Chicago Fire Review: Secrets for Another Day

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As "Fireworks" so summarily put it, Chicago Fire handed out plenty of emotion with Benny and Boden, Shay’s plans for a baby and Heather’s push for something more with Casey.

Suspicious Diner Fires

Benny is working hard to get Boden’s secret out in the open, the same secret Boden is trying his best to keep under wraps. It’s difficult to pinpoint where exactly Benny’s intentions lie, but his biggest quality and flaw is how far his integrity goes. He was actually willing, at one point, to sully what little idea Mills has of his father if it meant he could bring Boden’s lies to the forefront.

From a moral standpoint, the appeal of doing so and allowing everyone to move forward with their lives is understandable, but there’s also a case to be made that it is better just to keep things under wraps. Peter knowing his mom had an affair with Boden, and Benny thinking Peter’s father died trying to impress and outdo Boden, all if it has little importance when it has the potential to devastate Peter.

Benny might have realized this after he saw Peter take that swing at him. If Peter was willing to go to bat over Benny’s small objection, then the consequence of finding out about the affair can lead to far more explosive reactions.

During all of the drama, Severide stood strong and impressive. He inherited all the good of his father, but also has far more compassion and integrity that doesn’t roll over the faults of others. As we’ve seen throughout Chicago Fire Season 1, Severide is more willing to work with people and give them a chance rather than make sure he’s the last man standing on integrity island.

Shay trying to find the right sperm donor lead to the most unlikely of places: Mouch. It was nice moment of hilarity in an otherwise emotionally dense episode. And it offers yet another area of expertise for Mouch to explain to someone in the firehouse, so I can’t really blame Shay for deciding to go running towards the best person for the job:

Kelly Severide.

Shay asking Severide for his sperm isn’t surprising in the least, we even made that very prediction. The build up was shocking, though, as Shay stumbled and bumbled her way around asking for a donation; it was like watching Shay ask Kelly out on a date.

While I’m still wary that Shay is rushing into having a baby as a way of getting over Clarice, bringing Kelly into the fold soothes some of my fears. The guy was absolutely amazing with Clarice’s baby and Shay’s offer of letting him be the father is certainly a better idea that trying to be a single parent.

The only hurdle that remains is whether Severide says yes or no.

Speaking of rushing into things, this brings us to the Heather portion of the review! She is moving a way too fast for my taste, and I’m glad Casey decided to slow things way down with her.

I’m all for Heather moving on and moving past her husband’s death, but her attempts to beat loneliness with Casey felt less like asking him out on a date and more like the beginnings an interview with a potential roommate. Everything about her “let’s beat loneliness together” conversation with Casey felt clinical and cold, and, while she might really feel a spark of attraction with Casey, it comes across as wanting some company and distractions from going home to an empty house.

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Why do I get the feelng that Severide will indeed say no to Shay but Casey might say yes because he is desperate to have a child.After all he went out of his way to tell Shay that he thought she was making the right decision to have a Baby.


I really like this show and its cast of characters, except Shay who always comes across as a cold person. (She was the same way in H50 and I couldn't wait until she left that show.) I hope Kelly says NO to her. It's a selfish act to ask someone to donate their sperm to create a child and to be involved in that child's life thereafter but then not to have feelings for that person or to be a couple in love (whether gay or straight). How could they work together every day and what if Kelly gets involved with someone? A ridiculous, selfish idea!


Guess we have to call him St Severide sorry if someone sucker punched my dad even after Mills knowing there was more to the story and having goaded him into to telling his side of the truth, i wouldn't be so forgiving. And why didnt Severide son ask his dad to tell him the whole story. He was pretty happy to just believe Boden. Andwhy didn't Boden fess up to his part in the Mills death. Lets not forget the other firefighter that died because of Mills dad. Why didn't Gabie also tell Mills what she heard. I didn't find Severide the bad guy in all this just a guy who worked his whole life as a good firefighter and who is protective of their reputation. Hope the whole story comes out.


Loved last nights episode! Dawson and Casey are my favorite couple, hoping they get together! I have really become addicted to this show.

Sarah silva

I thought this was a fantastic episode!
I am a little confused why Boden sent Mills home after he punched Bennie. I guess Boden does not tolerate that in his fire house which I can understand but a stern warning would have been enough. I loved Kelly going to his apartment at the end and giving him that book and advice on going to Squad. That is the perfect thing Mills needed.
I was thinking Kelly would offer to be the father of Shay's baby but his reaction to Shay asking him makes me think he will not do it.
I am glad that Matt was smart when it came to Heather, however I read yesterday that Dawson and Casey become not liking that idea.
I was wondering where Hermann was and I am glad that (Mills I think it was)asked where Hermann was.


Didn’t understand what he said to the laughing firefighter at the arson investigation scene. At first I had a hard time understanding Eamonn and didn’t care for him much as an actor, but now I totally understand what he is saying and he has really grown on me. Chief Boden is the man. He really leads the firehouse. Treat Williams has been a welcome addition as Sveride’s dad. You can tell he has acting chops. Appreciate the show re-running on Saturday nights cuz I can pick up on things I missed in the original airing. Congrats and great show!


Tonight’s episode was very good. Saw one shot of the bad snow storm that Chicago got and then the rest of the scenes – no snow? I really, really saw a lot of character in Severide tonight. Loved it when the announcement came over the intercom Benny was in the house and Kelly said Dammit! Got a chuckle out of that one. And also the other comment when the Chief was talking to Kelly. I guess you can say with that on network tv? Loved Mill’s swing at Benny - Wow! Charlie, Eamonn, Taylor, Jesse, Lauren and Monica are all very, very good actors. It’s so easy to get lost in the drama of the show. Kelly’s reaction to Shay’s request was absolutely priceless! TK really nailed it. I liked Casey and Heather for some reason. They look good together maybe. Missed the adorable Hermann – he was at a seminar? Only one thing, TK is sometimes hard to understand. It’s either his PA accent, he mumbles and/or talks too fast. Don’t know. Didn’t understand what he said to the laughing firefighter at the arson investigation scene. At first I had a hard time understanding Eamonn and didn’t care for him much as an actor, but he has really grown on me and I understand him a lot better. Chief Boden is the man! He takes charge and really leads the firehouse. Treat Williams has been a welcome addition as Sveride’s dad. You can tell he has acting chops. Appreciate the show re-running on Saturday nights cuz I can pick up on things I missed in the original airing. Congrats and great show!


@mindi its actually Dawson who has to come to her senses not Casey. I think Casey was ready to start something with her but she couldnt wait and started up with Mills instead.


I hope Severide says no to Shay about using his sperm having a baby is a life changing decision.Also there are numerous real life court cases where lesbians have taken advantage the kindness of straight or gay men used the sperm and push these men out of the picture. I read in the news a gay man fought in court to get his parental rights and name on the birth certificate of his child. Some lesbians are very selfish and evil women they trick men into giving up their sperm yet do not want to give these men access to their children. Severide should watch out I do not trust Shay.


Good episode best part for me was that incredibly awkward scene with dawson,mills, and casey in the dining room.I loved that through everything casey still wants dawson.I love them and hope casey comes to his senses soon.I like mills and also hope he finds out the truth from someone who will finally be honest with him.It will hurt but ultimately its the best thing for him.Then theres no more secrets and he can finally be free of it all.