint of romance now and then, Castles facial expression are priceless. One thing I question in the review, I thought Ryan saved Beckett from the fall of death at the end of season 4.

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