Castle Review: Three Days of Terror

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Welcome back, TV Fanatics! After a few weeks off, Castle returned with "Scared to Death," a lighthearted episode to follow up the intense two-parter we had just enjoyed.

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Is Castle Scared?

The Ring? On a fun play off of “The Ring” movie, the weekly case dealt with the death of victims who had received a mysterious package containing an evil DVD. Not going to lie, kinda freaked me out a bit. I definitely asked myself, “are they showing these clips again??"

I can’t blame Espo and Ryan for not wanting to watch it either! Leave it to the genius of Rick Castle to figure out such an odd link between the victims. This was an enjoyable hour filled with laughs to follow up from "Hunt."

The only thing that threw me was that there was no mention of what they had just been through. Not a word about Alexis or his father. I get that this is a series that has a weekly case and a smaller back story that continues week to week. But, seriously, your daughter was kidnapped and taken to another country. You met your father, the spy, for the first time. Nothing to say about either?!?

Regardless of that, the installment was fun and enjoyable. Of course, in an episode filled with horror, Wes Craven would make an appearance. Must be good to be Castle. Being friends with the king of scream has got to be fun. 

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Side Notes

  • Who else was creeped out after watching the DVD Clips? It seriously was like watching The Ring all over again.
  • How creepy was the serial killer’s brother? I’m with Castle: if I ever see that guy on the street, I’m crossing to the other side.

What did you think, Castle fans? Did you enjoy “Scared to Death” or was it a bit of a let down after the incredible two parter of the season?

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you thought. Make sure to check out the Castle Quotes page and the official TV Fanatic Castle Round Table later in the week.

Until next week, enjoy this look at what's to come:


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This was a scathingly brilliant episode! I love Caskett when they are fun and they were indeed just FUN! Get over mentioning last week's performance. I am sure we will hear more about that in the future. I agree with Kelly that the season finale will be a kick ass episode. Have faith in Caskett and the Caskett crew of writers. They are fantastic!


This episode was great, tho maybe a little too X-Files (fact-oriented woman and whimsical guy). I don't think Castle looked like a bumbling idiot, as an earlier comments suggested. He had reason to be scared. That creepiness had me on the edge of my seat. I would like to see more subtle flirting, tho---it's sometimes hard to tell that they're not just co-workers. I liked the bucket list thing--I've done something similar myself! But Kate had a really bad hair day!


I liked the episode but have seen Castle and Beckett fight over the paranormal multiple times and it is time to move on from these type of episodes. I think this is at least the 3rd or 4th time that they have been talking about this and Beckett is always right. There is always a person behind the murder not some poltergeist. We have had so many intense episodes so it was nice for comic relief but let's do something other than paranormal. Get creative writers!


When are you all going to get that episodes are NOT aired in order? This was chosen from ones taped to be comedic relief in the lineup. The order, and connected plot lines, are not of concern to the networks. Yes, it would be great if all the tv shows would air eps in plot order, but they don't so just get over that and enjoy the individual ep and marvelous acting you seelike Castle.


This was a fun episode. It was "classic" Castle and nice to see a bit of a return to the light-hearted humor and interplay. One question: why does Kate still call him "Castle" even when they're alone???


I agree,it was a fun episode.But so many twists and turns,was hard to keep up! When the time comes,I cant wait to see Martha's reaction to all the information Castle gives her about his dad!

Sue ann

@ Mike S Are you saying that this show has been cancelled, or that you think that it should be cancelled? I have not read anything about cancellation, either way, but I disagree that it is time to end the show. If Bones keeps staggering on when they have wrecked the relationship, I cannot see why Castle should die when they are doing a fine job of keeping on with the mysteries, while not being heavy-handed or ridiculous with the love affair. I think the writers on this show are walking a tightrope very well indeed, and they haven't fallen off yet.


If the episode freak out the characters just imagine how if effected the watchers. It was just to much for me. And of coarse a mention by so many viewers a let down about Alexis and Castle's dad follow up. You can't always hit a home run I guess. but now we are getting to the end of the chapter of the series. It time to write the final episode of one of the best series ever.


I loved it. I thought it was very Castle-esque and a good and funny follow up to the drama filled two parter. All you viewers mentioning being disappointed that the Alexis kidnapping/father reveal was not brought up have no fear. I think it'll be brought up soon enough. I think that a LOT of little things have been dropped here and there and they are going to come back with a vengeance come the end of the season.

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