Castle Round Table: "Scared to Death"

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"Scared to Death" brought one of the creepiest killing methods together with some of the funniest scenes of Castle Season 5.

Below, our Castle Round Rable team of Chandel Charles, Jim Garner, and Christine Orlando are joined by Castle fan Amanda from The 12th Fan Forum to ponder who was the biggest scaredy cat at the precinct and which celebrities made our bucket lists.


What was your favorite scene?  

Amanda: I loved the scene at the end where Kate saw Castle's "bucket list" from three years ago and learned that his number one was to be with her. Super sweet and romantic!

Chandel: Probably when Castle initially watched the deadly DVD. His face at the end, upon realizing the consequences was really worth a screenshot.

Jim: I liked Espo backing up Ryan on not watching the DVD. Tried to act all tough, but dude was afraid.

Christine: My favorite was actually when Castle and Beckett visited the serial killer's brother in the asylum. It was all very creepy. A great Silence of the Lambs type moment and well played by all three actors.

Castle RT - depreciated -

When they showed the deadly DVD, did you watch? 

Amanda: Yes, I did watch mainly because I was sure there were clues in there that would reveal the identify of the killer. I wanted to see if I could find any of them.

Chandel: Yes, yes I did. I was confident I wouldn't die.

Jim: Yeah, I was watching for clues or hidden "Easter eggs" like they do sometimes.

Christine: Okay, I guess it's just me. I didn't look. I don't like anything scary and I figured why take chances. I stared at the floor until it was done.

The funniest scaredy cat: Castle, Ryan or Esposito? 

Amanda: Castle is always funniest when he's scared and this was no exception. However, I did love it when Esposito got "startled" by the inn owner. That was super funny!

Chandel: Esposito. He tried to act like he's so hard all the time, so to see him jump almost across the room when the innkeeper arrived was priceless.

Jim: Espo, as mentioned above. Love the "that was me startled" excuse.

Christine: I can't argue with the group but I did love when Castle asked Beckett if she wanted to hold hands while they watched the video. When she turned him down he admitted he was asking for himself, not her. Very cute.

What's the scariest horror movie you've ever seen? 

Amanda: The Omen no doubt, although I'm sure this has something to do with the fact that my cousin made me watch it when I was only about 8. I am actually a big fan of Hitchcock.

Chandel: I wish I was a fan of this genre, because then I might actually have an answer. In this case, however, I do not.

Jim: Actually the scariest movie I have ever seen was sci-fi. It was Communion with Christopher Walken and is supposed to be based on a true story. Freaked me out so bad I had every light in the house on and still ended up at the dining room table dozing in a chair.

Christine: I love mysteries but HATE horror movies. My husband cajoled me into watching The Ring because he thought it sounded kind of cool. I didn't agree and didn't sleep for days.

Castle listed meeting William Shatner on his bucket list. If you could meet one celebrity before you die, who would it be?

Amanda: My celebrity is already deceased so I couldn't really meet her before I die, but I would love to talk with Audrey Hepburn. She reminds me of Stana because of her class, grace, elegance. Nobody defines that better than Audrey.

Chandel: I already met the cast of Psych, that was my dream!

Jim: Having lived in Los Angeles, I already know a few and have met several others. But I would have killed to have met Anne McCaffrey (author) before she died. Her books brought me and my younger sister close together as kids.

Christine: I had always wanted to meet writer Stephen J Cannell. He was a hero of mine and wrote so many of my favorite TV shows when I was a kid. He was also a dyslexic but he obviously never let that impede him as a writer. Unfortunately he passed away before I ever had the chance.

Who had the better Caskett moment? Castle having "Be With Kate" at the top of his bucket list or Kate wanting to do her special ice cube trick for him that she mentioned all the way back in "Poof! You're Dead

Amanda: I'm a sucker for the sappy romance, so for me Castle had the better Caskett moment!

Chandel: I really liked the "Be With Kate" thing. That was really sweet, and I feel like it's been a long time since we had a really good, sweet Caskett moment.

Jim: I'm a romantic, so point goes to Rick. Having someone number-one on your list even after you get them is super romantic.

Christine: It's unanimous, but my favorite part was that Rick didn't hesitate to tell her that "Be With Kate" has been at the top of his list for three years.

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eko7HH Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Much thanks again. Great.

Sue ann

Jim, I met Anne McCaffrey when she guested at a science fiction convention we used to have in Moscow, Idaho. She was a beautiful woman, but not well, and so her time was strictly rationed. I, too, loved her Pern books (still do), and it was a wonderful treat to meet her. I did feel bad that she was too unwell to fully participate in the goings-on. Nice lady. I have always wanted to meet and visit with either Abraham Lincoln (I am from Illinois), or Queen Elizabeth I of England. Too late, in either case.


I'm a photographer, so I watched the DVD for the cool effects: posterization, double exposures, photoshop stuff. I liked the big tree best.


1. Favourite scene would have to be the last scene with Castle and Beckett. I like when they have couple moments. 2. Yeah, I watched. I was looking for clues. 3. Definitely Esposito; he tried so hard to maintain the hard-ass persona. Hilarious! 4. I don't watch horror really, but I will say that there were a few episodes of the X-Files season one that still creep me the hell out. Eugene Tooms, anyone? 5. I would love to spend a day with Zachary Levi. He's the coolest nerd there is - after Nathan Fillion. 6. Definitely Rick!


1 - Favorite scene is definitely the ending with Kate seeing herself at the top of the Bucket list.
2 - It didn't bother me a bit to watch the video.
3 - Espo was hysterical because it's such a contrast to how he wants to be perceived.
4 -The Birds
5 - Nathan Fillion!!!!! Technically, I have met him but what I dream of is actually spending time with him to get to know him as a person.
6 - Castle wins with the Bucket List but I thought the tease with the ice cube trick was a wonderful little Easter egg for the long-time fans.


Im back. Scariest movie, Janet Lee in Psycho. I had night-mares for weeks. Celebrity to met: Andrew Marlowe. He seems so genuine in his interviews and really enjoys his work. "Castle" is his baby and he is such a proud papa! Keep on writing Andrew,your the greatest! castle Castle"


Favorite scene: The look on Castle's face at the end. Him thinking, hum what will she do with the ice!!


Christine I was lucky enough to meet Stephen Cannell at many of his book signings. He was an amazing person. Sorry you will not get to experience his positive views on life.


Fantastic round table, as ALWAYS :-) I love these discussions and I thought Amanda did a fantastic job along with the regulars who are always so great with their answers. Thank you for bringing these to the Castle fans every week! As a huge fan of the horror genre, I thought this episode was a perfect homage to those great classic horror films and I love when this show takes on themed episodes like this one. And I agree, that "Be With Kate" moment was so incredibly sweet and romantic, though I also loved the car scene with Castle confessing that he had actually broken Kate's vase playing Wii tennis when she wasn't home. It was such a great relationship moment between them yet so subtle as well.


Favorite scene: Bucket list scene at the end.
DVD: Yes, I watched.
Funniest scaredy cat: Esposito, because it's so unexpected.
Scariest horror movie: I've never, ever seen a horror movie.
Celebrity: Katharine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart
Better Caskett moment: "Be with Kate." Melting!

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